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Jeremy Hunziker is the Brand Specialist at O’Gara Group La Jolla. They are an award winning factory-authorized dealer for Aston Martin, Bentley, Bugatti, Koenigsegg, Lamborghini, Maserati, Alfa Romeo, and Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Jeremy joined O’Gara five years ago after circumnavigating the glove prior to college graduation. He is an avid motor sports enthusiast who also enjoys diving, and surfing. The O’Gara Group is a proud sponsor of the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance which takes place April 6,7 and 8 overlooking the Pacific Ocean at Ellen Browning Scripps Park at the La Jolla Cove.


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Chris Erickson is a real estate professional in Rancho Santa Fe, California. Years ago he started the Secret Car Club, a weekly gathering of like minded enthusiasts which quickly grew in to social gatherings and events. From that he has created the Secret Car Club Events venture where he and his team create private experiences throughout Southern California. They incorporate vintage cars, boats, aircraft, equestrian events, and delicious food for people with discerning tastes. Whether yours is a small private party or corporate event, Chris creates unique and thoughtful outings that are easy and fun. Chris is also in his fourth year as the Tour Chairman of the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance. He was a Concours Judge for the event for the past three years. 


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Bob Kerner is a Board Member of the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance, and the Senior Vice President of Lockton Insurance Brokers. Lockton provides their clients, who are ultra-high net worth families, insurance protection for their offices, homes, estates, collectibles, yachts, aircraft, automobiles, and more. Bob’s support for the La Jolla Concours includes assisting in generating sponsorship money, managing the photography and videography, and working with sub-committee members who secure automobiles for the event. Bob’s a frequent attendee at Pebble Beach Car Week, Amelia Island Concours, the Copperstate 1000 rally, as well as numerous automotive actions around the country.


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Nigel Matthews is a Chief Judge at numerous concours events throughout the world. Originally from Oxfordshire, England, Nigel has lived in Vancouver, British Columbia for over 43 years where he worked as a red seal designated licensed automotive technician and member of the Guild of Master Craftsmen, repairing and restoring Rolls-Royce and Ferrari automobiles. The past 23 years Nigel has been in the classic and exotic car insurance industry and currently serves as Global Director of Private Client Services for Hagerty Insurance. Since 2005 Nigel has judged most of the major concours events around the globe and he has written classic car columns in the Canadian press and numerous automotive magazines. You’ll see Nigel at concours events including:  Pinehurst, Pebble Beach, The Cartier Concours, Hershey, and in New Delhi, Germany, Florence, England, and of course the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance.


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Michael Dorvillier is the Chairman of the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance, a role he’s had for the last 7 years. This is a fantastic event that takes place in La Jolla, California overlooking the Pacific Ocean, just north of San Diego. This show is one of The La Jolla Historical Society’s major fundraising events. Michael is a Founding Partner of Symbio Financial Partners and a Registered Principal and Financial Advisor with LPL Financial. He has over 24 years of experience in the financial services industry. Michael is a passionate antique car collector who was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Michael also serves on the Board of Directors for the La Jolla Village Merchant Association.


Regular listeners of Cars Yeah will recall Michael was guest number 165 several years ago.


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Sean Cridland owns Visions of where he is an automotive photographer and journalist located in James Spring, New Mexico. Sean is a member of The Motor Press Guild, The International Motor Press Association, and the American Society of Media Photographers. No doubt you’ve seen his photography in many automotive publications.


Hurley Haywood’s racing career goes all the way back to 1969 when he raced with Peter Gregg at Watkins Glen. He built his career behind the wheel of a #59 Brumos Porsche, racing for the Jacksonville, Florida-based team that’s lasted over 40 years. The number of major race wins and championships he accumulated in his career makes him the most successful endurance racing driver in history. 


Together they have created a very exciting new book titled Hurley: From the Beginning Now, This book is 420 pages with over 650 photos, Haywood tells it all. From the beginning. 


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Mel Craig is the Founder and President of HB Detailing Pros in Huntington Beach, California. He’s been in the car care business for over 40 years owning numerous types of auto detailing companies. He also has facilities throughout the USA, Australia, and several other countries. Born and raised in Southern California his passion and lifestyle revolves around two things;  his love of surfing and the classic car industry and you’ll often find him at the beach in his 1965 Ford Falcon. His specialty is high end paint correction and he often travels, speaks to, and trains others in the art of paint correction, defects, and the foundations of car care. Mel recently launched his brand new car care product line called Car Smart Products.


