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Randy Pobst is a road racing driver with over eighty wins on the track. He’s had factory driving contracts with Porsche, Audi, Mazda, Volvo, and he currently races with Mazda, racing a Mazda MX-5 Miata in the Continental Tire Sports Car Challenge. Randy is also a journalist and has been writing a column in SportsCar magazine for over ten years, and he conducts extensive testing with Motor Trend magazine. At the time of this interview Randy had just came off a victory in the Thunderhill 25 Hour in the Davidson Racing Norma sports racer and was preparing for another race as we talked.

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Stacey David has his own custom shop called The Rattletrap that specializes in engine building, custom paint, suspension work, metal fabrication and everything in between. In the late 1990s he hosted and produced a new TV show called Trucks where he designed and built fantastic rides. That show became one of Spike TV’s highest rated shows. Today his successful Gearz television show is on the Velocity channel and MAV TV. His website and Stacey David’s Gearz Nation is a fantastic place for gear heads and automotive enthusiasts to go and learn tech tips, watch episodes, shop for cool products and have fun in the Gearz garage. Stacey's favorite catch phrase is “What are you working on?”

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Jeff Braun is the Competition Director on the LMP2 Cars in the Tudor United Sports Car Series for SpeedSource Engineering and Mazda Racing. He attended his first race at the age of three and started karting at seven. He earned his Mechanical Engineering degree in 1981. After going to work to manage the Transact racing team he purchased the business after only two years and created a race engineering consulting business and Transact engineered has been a part of almost every kind of racecar in the world. He’s won 7 Sports Car championships along with the Daytona 24 Hours, seven Sebring 12 Hours and four Petit Le Mans. With fellow engineer, Paul Haney, Jeff wrote the racing engineering technical book, Inside Racing Technology.

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Leslie Kendall is the Curator at the Petersen Automotive Museum. He was born in San Diego, California and has had an insatiable interest in automobiles and automotive history from an early age. After earning his MBA he entered mortgage banking, but left the lending profession after just seven years to volunteer full-time at the San Diego Automotive Museum where he was hired to be the curator after only eight months. He was invited to join the team responsible for creating the Petersen Automotive Museum in April 1993 and in October 1995 was named curator. He is a regular contributor to automotive media outlets (both print and broadcast), a concours d’elegance judge at events around the country, and frequently consults on automotive history related, public- and private-sector projects.

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Jeff Koch has been the West Coast Editor for Hemmings Motor News for over ten years. He has been a professional automotive writer and photographer for more than 20 years and has written and taken photographs for magazines as divers as Hot Rod and Super Street. Jeff worked for the Johnny Lightning die cast car company, and he’s an avid collector of die cast cars himself and has collected for over 20 years. Which ties in with today because it happens to be Christmas 2014! So pour yourself some eggnog, sit down next to the fireplace and we’ll have some fun talking and playing with cars.

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Seattle resident and racecar driver Don Kitch Jr. has been involved in motorsports for over 25 years. He is a veteran of over 200 professional and amateur racing starts. In 1987 Don and his wife Donna founded ProFormance Racing School at Pacific Raceway where he is the Chief Instructor. In 1997 Don founded Team Seattle focusing on the 24-Hours of Daytona Sports Car Race as a fundraiser for Children’s Hospital of Seattle and in the past 12 years they have raised nearly $6.5 million for the hospital. In 2009 Don teamed up with Patrick Dempsey and Joe Foster at Dempsey Racing in a Ferrari 430 GT2 at the famed 24 Hours of Le Mans. Don is always looking ahead down the road as Pacific Raceway expands and grows and he enjoys his involvement in Sports Television Color Commentary and the creation of Motorsports Videos.

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Eric Cook, is the face and voice behind Eric The Car Guy. He’s created a website filled with massive information, detailed instruction, and fact filled answers for all things automotive. His videos will help you with all your automotive repairs and service needs. Not only does he cover basic service issues but Eric goes in-depth in his instructional videos on repairs, diagnostics, frequently asked questions, tools, what it’s like to work in the automotive repair field, and he has a cool forum. He’ll even show you what to look for when you’re shopping for used car. Eric’s motto” Stay Dirty” is all about learning how to have fun under the hood of your vehicle.

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Jeff Zwart is a commercial film director, racer, photographer, cameraman, and author. He’s shot commercials for Porsche, BMW, Cadillac, GM, Huyndai, Ford, and many others. He’s a graduate of the Art Center of Design and has enjoyed an exceptionsl life and career around automobiles. He’s traveled all over the world shooting, directing, racing, and photographing cars. He’s collaborated with David Bull Publishing on many automotive books. He speaks and lectures and has driven in numerous races and rallies including 7 championships at Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, the Panama-Alaska Rally, the Baja 1000, and the TransSyberia Rally, to name just a few. I like to think of Jeff as the ultimate car guy with a keen eye in the camera.

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Mike Renner is a professional driver for BMW and is responsible for corporate sales and the BMW Performance Center in Greenville South Carolina. He began racing in 1983 and Mike has competed in a variety of classes including GT, showroom stock, improved touring and sports racers for the past 27 years. He started instructing at the BMW Performance Center just after it’s opening in the fall of 1999 and his list of trainees includes new drivers, racers, F.B.I agents and Secret Service members who are assigned the task of presidential protection. Mike received international instructor certification in basic, advanced, advanced M vehicles, intensive, perfection, and racetrack. Included in Mike’s duties as a driver for BMW is the opportunity to drive BMW racecars from their historic fleet.

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Traci Hrudka’s name is synonymous with drag racing and the Mr. Gasket Company that was founded by her father Tom Hrudka and Uncle Joe Hrudka. She’s started working in the company in 1982 and after the company was sold in 1997 she moved to Intermec Technologies. Today she operates the Quarter Mile Foundation along with Project 1320. Traci has set out to preserve drag racing’s history from the views of its pioneers and legends. Traci epitomizes the term “Life in the fast lane”.

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Ross Bentley is a racecar driver, a driving coach and high performance driving instructor. His website Speed Secrets, is a landing page for anyone wanting to learn how to be a better and faster driver. He’s raced against Michael Andretti, Al Unser Jr, Bobby Rahal, Emerson Fittipaldi, Paul Tracy, Rick Mears, and many others. Ross has driven Indy cars, GT sports cars, and he won the 1998 U.S. Road Racing Championship and the 2003 Daytona 24-Hour race. He’s passionate about helping others perform better in a car and on the track. He’s written nine books under the Speed Secrets title and all focus on how to be a better driver. Ross’s passion is to share with others what he does best.

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J.G. Francis is the owner of Mercedes Motoring in Glendale California. He fell in love with Mercedes-Benz living next door to a Mercedes mechanic who taught him how strong and enduring the marque was. His passion for well-built and well engineered cars combined with his entrepreneurial spirit drove him to launch a business where he takes well loved old Mercedes-Benz cars produced between 1968 and 1985. He carefully and lovingly restores them to their original grandeur. Driving one of his comfortably worn-in beauties is like going back in time. I’ve seen his work, driven in his cars, and they are absolutely wonderful.

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Sandra Button has been the Chairman of the prestigious Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance since 2002. She was the Executive Director for decades prior and has helped to inspire and guide the growth of the collector car hobby in to a truly global celebration of the automobile. Sandra participates and officiates automotive events from Asia and the Middle East to South America. She and her husband Martin have an eclectic collection of automobiles that they drive in events including the Mille Miglia, the 1000 Millas Sport Argentina, the London to Brighten Veteran Car Run and others. She’s a member of the Royal Automobile Club, the Classic Car Club of America and the Motor Press Guild along with the Society of Automotive Historians

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Peter Bodensteiner is the Founder of Stance & Speed (third from the left above), a company that publishes and sells books for automotive enthusiasts. He is a 14-year veteran of automotive publishing and is an avid enthusiast, racing fan and driver. Peter has edited or published over 200 books and calendars, 14 of which have earned the International Automotive Media Award and the International Motor Press Association’s Ken W. Purdy award. The publishing house is also the home of the Stance & Speed Monograph Series of books, created in collaboration with Peter Harholdt Photographic Arts and a guest on Cars Yeah, which now numbers 5 volumes.

