Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Will Cheek is the manager of the Southern United States Commercial Insurance Program for Hagerty Insurance Company, a premier classic car and vintage boat insurance company in Traverse City, Michigan. Hagerty was built by people who love cars and offers much more than insurance for collector cars. Hagerty provides valuations, a DriveShare program, automotive media, a great magazine, and they fuel car culture through their Hagerty Youth Program, their Historic Vehicle Association, and the RPM Foundation. Will was struck early in life with an obsession for anything automotive related, so it is appropriate that after college he landed at Hagerty and hasn’t looked back, but only at the road ahead.

I have had a number of Hagerty associates on Cars Yeah including McKeel Hagerty, Ashley Shoemaker, Brad Phillips, Diane Fitzgerald, Jonathan Stein, Larry Webster, Lauren Gusler, and Nigel Matthews.

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