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Steve Linden is the CEO at Specialized Vintage Vehicle Services in Smithtown, New York. For over 30 years Steve has been recognized as an expert in vintage, classic, and collector motorcar appraisals, valuations, inspections, pre-purchase consulting, global shipping, and as an expert witness. He recently co-founded Chrome Strategies Management where they provide multi-tiered consulting and services to automobile collectors. Steve holds the USPAP designation as a Qualified Appraiser, sits on the N.A.D.A. Advisory Board, and he is the author of Car Collecting: Everything You Need to Know. He was the Founding Editor of Hemmings Classic Wheels and is a regular Automotive Columnist for Newsday.


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Dennis Gray is one of the best-known lensmen in American motorsports. His San Francisco-based career began in the early 1950s when his father took Dennis to a dirt-track jalopy race at the Merced County Fairgounds. He was a team photographer for the George Dyer Racing Team, the Spalding’s Can-Am Team, and the official photographer for the RJ Reynolds IMSA series. He’s snapped images for Ford, Porsche, Cadillac, Buick, Jaguar, Honda, Pirelli and Goodyear, Apple, Gallo Winery, Henry Winehard Beer and numerous other companies as an advertising photographer. Today Dennis is the senior photographer for Sports Car Digest. You’ll also see his work in Vintage Racecar and Excellence magazines. He is a member of the American Auto Racing Writers and Broadcasters Association and Western Automotive Journalists.


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Chris Bruno is the Co-Founder and CEO of Rally Rd., a free app that allows members to invest in blue-chip collector automobiles. Rally Rd. is a marketplace for making investments in classic cars the same as the way you buy and sell stock. Their mission is to democratize alternative asset investing by providing access, liquidity, and transparency to markets that have traditionally been available to a select few. Chris is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in financing, managing, and scaling venture-backed media companies. He co-founded Network of One, a data-driven content investment platform focused on the YouTube marketplace and Healthguru, a leading health information video platform for the web. Along with his co-founders Max Niederste-Ostholt and Rob Petrozzo, Rally Rd. allow investors to put their money to work in assets they are passionate about. 


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Simon Hope is the Founder and Chief Auctioneer of H&H Classics in the United Kingdom. He has over thirty years of experience on the rostrum in auctioning specialist commodities. In addition to classic cars, motorcycles, and aircraft he has sold a host of other genres. Simon has been an avid classic car enthusiast from an early age and purchased his first classic car, a 1947 Sunbeam Talbot Ten saloon in 1974. Since then he’s owned dozens of classics including Jaguars, Aston Martins, Maseratis, Lotus, Ferraris and and many other marques. Simon has raced, run the London to Brighton event, the Mille Miglia, Peking to Paris, and numerous rallies. In 2018 H&H celebrates their 25th consecutive year as a specialist auctioneer of Classic Cars and Motorcycles. Congratulations Simon!


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Dr. Maggie Stys and Dr. Roberto Sicconi are with TeleLingo and Lingofit. Roberto is the Founder and CTO of TeleLingo, and Maggie is the Founder and CEO. LingoFit is their new B2B technology company that develops proprietary IP software that utilizes machine vision and artificial intelligence to act as your co-pilot and safety system while driving. Recognized as a leader in the use of disruptive technologies and creative business models, Roberto is working to enhance mobility and quality of life. Maggie is an accomplished technologist with a focus and passion for intelligent conversational machines. The focus at LingoFit is putting attention back in the driver’s seat. Think of LingoFit as someone who is watching your driving behavior and alerting you to potential problems.


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Luis Martinez was born and raised in Cuba. His passion for sports cars and racing was launched when his father took him to watch the Havana Grand Prix in 1960. Inspired by watching Sir Stirling Moss take the checkered flag piloting a white Birdcage Maserati he recalled that day and in 1998 wrote his first motorsports article. He has since authored two career development books, Getting There and Getting There Volume 2 plus many business and motorsports articles for Gannett, Motorsports Marketing Resources, Victory Lane, and many others. He holds a B.A in Psychology and a Masters in Counseling and is a Certified Track Instructor at the level of Mentor Instructor.


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Farid Ahmad is the C.E.O. & Founder of Dealer Solutions North America. A company that owns and operates three other companies which all provide different services to the automotive industry. These companies include; DEALER SOLUTIONS North America, Auto Careers Group and Right Fit Plus. After working in the automotive industry for the last 30 years in the U.K., the United States and Canada, Farid is considered an industry expert in recruitment and hiring and has been a guest speaker for Chrysler Canada, Porsche Canada as well as other automotive industry groups. Farid and his team at Auto Careers Group have interviewed and placed over 1,500 candidates in the retail automotive industry over the past seven years. DEALER SOLUTIONS NORTH AMERICA has become the largest Mergers & Acquisitions Company in North America


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Georgia Durante is the Founder of Performance Two a company that provided stunt drivers for the movie and automotive industries. She’s performed in hundreds of national and international television commercials as a stunt driver as well as appearing in motion pictures and print ads. By the time she was 17 years old Georgia was considered the most photographed girl in the country and she was the Kodak Girl appearing in over 80,000 drug and camera stores throughout the world. In the 70s she doubled for stars as a stunt driver and launched her company. Her best selling book, The Company She Keeps is about her time as a model and then her involvement in the Mob as a driver and her successful attempts to escape the Mafia. Georgia has touched thousands of people and her story, has spoken to numerous groups, and her motivational talks help people in abusive relationships, with drug addiction, and in need of help.