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Jason Fenske produces and creates the YouTube channel Engineering Explained. His video lessons focus on automotive engineering topics and provide the viewer with a clear and concise description of how things work. His passion to teach people through his video had generated a loyal following. Want to know how a V12 engine works, or how the clutches and torque converters operate? Jason’s your guy. Engineering Explained is a wonderful go-to site for quick, clear, and thoughtful explanations of everything automotive. Jason graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from North Carolina State University.

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Russell Byrnes is the founder of Linear Edge, a global motorsport lifestyle company. He designs and develops innovative and unique wall sculptures for motorsport enthusiasts. Prior to Linear Edge, Russell was an architect at Fusch Architects, where he designed upscale, luxury residential properties. Additionally, Russell spent time in Chile participating in the Start-Up Chile program for entrepreneurs and interned for the Editor-in-Chief of Jalopnik, an online media community for automotive enthusiasts. One of Russell’s Linear Edge tracks of Monaco hangs on my wall here at Cars Yeah.

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Gunther Raupp has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. He shoots campaigns for Audi, Buick, Fiat, Ford, Jaguar, Lancia, Maserati, Opel, Porsche, Toyota, Volkswagen, Volvo and others. His work has been displayed in museums around the world and hangs in private collections as well. Back in 1984 he fulfilled his dream of owning a Ferrari and photographed his Dino 246 Spider creating his own Ferrari calendar. He sent one to Enzo Ferrari and that began an unparalleled history of photographing Ferrari calendars. Today he is the only photographer to be sanctioned by Ferrari to shoot their annual calendar. It is produced in a limited number and has become a sought after prize by automotive enthusiasts around the world.


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Kenny Welch is the owner of Kenny's Rod Shop in Boise Idaho. He’s been playing with cars and building hot rods for over 25 years. His focus is on cars from the 30s, 40s and 50s and as long as he and his talented crew are cutting and modifying vehicles they are happy. Their complete fabrication shop can handle chassis, body, paint and complete assembly projects. Kenny really loves designing and building wild and crazy suspensions and he’s owned over 300 VW bugs and cut up more of them than he can remember. His shop takes great pride in taking the time to build the right car for his customer that can be enjoyed, driven, used. Kenny’s true passion is the art of the hot rod.

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Darwin Holmstrom is the (acquisitions) senior editor for Motorbooks, a wonderful source for the worlds best transportation books for almost 50 years. He’s been a part of the team for the past fourteen years. Darwin has written or co-written over two-dozen books on motorcycles and muscle cars, including the best-selling books Top Muscle, Lucifer’s Sword MC, Let’s Ride, Camaro: Five Generations of Performance, BMW Motorcycles, The Harley-Davidson Motor Co. Archive Collection, GTO, Camaro, Billy Lane Chop Fiction, The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Motorcycles, and many others.

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Jim Simpson is the owner of Contemporary Classics of WA in Clinton, Washington and Simpson Design. At his companies he oversees the restoration of interesting, older European cars and special design projects. Jim’s history with cars goes back to 1975 when he started his business and along the way he’s been involved in numerous custom autmotive ventures. He designed and built the Blue Ray 3 for the Nardi Company in Italy. That vehicle was displayed at Concorso Italiano in 1992. He’s worked with Kevin Hines and Chuck Beck where he built the Miami Roadster. He continues to design and build unique automobiles and projects while restoring European vehicles.

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Geoff Hacker has been called “Captain Curiosity” and the author and Cars Yeah guest Tom Cotter titled him “The Snipe Hunter” in his book Corvette in the Barn. Geoff’s a college professor, automotive historian, researcher, and adventurer. He’s the king of automotive barn finds and he’ll go anywhere to uncover and bring back to life vehicles many of us never knew existed or thought were long gone. Along with his friend of 30 plus years Rick D’Louhy they co-produce the website Forgotten Fiberglass where you can find them and the treasures they uncover. And now they are working on a book to share with the world under the same titles.

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Imagine growing up with a grandfather who holds the Guiness Book of World Records for owning the most cars. Eric LeMay was that boy. He is the Founding Director of the Harold E. LeMay Museum which grew in to the LeMay, America’s Car Museum in 1997. He now works as a consultant, to the LeMay Family Collection Foundation at Marymount in Tacoma Washington, a second automotive museum he has helped develop. After spending some time as a sports journalist he worked in communications for the government and then in marketing for one of the largest architectural firms in the world. Eric combined these skills to create a world-class automobile collection to honor his grandfather. This has turned in to a nearly two-decades long passion about teaching history through the automobile.

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Peter Harholdt is both a museum photographer and a veteran racer. He is a partner with Stance & Speed in the Monograph Series, where they publish automotive books. His clients have included the Smithsonian, the Louvre, MoMA, and the White House. He has raced in IMSA and the SCCA and has had podium finishes in the 24 Hours of Daytona and the Can-Am. He’s also run at Bonneville. Among Peter’s recent automotive books are: Can-Am Cars in Detail, the Stance & Speed Monograph Series, and The Allure of the Automobile, and The Art of the Hot Rod, both with Ken Gross who has also been a guest here on Cars Yeah.

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Mike Cardenas is the Master Detailer for SweetCars,  in addition to being a nationally recognized automotive detailer. He is recognized as one of the top 20 detailers in North America by Dupont Registry Magazine. He is also a contributing writer for various forums, blogs, and detailing websites. Mike was the first student of famed detailer Todd Cooperider, and the Esoteric Elite Detailer Academy. He’s a certified trainer and conducts workshops and clinics for both the public and professionals alike and he assists car care manufacturers with development and testing for new products. Mike also serves as a technical car care consultant for clubs including Ferrari, Lamborghini and Porsche.

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Roy Spencer owns Mercedes Heritage and has created Motorbinder, a beautifully presented photo book that leads the reader through the formative years of road racing in the United States. His creative selection of over 321 pages and 21,000 words along with carefully restored images take you on a journey with the great drivers and cars of the ‘50s and ‘60s. With an emphasis on the human side of the sport, the images surprise and impress and weave a story of drivers and marques in a golden age of motor racing. Motorbinder is a must have for every enthusiasts library. Roy also contributes to Autoweek, Cavallino, and the Star magazines. His Classic Mercedes-Benz sales and restorations activities at Mercedes Heritage are well known in the marque’s global community.

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Dale LaFollette was the Track Manager at the Portland International Raceway for 27 years and oversaw up to 500 events a year from IMSA races to motocross, drag racing, police training, vintage racing, and more. He started selling racing photographs and metal sculpture through galleries while at the track in the 70s and 80s. During that time he started a mail order catalog business titled Vintage Motorphoto. When the Internet came along he jumped on board and sold through his website and eBay. For over 20 years he’s been a member of the nominating committee for the Motorsports Hall of Fame and he’s on the board of advisors for the World of Speed Museum that opens in Wilsonville, Oregon in April 2015.

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Chuck Bennett is the president of Zymol, a unique and premium car care company that he started over 30 years ago. The unique formulas are rooted in nature and science and the first batch of Zymol was cooked up in a coffee urn in Chuck’s kitchen. The brand is known world wide among automotive enthusiasts and he’s been creating high quality car care for the most discerning collectors to the avid enthusiast who wants his or her vehicle to look their best while being protected from the elements. Originally based in Connecticut, he moved the company to Brooksville Florida where he grows his own carnauba and other plants that they use in Zymol products that are pure, powerful, and perfect!

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Richard Pietruska’s Motor Art exhibits the dynamic fluid motion of the automobile while simplifying the basic design lines of some of the most exotic vehicles of the past and present. Richard studied automotive design at the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena where he received a degree in automotive design and he earned his masters of fine arts degree there as well. He has been a professor at the college for over 40 years. He is a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and has won the prestigious Peter Helck Award for 3 years in a row and he won numerous Athena Awards of Excellence at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. His amazing work can be seen in many automotive magazines, private collections, and museums around the world.

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Kevin Davis is a self-described serial entrepreneur living in Montana where he manages five business ventures from web development to vacation homes. A car guy from an early age, Kevin has always enjoyed meeting other automotive enthusiasts and loves the car hobby. Never one to sit still, he started detailing cars and created his latest product, the Detailer’s Helper. It’s a lightweight, paint friendly tool belt designed for professionals and the home enthusiast who love to take care of their favorite rides. Think of a tool belt for the car care crowd. He’s with us today just back from the SEMA show where he spent some time sharing his new creation with the automotive market.

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Scot Keller is the Chief Curator at America’s Car Museum. He directs the Museum’s exhibitory and exhibitions. His career in the automotive industry spans three decades. He’s worked at BMW, Callaway engineering, Fiat, Alfa Romeo and Audi in advertising, merchandising, communications, and strategic development. He worked for the Chrysler Corporation in Detroit and for General Motors as well He had direct responsibility for GM’s heritage activities and co-founde the GM Heritage Center museum in Detroit.

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Patrick Hong is a serial entrepreneur, an automotive enthusiast, and the founder and CEO of Prenostik. Prenostik is a public relations and marketing business intelligence, cloud-computing software platform that helps organizations tie consumer response to results. Passionate about any vehicle that goes fast, he is the former Executive Editor for Road & Track magazine and as an automotive writer he’s driven and tested numerous vehicles. He’s competed in 24-hour driving competitions around the world and flown in jet fighters and on board zero gravity vomit-comet planes. He earned a Bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and a Master’s degree in aerospace engineering and he’s always looking for ways to solve problems and he is an advocate and strong believer in entrepreneurial spirit and life-long learning that stimulates critical thinking and innovation.

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Adam Pitale is the chief detailer, product engineer, and head of customer service at Adam’s Premium Car Care. At the age of 9 the entrepreneur bloomed and he started a small business, "Adam’s Bicycle Repair and Cleaning." From there he went on to washing and waxing the cars in his neighborhood, and at age 12, he hired his first employee, a 16 year-old boy from the neighborhood. His business grew in to a Mobile Detailing Business, and he specialized in limousine fleets through high school and college. Eventually Adam developed his own car care products and he started selling them at the Orange County Swap Meet in Southern California. His business grew, a website was born, and today a full line of premium car care products can be found at Adam’s Premium Car Care.

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Lance Miller is Co-Owner of Carlisle Events, one of the first companies in the United States organized specifically to conduct and promote events for the collector car and truck hobby.  Started in 1974 by Bill Miller Jr., Lance’s late father, the event has grown from being a swap meet to 13 automotive events and four collector car auctions. After running his own successful company, Lance returned to help run Carlisle Events along with his business partner Bill Miller Jr. In addition to his role at Carlisle Events Lance serves as President of the Chip Miller Charitable Foundation which his mother Judy founded. Lance has won various racing series and continues to race as time permits. His collection of cars includes many Corvettes and he’s an avid surfer traveling around the world to catch a wave. As his father often said, “Life is good.”

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Tom Cotter has been a car-crazy guy his entire life. After selling his company in 2000 he bought himself a 289 Cobra and drove across the United States with his pal Peter Egan. Yes, that Peter Egan. His car collection grew and he wrote his first book, Homan-Moody, The Legendary Team. Then he wrote a series of six books on barn-finds including The Cobra in The Barn, The HemiThe VincentThe Corvette, and The Harley in The Barn. His latest book, 50 Shades of Rust was just released. He’s written biographies, been a contributing Editor of Road & Track magazine for 12 years and writes for the New York Times. He’s the former Co-Chairman of the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance and teaches public relations at Belmont Abbey College. His latest build is a ’32 Ford Hi Boy Roadster that he’s dreamed about since he was 15 years old.

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Jacques Vaucher and L’art et L’automobile has been decorating the automotive enthusiast’s home, garage, business, museums, and racetracks since 1975. His website is the largest online store and auction site for automobile art and gifts. It’s a playground for enthusiasts with 22 categories of automobilia and over 1,600 items listed. Always changing and forever enticing you’ll never know what you will find at his site. He was the unofficial test driver of toy cars for Eureka, a French toy manufacturer owned by his grandfather. He attended racing school in France and he raced in touring and endurance championships in the U.S. He managed Ferrari importer Luigi Chinetti’s New York show room. Jacques life around cars has been amazing.

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Denise McCluggage is a legend in the automotive world. She is a race car driver, a journalist, an author, a photographer, and a honorary judge at Pebble Beach, Amelia Island and the Santa Fe Concorso. She embarked upon a racing career in the late 50s and took part in many international sports car races. Her co-competitors include: Juan Manuel Fangio, Sir Stirling Moss, Phil Hill and many others. She’s won at numerous races around the world and driven many outstanding race cars. Her trademark white with black polka dot helmet was a standout on tracks around the world. She’s an award winning journalist, writer and photographer. Denise holds the Ken W. Purdy Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism and the Dean Bachelor Lifetime Achievement Award and was the first journalist to be inducted into the Automotive Hall of Fame. Her adventurous spirit and zest for life are magical.

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Peter Vincent is an artist, author, and photographer who’s been working with the landscape at the Bonneville Salt Flats for over 20 years, combining it with the Sub-Culture of Land Speed Racing and the Pop-Culture of the American Hot Rod. He’s a regular on the salt every August for “Speed Week” and never misses this gathering, ever. He’s published numerous books on the automobile and his work has been displayed in museums across the country including many permanent collections. His fourth book, The Bonneville Salt Flats, 20 Years of Photography was released in the fall of 2013. Peter’s fifth book, The Rolling Bones is due out in the late fall of 2015. His images have been published in many magazine including The Rodder’s Journal and American Rodder. One of Peter’s photographs hangs in my home.

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Artist Jan Rambousek uses digital-imagery to create wonderful artwork. As a founder of Playground studio he has collaborated on a number of assignments and digital solutions for clients. He also is behind VirtualRig Studio, the motion-blur simulation software that has become a popular among all the big names in automotive industry. Jan‘s latest collaboration – The Silver Arrows Project – is a combination of staged photography, advanced 3D graphics and state-of-the-art computer imagery that brought back to life the legendary racing cars of 1934 through 1939. 

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Craig Morrison is the Operations Manager at Morrison Enterprises. Craig grew up with a father, Art, who’s life has evolved around cars since the 70s. His father sent him off to find his way in the world and after some time in the South Pacific and other adventures he returned to the family business ready to be much more than “Art’s son.” Morrison Enterprises designs and builds chassis, custom chassis and all sorts of components for custom cars, street rods, and more. Craig works along side father Art and a talented team building dreams for automotive enthusiasts around the world.

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Ryan Turner has been focused on the VW industry for over 13 years. His obsession started with the purchase a '72 VW Beetle in high school and has since spiraled out of control and consumed all aspects his life. Three years ago, he made the big leap: He quit his job as a government contractor to start his own business, Krauthouse Motorsports. With no formal training and little investment capitol, he has since expanded his portfolio to include a VW-themed t-shirt sales site and has most recently, an online community of enthusiast committed to all things Volkswagen diesel related. With the support of his wife, he is working to build and expand the site to include a blog, podcast, custom builds, and more to help fuel VW enthusiasts worldwide.

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Alex Raphael founded Max RPM Motorsports in Bremerton Washington in 1977 when he was just 17 years old. They service, repair, modify, and tune Porsche, BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Ferrari and Lamborghini automobiles. They do all sorts of maintenance and specialize in high performance exhaust systems, suspension components and anything that maximizes performance on your special automobile. Every day they strive to elevate performance to a new level.

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Cliff Reuter has created the website Etceterini is a result of a passion for automobiles that he shares with his father Jack who has enjoyed an amazing life around European racing cars. Over the years the Reuters have owned numerous interesting and iconic cars including Porsches, Ferraris, Maseratis, Bandinis, Bugattis and many more. Cliff has created a dedication to the history, documentation, and preservation of Etceterini cars. What is an Etceterini car? Cliff will explain the answer to this and he will share more of his families rich automotive history today on Cars Yeah.