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Talia Spain is the Events Coordinator at APR in Opelika, Alabama. APR was founded in 1997 and is an automotive engineering firm operating a 78,000 square foot performance campus. Their mission is to provide the highest quality and most highly engineered aftermarket performance products available for the Porsche, Audi, and Volkswagen marques. The APR mantra is Enhancing the Driving Experience!  Talia is also the Founder of Four Rings Atlanta, an Audi focused car club and she is a Director on the board with Audi Club Georgia. 


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Martyn Schorr is the Editor at Car Guy Chronicles, an automotive enthusiasts blog site.  For over 20 years he’s conceptualized and produced successful automotive enthusiasts newsstand magazines and niche market books. He was a media relations representative on the East Coast for Buick Motor Division for 18 years. He’s an award-winning author and his latest book from the publisher at Motorbooks is, Day One, An Automotive Journalist’s Muscle-Car Memoir.  It is a front-line account of the performance wars raging in Detroit in the golden years of the 1960s from Martyn’s perspective as one of the most respected journalist in this era. Martyn is also the Chief Communications Officer for the Sarasota Café Racers, car guys who lunch!


Martyn was my 422nd guest back in January of 2016. You can listen to our talk back then on the Cars Yeah website. And one lucky Cars Yeah subscriber is going to win a copy of this new book compliments of Martyn and Motorbooks. To be eligible subscribe on the Cars Yeah website.


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Ethan Krieger is the Owner and Designer at 8380 Laboratories in Baltimore, Maryland. His studio is a motorsport-centric graphic design company where his focus is on client work and a line of automotive themed apparel, accessories, and art. Ethan puts exhaustive research in to every project including his own line of livery posters. His goal is to capture the essence of our automotive obsession and to ‘get’ that feeling we all have when we see a car we love and know is just right. Ethan’s studio also designs and produces commissioned work for his clients.


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Jonathan Ward is the CEO and Lead Designer at ICON in Chatsworth, California. ICON stands for classic transportation design and revisits old style vehicles. He and his talented team design and build classic FJ Series Toyotas, Ford Broncos, Trucks, Derelects, customs, and much more. Jonathan was one of my first guests on Cars Yeah being show number 6 and you can go back and listen to that show on the Cars Yeah website. Today Jonathan is back to talk about his latest design creation The Icon Duesey. His new bespoke Watch is a unique, custom designed wristwatch inspired by the iconic Duesenberg and only 50 examples will be produced.


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Gino Demeneghi is the Public Relations Director and Lotus Driving Academy Director at Motor Speedway Resort at Houston Motor Speedway. Located 35 minutes south of downtown Houston Texas MSR is a 383 acre road course and karting track featuring 180,000 square feet of paddock space. There are classrooms, hospitality and meeting areas and over 75,000 square feet of private garages. The track is 2.38 miles with 17 turns and is configured to run both ways and is FIA approved and sanctioned to testing by the Indycar Series and IMSA. The Karting track is a ¾ mile long, has 17 turns and 0.7 miles long. The Lotus Driving Academy can also be found at MSR.


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David Odegard is the Director of Research and Development at United Pacific Industries. Since 1994 UPI has been committed to the design, manufacturing, and supply of automotive products for classic trucks and classic cars including full bodies for the iconic ’32 Ford. They offer a wide variety and range of over 20,000 innovative and high quality products. They are an international company based in Long Beach, California. David’s grew up in an automotive enthusiast home around car restorations and has worked in the industry for over 35 years.


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Marc Rauch is the Co-Founder of The Auto Channel television network that began in 1987. The Auto Channel dot com was launched in 1995. The Tach online entity is the internet’s largest automotive information resource with more than 2 million pages of content. Today Marc is the company’s Executive Vice President and Co-Publisher. He is also a multi-award winning TV/Film Writer, Producer, and Director who has been a broadcasting and marketing executive for over 40 years. Marc is a leading advocate of alternative fuels and energy who writes and lectures on the issue. He’s presented testimony before a Congressional meeting on ethanol, was a keynote speaker at the Australian National Biofuels Symposium and spoke at the Asia-Pacific Economic cooperation forum on behalf of the U.S. Department of Agriculture.


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