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Wendi Martin is the President of Enthusiast Media Group that she founded in 2006. While her company focuses on print media, consulting, promotional material, and more, Wendie’s involvement in the automotive world is very extensive. She caters to the top enthusiasts in the automotive industry. Her company runs several concours events including the La Jolla Concours, Carlisle Events, and the Desert Concorso. She belongs to the Driving Diva’s, an enthusiastic woman’s BMW driving club. She’s completed several high-performance driving M Schools and has run tours through South Carolina to Ashland and the Biltmore. And she is the chair for the BMW CCA foundation raising money for BMWs museum and street survival program. Wendie’s a car girl through and through.

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Byron Sandborn has been a BMW Club member for over 41 years after attending their driving school at Seattle International Speedway. After that experience Byron was hooked on driving at speed. He autocrossed and then raced in ICSCC and SCCA events winning championships in 1987 and 1988. After being invited to drive a friend’s Shelby King Cobra in a vintage race, a friendship at the track with another vintage racer was formed when he helped with their Elva Mk 7. That friendship lead to a career move to Vintage Racing Motors. Byron’s been a key part of VRM for over 25 years as a mechanic, restorer, manager, and a driver. He’s raced over 175 different cars at over 35 different racetracks around the world. And yes, that's a Lazy Boy recliner that Byron built in to a drivable racer.

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Dennis Simon began his career as a fashion illustrator after graduating from the Maryland Institute, College of Art in 1969. He later worked as an art director in an ad agency and then as a full-time freelancer. In 1986 and 1987 Denis designed the exhibit system for the Collier Automotive Museum in Naples, Florida, providing an ideal opportunity for him to combine his skills in exhibit design with his longstanding interest in vintage automobiles. His interest in cars has been life long. His work has appeared in numerous magazines, books, and on many event posters. Through his imagery and design, his goal has been to bring back the missing elements of style, romance, and panache that so characterized an earlier part of this automotive age.

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Pete Vack is a writer, a book author, an editor, and a publisher who has had hundreds of articles published in magazines such as Road & Track, Automobile Quarterly, AutoWeek, Vintage Motorsport, and Sports Cars International.  He is the author of two best-selling books and has owned a long list of classic cars. Pete has raced vintage Alfas, he worked for Ferrari of Washington as a mechanic. He co-established the first print on demand automobile publishing house, and fourteen years ago, established the Italian and French online magazine And all this in his spare time while working as a network engineer for AT&T and Tellabs and raising his family.

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Alois Ruf is a legend in the world of unique, tuned Porsche automobiles. Founded in 1939 in Pfaffenhausen, Germany by his father Alois Ruf Sr, Ruf Automobile is officially recognized as a manufacturer by the German government. When Alois Jr. was only 24 years old he took control of the company and focused on his passion for Porsche. And in 1975 the first Ruf-enhanced Porsche came to life. In 1987 the record breaking Yellowbird exploded on to the automotive scene. Ruf Automobiles has been designing, engineering, and building its own unique automobiles for customers around the world. In addition to their breathtaking cars of today, including the CTR3, Rt12R, 3800 S, and Rt 35S , Ruf restores and maintains classic Porsche cars. There are no limits to the world of Ruf.

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Justin Wilson is the General Manager at Cantrell Motorsports in Bellevue Washington.  He’s been racing since his teenage years and has worked as a logistics supervisor and support manager for teams and collectors. At Cantrell Motorsports he works with a talented team that provides world class automotive products, fabrication, service, and trackside support for serious motoring enthusiasts. Their new facility is state of the art and provides customers with full service for European and domestic sports cars. They also support client with car sales including pre-sale prep and PPI services.

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Keith Oster is a lifelong car guy, whose first word was "truck".  He’s one of the fortunate few who is proud to be making his hobby a business by helping to build Vintage a classic car search engine. At Vintage Wheels, Keith focuses on growing the business by attracting users and developing product improvements. Although Porsches are his first love, Keith is truly a fan of anything with a motor, from VW Syncros to Buick Grand Nationals. He travels to car events around the country, from Pikes Peak to Pebble Beach, and enjoys meeting auto enthusiasts everywhere he goes.

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Max Banks joined Alfaholics in July 2004 after graduating from the law department at Bristol University.  He is the director of Sales & Product Development when he’s not on the track racing Alfas. He’s also responsible for the preparation and on going development of the Alfaholics 2.0 Sprint GT race car and he’s in charge of building the Alfaholics FIA 1600 GT race car. Max is joined by his brother Andrew and his father Richard who started his passion for 105 series Alfas in 1975. Together they provide parts, advice, and service to Alfaholics around the world. They also buy, sell, build, restore, and maintain Alfa Romeos for their own collection and their client’s enjoyment.

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Rich Doucette is the Founding Chairman of The Boston Cup Classic Car Show. Along with a group of automotive enthusiasts, he and his team stepped up when their local concours event came to an end an in 2012 the inaugural Boston Cup Classic Car Show was launched.  Their event takes place every September in The Boston Common. Rich is an active member of the collector car community, judging Concours events and restoring classic automobiles. He serves on the boards of the Mercedes Benz Club of America Minuteman Chapter, the Classic Car Club of America, New England Region, and the Antique Automobile Club of America Beanpot Chapter.

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For over 25 years, Ed Justice has been the President and CEO of Justice Brothers, Inc., a legendary international manufacturer and distributor of lubricants, additives and cleaners founded by his father, Ed and Uncles Gus and Zeke. Many of us are familiar with the “glory days” of auto racing, but few have lived the experience as Ed Justice, Jr. has. At the age 44; he became one of the youngest to be inducted into the "Old Timers Club" at The Indianapolis 500 Motor Speedway.  Ed is the award winning host of the ROAD & TRACK radio show. He’s been awarded the prestigious Motor Press Guild (MPG) “Dean Batchelor Best of the Year” award and the International Automotive Media Awards, including a Gold Medal. Ed has also been on numerous radio and television shows and master of ceremonies at countless events. There’s simply not enough time to tell his whole story but today on Cars Yeah he’ll share some of his amazing history with us.

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Magnus Walker’s love affair with Porsche began when he was 10 years old during a trip to the 1977 London Motor Show. He wrote to the Porsche factory and their response was, “Give us a call when you are older.” He did, but more about that later. In 1986 at the age of 19 he moved to Los Angeles and started his own line of clothing. That led to the acquisition of a warehouse in L.A., his firs Porsche, club racing and an ever-expanding collection of vintage Porsches. His builds started gaining attention and when he produced the video Urban Outlaw things really started to accelerate. Magnus is not your stereotypical Porsche owner and there’s nothing typical about Magnus. You never know where he will be next.

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Art Morrison started playing with cars on quarter mile tracks driving wheelstanders. After a big crash in 1970 he decided to start his own business focused on building drag racers. His business grew as did his reputation for quality work. He built hundreds of dragsters and eventually began focusing on the street rod market and today his name and builds are all over the world. Art Morrison Enterprises designs and builds chassis, custom chassis and all sorts of components for custom cars, street rods, and more. His son Craig works along side Art and his talented team building dreams for automotive enthusiasts around the world.

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Nicola Wood is a graduate of the Royal College of Art in London. A Fulbright scholarship brought her to Parsons School of Design in New York instigating a one woman exhibition there. A move to California and its automotive culture influenced a series of automotive themed oil paintings that became her passion. Nicola has won the Peter Helck award twice along with many other awards and accolades. Her paintings hang in private collections around the world and have been shown in galleries across America and on the lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance.  She is a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and she’s a magic realist painter who sees the unusual in the usual and her passion for automobiles comes through in her work.

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Yoav Gilad is the editor at Petrolicious. He was raised in the Washington DC suburbs where he spent his young adulthood getting speeding tickets, starting car clubs, and getting a degree in economics from University of Maryland. Yoav founded a national non-profit organization dedicated to providing support to people awaiting organ transplants. The allure of endless hours playing with pencils, markers, and clay was too strong and he decided to follow his passion for cars, design, and sketching and moved to Pasadena, CA to attend Art Center College of Design for another Bachelor’s degree, this time in transportation design. Yoav has worked in fashion, graphics, products, and transportation design and he’s taught in the Art Center for Kids program. He started his own website, ‘Keep It Wide’.  After an epic Porsche road trip, and some help from Hagerty Insurance, Petrolicious hired him as their editor. When he’s not writing, editing, or taking photographs he is out driving and still getting speeding tickets.


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Part Two of a Two-part Interview.

Stanley Rose is an internationally acclaimed artist who has succeeded in attracting the attention and emotion of automotive art collectors from around the globe. He grew up on his family farm in Dorset, a rural county in the South-West of England. According to Stanly, one is born as an artist and at the age of 18 he was accepted at Stourbridge College of Art. His life has taken many turns and roadways however is passion is art and his paintings have been displayed in many shows around the world including Retromobile in Paris, Le Mans, Silverstone, Essen, Monza, and on the lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours where I first experienced his wonderful paintings in person. There he’s won the Concours’ top accolade, the Peter Helck Award, for his painting Nuvolari.  He’s a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and painting is his whole life.


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Part One of a Two-part Interview.

Stanley Rose is an internationally acclaimed artist who has succeeded in attracting the attention and emotion of automotive art collectors from around the globe. He grew up on his family farm in Dorset, a rural county in the South-West of England. According to Stanly, one is born as an artist and at the age of 18 he was accepted at Stourbridge College of Art. His life has taken many turns and roadways however is passion is art and his paintings have been displayed in many shows around the world including Retromobile in Paris, Le Mans, Silverstone, Essen, Monza, and on the lawn at the Pebble Beach Concours where I first experienced his wonderful paintings in person. There he’s won the Concours’ top accolade, the Peter Helck Award, for his painting Nuvolari.  He’s a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and painting is his whole life.

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Mitu Adrian studied architecture in Bucharest, Romania. While there he participated in a workshop that was developed by Renault through the Renault Central Europe Studio. Mitu started drawing cars and developed a wonderful Facebook page titled Aquarelief where he posts his beautiful sketches and watercolor imagery of automobiles. His morning sketches started in June of 2013 where he would post daily works of automotive art over to his morning coffee. His beautiful sketches are enhanced using watercolor infused with coffee. Today Mitu is pursuing his dream of being an automobile designer and continues to inspire his Facebook followers while they enjoy their morning coffee along with his delightful caffein infused illustrations.

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Vic and Barbara Skirmants have been running 356 Enterprises, Porsche focused business in North Branch Michigan, for over 50 years. Vic started racing in 1965 in a Porsche Speedster and then began running SCCA Nationals in a 356B Roadster and won numerous awards and titles throughout the many years in the driver’s seat. Vic has continued his racing throughout the years and today runs with vintage groups. His company offers parts and services that benefit from his many years of working on and playing with Porsche 356 automobiles. If you’ve been to any vintage racing events you’ve no doubt seen Vic and Barbara or one of the many Porsches he’s worked on.

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Afshin Behnia is the founder of Petrolicious where he and his talented team create beautiful and original videos and articles for classic car enthusiasts. They celebrate the inventions, the personalities, and the aesthetics that ignite our collective lust for great machines.  Petrolicious is a group of fans and fanatics, collectors and racers. One of their many wonderful videos featured Frank Mandarano with his Maserati 3500 GT who was a guest here on Cars Yeah. At Petrolicious you are invited to take a ride. Entertain your passion and drive tastefully.

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Keith Martin has been involved with the collector car hobby for more than thirty years. As a writer, publisher, television commentator, and die-hard enthusiast. He is the publisher of Sports Car Market Magazine, a publication he founded over 26 years ago. He launched a companion magazine American Car Collector four years ago. Keith’s columns on collecting and reviews of exotic cars have appeared in the New York Times. Keith has been an emcee at Pebble Beach, the Meadow Brook Concours, Concorso Italiano, the Kirkland Concours, the La Jolla Concours d’Elegance, Keels and Wheels and many other events. He has hosted numerous television specials, and is the co-host of “What’s My Car Worth” shown on the Velocity channel. You can usually find him out on the road on tours with his children.

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Paul Hageman is a Specialist at Gooding and Company. Gooding is a premier auctions house featuring the finest in collector, vintage, racing, and rare automobiles. They appear at premier automotive events throughout the country including the Scottsdale Auctions, the Amelia Island Concours, and the Pebble Beach Concours. Along with auctions they support private sales and collection estate planning. Paul worked at the Louwman Museum in the Hague, the Netherlands before joining Gooding and Company. Paul has been an automotive enthusiast since he was a young boy accompanying his father on tours, rallies, and CCCA Caravans, and he has attended auctions and concours events his entire life. He has also been a judge at many prestigious concours including Pebble Beach.


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Christensen owns CAFE SpA Ferrari and Lamborghini News ( He is broadcast by Google News with 3-5M readers per week, and currently has over 2M followers on Facebook. Additionally, he hosts one of the largest cars and coffee events in the country, in San Francisco, California. Over 300 exotic and specialty cars attended his last event, including Horacio Pagani’s personal Zonda from Italy. Most importantly, he strongly values family. Despite his busy schedule and passion for Italian automobiles, he knows it doesn't take much to have a happy life... just a nice family.

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Bill Noon runs the classic road and racecar side of Symbolic Motors in La Jolla California. If you’ve been to any of the prominent concours or auction events in the country, you’ve probably seen Bill running around with his brief case, phone and pen in hand. Bill is a veteran of the United States Navy and the Merchant Marines. He’s owned over 100 different vehicles over the past 35 years and he’s always looking for the next one. He writes for several different magazines and has appeared in a variety of different television and cable automotive documentaries. Most of his time is dedicated to buying, selling, trading, and racing classic automobiles and participating in tours. His focus is on classic Sports Racing Ferraris, Maseratis, Porsches, Mercedes, and Alfa Romeos. - See more at:

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Charles Joseph Maher began his automotive journey at the wheel of his family cars, a 1955 Chevy Bel-Aire followed by a Chrysler 300. He attended the University of Notre Dame and received a bachelor's degree in Fine Art in 1968. Charlie has been an independent artist since 1988, after working as a designer for the Ford Motor Company. After his time with Ford, he worked 14 years with a graphics firm in Detroit designing production car graphics for Ford, GM, Honda, Toyota as well as projects such as pace car graphics for Indianapolis and the Long Beach Grand Prix. His work has been displayed at numerous concours events including Pebble Beach and Amelia Island and on the pages of many automotive magazines including AutoWeek, Automobile, Car Collector, Mustang Monthly, Racer, Road & Track, Automobile Quarterly, and Sports Car Market. Charlie is a member of the Automotive Fine Art Society.


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Tom Fritz from Ventura County, California is an artist who’s automotive themes represent the Southern California car culture during the 60’s and 70’s. It is colorful and impressionistic that's beautifully composed and lit with a hint of drama, power, beauty, and action. I think it’s simply fantastic. He’s a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and he’s won numerous awards including the prestigious Peter Helck Award seven times, the Art Fitzpatrick Award twice at the Pebble Beach Concours, several Athena Awards and the Lincoln Award of Excellence. His work has appeared on numerous printed pieces, magazines, in museums, corporate offices, concours posters, and private collections. Five of his works were chosen by the U.S. Postal Service for the Muscle Cars Forever stamp series. 

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Rob is the Vice President of Content for Hagerty Insurance Company and is the Publisher of Hagerty Classic Cars magazine. Rob is also a regular contributor to the New York Times and Auto Week magazine and has written for Car and Driver, Classic and Sports Car and Sports Car Market magazine. He is the author of the book "Ran When Parked." He currently owns a 1983 Ferrari 308 GTS and a 1973 Jensen Interceptor.

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Jeff Zurschmeide is an automotive journalist and author from Portland, Oregon. He’s the Editor in Chief of Maximum Drive magazine, automotive reviewer for The Oregonian newspaper, and he’s the author of 8 books on a wide variety of automotive topics - and he’s working on his 9th book.

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Dennis Hoyt’s artistic focus and drive are grounded in the “Trompe l’oeuil” (loy) concept.  For over 30 years his definition of ‘art’ has been at odds with the conventional.   His sculptures are both free standing and wall mounted and depict an automotive theme of motion and color.  His sculptures are constructed of hand carved wood that focused on abstract presentations of formal shapes.  These pieces developed into large-scale works using wood as the primary medium.  The techniques he developed have brought him international acclaim.  His work has garnered over 60 articles and many awards including the Peter Helck Award, 5 Athena Awards of Excellence, The Pebble Beach Concours d' Elegance 'Most Elegant Artwork Award, and he was the 1st recipient of the Raymond E. Holland award for Vision and Creativity.  Today Dennis tends to focus more on how much he can ‘push the envelope.

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Martin Rudow, President of Rudow Specialty Publishing, publishes Vintage Drift magazine for SOVREN, the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most active vintage racing club, along with other monthly and annual publications. His two regional sports car racing history books, Weekends of Glory and Long Straights and Hairpin Turns, have received national and international recognition.  A second edition of Long Straights has just been published as Vee-Lines, a reprint of the fascinating long-lost newsletters published about Formula Vee racing in the 1960s and early 70s.  Born in Seattle, Martin attended numerous regional sports car races in the latter half of the fifties and first half of the sixties when his father was active as a racer and club official. He has spent over forty years in the publishing industry and is also an internationally recognized track and field coach and official.

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Cam Ingram is an owner at Road Scholars with locations on the East and West coasts.  There he oversees the acquisition, selling, and restoration of historically significant and collectible automobiles, with a focus on Porsche automobiles.  They service clients all over the United States and are known for having cars at the top 1% of the market.  Cam comes from a family of Porsche enthusiast and his expertise in the marque is unsurpassed.  He recently published a fantastic book about Porsche titled Porsche Unexpected;  Discoveries in Collecting.  It is a wonderful book that he collaborated on with Michael Furman and Randy Leffingwell. I have a copy in my library and I highly recommend it for all automotive enthusiasts and it makes a perfect life time gift for the motorhead in your life.

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Dwight Knowlton is the founder of 73ideas. It's a boutique agency of sorts, drawing on more than a decade of his experience working with small to mid size businesses and numerous Fortune 500 brands. Dwight’s been a part of growing some startups into international competitors and was recently part of a tech startup that enjoyed a successful exit – selling to a leading investment bank. Now he’s seeking to live his passion.  Dwight’s a car guy and has a dual overhead cam where his heart should be. He founded 73ideas, an award winning design and branding firm specializing only in automotive related work. I found Dwight because of a wonderful book he wrote, designed, and illustrated… The Little Red Racing Car. It’s an award winning father and son picture book story about a 1955 Maserati 300S. It's steeped in automotive heritage and features Sir Stirling Moss. His second book will be out later this year and is in collaboration with Sir Stirling – telling the story of his record-crushing win of the 1955 Mille Miglia. Dwight’s tag line? Carpe Viam!

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Steve Walker is an artist, and a former Resident Artist for the City of Seattle.  He draws, paints, creates sculptures, illustrates for magazines and children’s books and he’s done some writing as well.  He also penned a cartoon strip for National Lampoon.   And he builds cars. Very, very unique cars. He’s been featured on the TV show Monster Garage and the Vintage Vehicle Show.  The cars Steve builds are not restoration but his own creations using a vocabulary of recognizable shapes inspired by the racing vehicles I admired as a kid in the 50's.   His current studio is called "Close Enough Engineering", where he works with his buddy Kim Hall.  They started out building prototypes and proof-of-concept models for engineering companies and inventors and now they build oversized artworks for casinos, shipping work to Vegas, Detroit, D.C., Austria, Canada, China, and Dubai.  You can see examples of their art at their website:  You won’t believe your eyes.

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Barry Meguiar represents the third generation of the company his grandfather founded in 1901.  For Barry, working at Meguiar's started when he was in grade school.  Over the years Barry worked in various areas of the business but it was his vision to take their car care products to the consumer marketplace that got things revved up.  In 1973 the first consumer product, Meguiar’s Liquid Cleaner Wax was launched.  The rest is history and today the average retailer showcased 40 to 50 separate Meguiar's products on its shelves.  Meguiar's "men in black" can be found at almost every major car show across the country, and around the world, each and every weekend.  Then in the mid 90s Barry created Car Crazy Radio and Television to unite and mobilize car guys everywhere.  Car Crazy TV is now viewed globally via the Internet and broadcast television.  

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Andrew Evans is an up and coming 16 year old race car driver.  He is in the driver development program of PR1 Motorsports, which has won over 45 championships, including the 2013 ALMS Driver’s Championship.  Andrew started racing karts when he was 8 years old and by 12 he had moved up to shifter karts. By the time he was 14 Andrew reached the top levels of the national karting scene.  In 2013, at the age of 15, he had an impressive debut season of Formula F1600 car racing with the Lynx Racing team.  He then moved up to the F2000 category with PR1 for 2014 and is currently leading the Pacific Formula F2000 Championship Series.   He recently broke the SCCA track record in the Formula Continental category at the Laguna Seca Raceway, where he will soon be competing for the SCCA National Championship.  In addition to his on-track efforts, Andrew focuses on marketing and public relations, which has led him into a variety of community activities, as well as web page construction and other social media platforms. Andrew holds the title of my youngest guest here on Cars Yeah.


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Part Two of a two-part interview.  Where do I begin when introducing an iconic legend in the automotive world?  Peter Brock is a designer, a racer, an award-winning author, a speaker, and a photographer.  He was the youngest designer to be hired by General Motors in 1957 and sketched what became the first Corvette Sting Ray.  In 1961 Peter became Carroll Shelby’s first employee and designed the iconic Daytona Coupe that won the World Championship in 1965.  There were other cars he designed while with Shelby he worked on the iconic Shelby GT350 Mustang.  His Brock Racing Enterprises, the BRE team with Datsun, is legendary and won title after title.  In 1973 he founded Ultralight Products that became the largest hang gliding company in the world and they won numerous championships and set records in hang gliding.  Today along side his wife Gayle and their talented team, Peter continues to push BRE in to new adventures and products including his unique Aerovault Trailer and the brand new YouTube series - Peter Brock’s World.

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Where do I begin when introducing an iconic legend in the automotive world?  Peter Brock is a designer, a racer, an award-winning author, a speaker, and a photographer.  He was the youngest designer to be hired by General Motors in 1957 and sketched what became the first Corvette Sting Ray.  In 1961 Peter became Carroll Shelby’s first employee and designed the iconic Daytona Coupe that won the World Championship in 1965.  There were other cars he designed while with Shelby he worked on the iconic Shelby GT350 Mustang.  His Brock Racing Enterprises, the BRE team with Datsun, is legendary and won title after title.  In 1973 he founded Ultralight Products that became the largest hang gliding company in the world and they won numerous championships and set records in hang gliding.  Today along side his wife Gayle and their talented team, Peter continues to push BRE in to new adventures and products including his unique Aerovault Trailer and the brand new YouTube series - Peter Brock’s World.

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Richard Adatto is an expert on pre-World War II French aerodynamic cars.  A resident of Seattle, Washington, he has written and co-authored numerous books, including From Passion to PerfectionCurves of SteelThe Art of Bugatti: Mullin Automotive Museum; and French Curves: Delahaye – Delage – Talbot-Lago.  Delage Style and Design, and Curves of Steel.  I’m proud to say I have every one of these titles.  He has worked on Videos for the Discovery channel and History as a consultant and on air personality.  Richard has judged in national car shows both here in America as well as abroad in the United Kingdom, and France.  He has been a judge at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for more than 25 years and is on their selection committee.  In the United Kingdom he is a member of Salon Prive Concours selection committee.

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Beverly and Dennis Little run the Santa Fe Concorso that takes place every year in late September at The Club at Las Campanas in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It is an annual gathering of the finest automobiles in the world.  When you combine Dennis, a car designer for over 30 years, with Beverly, the only woman on a male-dominated board, you get a powerful team.  They are in fact a couple who have been married for 46 years.  And if you think putting on a car gather of this magnitude is an easy task, you are mistaken.  Beverly was a public school educator for over 30 years.  Now retired, she is the Santa Fe Consorso secretary.  Dennis worked at General Motors for 30 years as a designer and he was the Chief Designer of Cadillac Design Studio.  He lead many innovative projects over the yeas with Buick, Pontiac, Oldsmobile, Chevrolet, Cadillac and Pininfarina Design.  Dennis is the president of the Santa Fe Concorso.  Over the past four years these two have developed the Santa Fe Concorso in to a top tier event and a concours not to be missed.

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As a young boy, Michael Furman first picked up a camera to photograph a 1963 Corvette Split Window Coupe, and thus began a life-long love affair with cars and cameras. Throughout his forty-year professional career as a photographer, Michael has had the pleasure to work with the world’s most significant cars and collectors.  In 2003 Michael’s efforts turned from commercial projects for manufacturers to editorial with his first two books, Motorcars of the Classic Era and Automobiles of the Chrome Age, 1946-1960.  These photographic essays are unique to the publishing world in that they celebrate the beauty and history of the world’s most iconic cars in studio imagery.  Many book projects have followed and Michael felt the need to control the content so he started his own publishing company Coachbuilt Press. This changed his professional life and opened a new world of adventure. Since then he’s published many outstanding automotive books including three new books this year.  Michael’s immersion in the collector car world is evidenced by his presence at many of the major concours events around the world as a featured artist, author, judge and sponsor.

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D. Randy Riggs is an award-winning photojournalist and author with 42 years of publishing experience in the automotive and motorcycle fields. He is the former Senior Editor of Cycle World, Editor-in-Chief of Vette and Sports Car International  magazines and has been Editor-in-Chief of Vintage Motorsport magazine since 1997. He is a member of the Society of Automotive Historians, Motor Press Guild, International Motor Press Association, Western Automotive Journalists and American Society of Media Photographers. Randy’s award-winning book, Flat Out RacingAn Insiders Look At The World of Stock Cars, was published in 1995. His automotive photography has appeared in hundreds of books and magazines. In his youth Randy raced flat-track motorcycles and Formula Fords and he began vintage racing in 1999.  The car he most loves to race is a Porsche 935K3.

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Ed Barr is an Assistant Professor of Technology at McPherson College in McPherson Kansas.  McPherson College stands alone as the only school in the United States to provide a bachelor’s degree in Automotive Restoration Technology.  Ed grew up in Tyler, Texas. He received a B.A. from the University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee, and an M.A. from the University of Kansas.  After graduate school, Ed began a career in art museum administration.  Between 1999 and 2005 he served first as the Assistant to the Director, and then as the Director of the Mulvane Art Museum at Washburn University in Topeka, Kansas.  In addition to his museum duties, he taught several art history courses and museum studies at Washburn.  With a passion for automobiles  he went on to earn a B.S. in Automotive Restoration Technology from McPherson College in 2007.  From there he worked at Vintage Restorations Ltd. in Union Bridge, Maryland, where he restored British cars.  Then in early 2010, Ed joined the McPherson College faculty.  He currently teaches sheet metal restoration and the history of automotive design.

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Ray Marchica is the owner of Roadster Salon, a restoration company that focuses on building the finest Fiat Roadsters available.  The company reflects the passion of its founder, Ray’s father, John Marchica who was a sports car enthusiast with a fondness for all things Italian.  John’s affection for Italian sports cars was passed on to his son Ray, who first sold and restored Fiat, MG and Alfa Romeo sports cars as a hobby while attending college.  Ray began helping his father in the business about ten years ago.  Each year, the number of projects and their scope increased.  Soon, Roadster Salon had grown from a retirement hobby to the largest Fiat based restoration company in North America.  When John took ill in 2010, Ray stepped in to provide support and direction.  Sadly, John passed away in 2011 so Ray and his wife Chris stepped in full time and personally supervise every phase of the restoration process.  Rob Baird, Production Manager, who has been with the company for over 8 years, along with the team at Roadster Salon, are a skilled and talented group of automotive enthusiasts and craftsmen who focus on creating their clients dreams. Their Spiders provide a dose of nostalgia and exclusivity that’s impossible to surpass with contemporary sports cars.

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Chris Runge owns and operates Runge Karosseria and Flyer Motorwerks.  Flyer Moterwerks began in a rural Minnesota barn.  The very place where Chris, 25 years prior, sat in his first Porsche while it was being stored for the winter. That Porsche left an impression that he would never forget.  A lifelong passion for the automobile and more specifically post WWII German design grew as Chris owned and modified several Porsche vehicles over the years.  In 2011 he embarked upon a new journey, to hand hammer his own aluminum bodied car.  The goal was not to build a replica but capture an era through a simple yet beautiful design. In the process Chris applied Traditional European Coachwork techniques to build the Prototype “Frankfurt Flyer” Sports Racer.  FF001 has gained attention and admiration in the motoring world.  Today, Chris is preparing to introduce a series of coach built auto designs based on different eras and country of origin.  Chris can also provide panel replacement, repair or reskin an entire body for your vintage sports car.  Chris can also design and build from scratch, your very own custom coach built automobile.


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Chris Runge owns and operates Runge Karosseria and Flyer Motorwerks.  Flyer Moterwerks began in a rural Minnesota barn.  The very place where Chris, 25 years prior, sat in his first Porsche while it was being stored for the winter. That Porsche left an impression that he would never forget.  A lifelong passion for the automobile and more specifically post WWII German design grew as Chris owned and modified several Porsche vehicles over the years.  In 2011 he embarked upon a new journey, to hand hammer his own aluminum bodied car.  The goal was not to build a replica but capture an era through a simple yet beautiful design. In the process Chris applied Traditional European Coachwork techniques to build the Prototype “Frankfurt Flyer” Sports Racer.  FF001 has gained attention and admiration in the motoring world.  Today, Chris is preparing to introduce a series of coach built auto designs based on different eras and country of origin.  Chris can also provide panel replacement, repair or reskin an entire body for your vintage sports car.  Chris can also design and build from scratch, your very own custom coach built automobile.

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Tim Miller is the Founder and CEO of Surf City Garage in Huntington Beach California.  Surf City Garage is a company that creates superior, high-quality car care products for automotive enthusiasts.  Tim’s passion for automobiles goes back to his childhood when he saved up and purchased his first car, a 1967 Pontiac GTO with a 4-speed.  He raced on weekends all over southern California.  Fast-forward 30 years and Tim’s car collection is now over 130 show-quality vintage muscle cars, known as the Surf City Garage American Muscle Car Collection.  They are on display in a showroom decorated with neon and memorabilia and includes a complete restoration shop.  In 2007, in order to keep his collection looking great Tim decided to create his own line of surface care products and Surf City Garage Detailing Products was born.  Now sold worldwide, in over 30 countries, the Surf City name has brought the southern California car culture shine to enthusiasts everywhere.

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Jesse Alexander has been involved in photography and especially motorsports  photography since the early 1950s when he covered the original Mexican Road Race.  He spent many years in Europe covering Formula One and famous long distance sports car races including the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Mille Miglia, and Targa Florio. In that period of time he also photographed theater and music personalities for the New York Times.  His work is held by numerous private collectors and has been exhibited in museums in the United States, including the Birmingham Museum of Art, the Akron Museum and the Santa Barbara Museum of Art. He has produced several films and published many books with his most recent being Monaco, The Golden Age of the Grand Prix with the foreword by Sir Jackie Stewart.  Jesse’s current body of work includes travel photographs of Iceland, the Galapagos Islands, and birds.

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Stacy Pucket is the Specialist Operations Manager at RM Auctions in Ontario, Canada.  As a graduate of the School of the Art Institute in Chicago, she didn’t plan on a career in the classic car hobby. But after a lifetime of attending car shows with her parents, it wasn’t until she purchased a 1965 Ford Fairlane 500 that the car bug bit her. Instead of grad school she went to the acclaimed McPherson College and received a degree in auto restoration. She trained as an apprentice mechanic with Mercedes-Benz at their Classic Center in Fellbach, Germany. From there she spent time at the LeMay Museum and then five years as a Resource and Research Manager at the acclaimed Paul Russell and Company. There she worked on many different prestigious vehicle restorations including the 1928 Mercedes-Benz 680S Sautchik Torpedo that became the 2012 Pebble Beach Concours Best of Show winner.  Stacy has also been a judge at the Greenwich, Barrington, Misselwood and Radnor Hunt concours. Now at RM Auctions Stacy gets to play with some of the finest motorcars in the world. 

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Joe Kyte is owner of Topiary Joe. He is a very unique, topiary sculpture artist who creates living garden sculptures.  Now I know what you’re thinking. Isn’t this Cars Yeah, Inspiring Automotive Enthusiasts? Entrepreneurs who have figured out how to make a living around their passion for cars? Yes, you’re in the right place. Joe, is an automotive enthusiast through and through, who in many cases has figured out how to combine his passion for cars in to the creative living sculptures he creates for clients around the world. If you want a full size Ferrari F1, a vintage Bugatti or a Porsche in your garden, Joe will make it happen. Want a Ferrari prancing stallion or the hood ornament off a Jaguar? Joe can do that too.  Of course if you like full size elephants, dinosaurs, or anything your imagination can come up with, Joe is your guy. He’s figured out how to combine his passion for cars, gardens, sculpture and more in to a thriving entrepreneurial business that makes people smile.

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David Dickinson is the Creator and Editor of The Old Car Nut Book series. David has had a wide variety of careers, including military service, Real Estate, Investment Banking, and automotive sales that included most aspects in new car dealerships and then as the General Manager of a classic car dealership. More recently, as a consultant to individuals selling their own late model and classic cars, he has helped For Sale By Owners sell their cars for top dollar, using his proven methods as FSBO Auto Advisor.

In his latest adventure into publishing, The Old Car Nut Book series is David’s way of providing an opportunity for people to share those stories that usually don’t get told other than behind the bumper of a car at a car show or in the confines of a shop. It is also his way of reaching out to young people beginning their journeys in life and finding something fun and worthwhile to focus on. David believes it’s important for younger generations to know where the older generations of the car hobby came from in the hope that they too might be inspired by all of the old iron that we cherish so much. What better way than through stories from the people that created the old car hobby that we know today.

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Terry Karges is the Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum.

In his first year at the Petersen, Terry introduced vault tours, monthly cruise-ins, adult education programs, movie nights and specialty car events. He has helped to increase overall attendance, creating new events that engage the people of Los Angeles and the global automotive community.

Before joining the Petersen, Terry was a senior manager in automotive OEM, motorsports and theme park entertainment divisions, including Disneyland, Marine World and Sea World. His leadership background with automotive manufacturing firms includes Roush Performance, where he spent 17 years helping grow the company into the largest specialty high performance car brand in the world. There he also managed sales, advertising, new media, web development and vehicle packaging.  Prior to Roush, Terry enjoyed ownership of Karges Sport where he emphasized motorsports marketing and ran his own race team.

- See more at:

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In words and pictures, veteran motorsports journalist Pete Lyons has spent decades covering races all over the world, including classics such as North America’s original “unlimited” Can-Am series, Formula 1 Grand Prix from Argentina to Watkins Glen, and sports car enduros at Daytona, Sebring and Le Mans. Assignments have taken him to Mexico’s Baja 1000, the Pikes Peak Hill Climb, Kenya’s Safari Rally and numerous other events.

Pete is a former editor of RACECAR magazine, and he has contributed to numerous enthusiast publications, including Autosport, AutoWeek, Car and Driver, Road & Track, and many more. The author of 12 books published to date, with two more underway, Lyons has won several prestigious honors, including the Motor Press Guild’s Dean Bachelor Award (twice) and the International Motor Press Association’s Ken Purdy Award. In 2011 he gained the International Automotive Media Award for Lifetime Achievement.

Along with his most recent books, including the upcoming “Riverside International Raceway” photo history, plus his annual calendar and a DVD, the extensive archive of racing photography by Pete and his late father, Ozzie Lyons, can be seen at

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Lance Lambert is the executive producer and host of televisions Vintage Vehicle Show that appears weekly on 101 TV stations and 27 foreign markets and has aired over 450 episodes.  He’s an author of the automotive book Fenders, Fins & Friends: Confessions of a Car Guy and staff columnist for Garage Style Magazine, Journal Newspapers, Collector Cars and  He’s a recipient of the Lee Iacocca Award, an inductee to the Washington State Hot Rod Hall of Fame and the producer of 12 automotive topic DVDs with sales of over 260,000 pieces.  He’s owned over 40 vintage vehicles of all marques and has performed on stage hundreds of times at various events and comedy clubs including Comedy Central.  Frequently asked to utilize his talents as an emcee at concours events and as an auctioneer Lance has motor oil in his veins.

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Michael Keyser operates Autosports Marketing Associates in Butler, Maryland. In 1969 he became interested in motor racing and for the next decade he was a photographer, filmmaker, and he won the 12 hours of Sebring as a driver in 1976 with Al Holbert. His book and film The Speed Merchants is a classic along with A French Kiss With Death – Steve McQueen and the Making of Le Mans which he co-wrote. Michael has edited and produced numerous automotive books, film essays and his current project, Eighty Four Hours of Endurance – Daytona, Sebring, Watkins Glen 1970 & 1971 is now available.  You will discover a wonderful collection of vintage racing posters, DVDs, and books on his website

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David Ryan has been a coachbuilder and metal shaper for over 28 years.  Before opening his own shop outside of Calgery, near Crossfield, Alberta, he spent time creating and restoring magnificent automobiles including Rolls Royce, Bentley, Morgan and Hudson. He spent ten years at the acclaimed RM Classic Cars as one of three coachbuilders and metal shapers. David worked on both European and American marques that went on to become Best in Class or Best in Show at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. He was on the team that restored the 2006 Best of Show winner, a 1931 Daimler Double Six 50.  He is a mentor and teacher to young automotive tradespeople in Western Canada.

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Don Byars is the owner of Full Throttle Panteras in Lake Elsinore California.  He started working on Panteras in his dad’s driveway way back in 1983.  In 1998 when he founded Precision Pro-Formance in Brea, California they provided full service and parts.  In 2010 he moved to Lake Elsinore and Full Throttle Panteras was born.  Over the past 30 years Don has rebuilt and restored hundreds of DeTomaso Panteras – earning a reputation for his unwavering attention to detail and his full-throttle commitment to Pantera perfection.  Don’s absolute and unequaled knowledge of the DeTomaso Pantera has won his clients many coveted and prestigious awards including trophies at Concorso Italiano in Monterey California. 

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Tony’s passion for automobiles officially began at age 9 when he got his first motorcycle.  This led to an infatuation with all things mechanical.  He got his first car at age 15, and learned to paint automobiles at age 19.  Since then, Tony has focused on automotive body and framework restoration.  He has managed and co-owned a body shop, worked in pro racing as a crew chief and team manager in the Toyota Atlantic Series, and raced go-carts and motorcycles.  Today Tony has a shop in my hometown of San Clemente where he specialize in Porsche restorations.

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Nicolas Hunziker is an automotive artist that is fueled by passion.  He is a fourth generation painter whose roots in creativity go back to his great-grandfather who was a classically trained painter.  His grand uncle was the famous Prince Bira of Siam who was the first Thai, Grand-Prix motor racing driver.  After graduating from the Art Center College of Design Nicolas worked as an Advertising Art Director.  After years in the commercial ad business he kept coming back to his passions; painting and automobiles, and specifically racing.  His style, which he calls Period Correct Art is bold, colorful, graphic, and has a definitive racing theme.  You’ll find his work in magazines, on posters, apparel, films, and painting including murals and commissioned artwork that hangs in some of the most famous collections around the world.

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Rod Emory is the owner of Emory Motorsports and a third generation gear head. After years of building and modifying automobiles with his grandfather and his dad, in their McMinnville facility, he launched his own business restoring vintage Porsches. The company grew and he now operates a second facility in Lancaster California. Rod, like his grandfather and his father, takes his craft seriously and not only restores old 356 Porsches but takes them to the next level by creating one of a kind outlaws. Custom builds that go beyond anything Dr. Porsche created. Rod also restores and services vintage Porsche race cars and you’ll find iconic models including the 906, 908 and Porsche Cooper in his shop. Rod is a visionary craftsman and coach builder who continues to expand and grow the Emory family spirit.

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