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Chris Anthony is an entrepreneur who’s created numerous ventures and businesses. He is the founder of Epic Wake Boats, a recognized leader in the sport boat industry. His companies include: EndLis Energy, a sulfer grapheme batter technology company, Flux Power an energy storage system, Apter Motors, manufacturer of the world’s most efficient commuter vehicles, Epic Boats a leader in resin infusion composites, WakeWorx a wakeboard and boating accessory company, the Epic Torque Roadster, and several others in the finance and brokerage industry. Chris continues his pursuit of world changing innovations that can both increase efficiencies and enhance the way people are transported and live.

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Raffi Minasian is a widely published automobile designer, illustrator, writer, historian, Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance Class Winner, and professor at the California College of the Arts DMBA program. 

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Derek Hill, a Santa Monica native, comes from an automotive family that has left their marks around the world. He is the son of America’s first World Driving Champion, Phil Hill. Derek is most recently known for his work as a precision driver/actor in GM’s launch of Cadillac’s new ATS. Derek pursued a career in motorsports for over ten years, taking class wins in the Daytona 24 Hours, Sebring 12 Hours, and many others driving for the factory BMW M3 team. He’s working on a film documentary about his father’s life and is a judge and MC at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where his father won years ago. He’s an active vintage racer participating in the Le Mans Classics, Goodwood Revival, and the Rolex Monterey Motorsports Reunion.

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John Kruse is the Principal, Auctioneer, and Appraiser at Worldwide Auctioneers in Auburn Indiana. They conduct multiple yearly auction events, help customers find their special vehicles, conduct appraisals, handle logistics, and oversee private collection sales. John grew up in the auction business and has been actively involved with vintage motorcycles and collection management his entire life. He is a passionate automotive enthusiast and can be found attending concours and car events throughout the country.

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Lyn Smith is a forensic mechanic and the owner of Smith & Company in Akron, Ohio. He’s a lifelong drag racer, master mechanic, king of the one-liners, and a mechanical genius. He’s a Certified Master Mechanic who investigates vehicle accidents and provides mechanical explanations for the causes.

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Spike Feresten is the host of Esquire Network’s Car Mathmaker now entering its second season. Spike calls upon his years as an automotive expert to match the right car with the show’s guest. His career as a television comic writer is decades long and he’s wrote for Saturday Night Live. He’s written for David Letterman where he earned five Emmy nominations. Spike also wrote for the groundbreaking sitcom Seinfeld where he became Supervising Producer and garnered three additional Emmy nominations, one for the famous Soup Nazi episode. He’s hosted his own late night series Talkshow with Spike Feresten and he’s known as an expert in the automotive world. Spike continues to write and work in television and movies and he’s always looking for that perfect car.

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Markus Haub is an artists who was born in Germany and studied Transportation Design at the University of applied Arts in Pforzheim. He moved to Spain to work for Volkswagen and Renault in their design studios. In parallel he developed as an artist, painter, and photographer. Now living in Spain and Germany, he works as a designer and painter and shows his work in exhibitions and art fairs in Spain, France, Holland, Ireland, England, and New York. He’s been published in many magazines and his work has been displayed in many prestigious museums.

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Matt Myrick is the president of Busted Knuckle Films that he started in 2006. After filming his college off road trips friends began asking for copies of his adventures and Busted Knuckle Films was born. Today his YouTube channel has over 78 million views, his Facebook page has over a million fans and at his website you’ll find all sorts of off road fun from products to DVDs, videos and more. Matt participates in off road adventures every weekend and is truly living his passion while running a successful entrepreneurial enterprise.

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Alex Littlewood is the Founder and CEO of, a website for enthusiasts to discover, connect, and purchase everything that powers their lifestyle. Alex Launched Motoroso in September 2014, and there are over 200 official brand profiles including: Chevrolet, Ducati, Porsche, BMW, DuPont Registry, and many more. Alex lives in the Silicon Valley where he's led a successful tech startup career, including being part of a team that was acquired by Google. Motoroso is his first startup venture and was recently accepted to Techstars, considered by many to be the #1 accelerator program in the world. Alex raced a motorcycle in the AFM and WERA road racing series, and can often be found on the track at Laguna Seca, Sears Point, and Miller Motorsports Park.

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Matt D’Andria is the co-host at CarCast with a podcast and video show Adam Carolla. He is also co-host on Shift & Steer with Brad Fanshaw, a past Cars Yeah guest along with Sammy Hagar’s son Aaron Hagar from Rat Runners Garage and Pete Chapouris, President of So-Cal Speed Shop, another guest here on Cars Yeah. Matt is the Executive Producer on the exciting feature film documentary, Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman that was released in May, 2015. Matt also hosted a Youtube show for GQ Magazine titled Car Collectors that featured celebrity car collections. In a single season that show earned over 2.5 million views.

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Howard Swig is a Bay Area native and lifelong car enthusiast. Like his brother David, who has appeared here at Cars Yeah, what started out as a hobby and automotive passion turned into a career. He worked in the Technical Department at Car and Driver magazine and then went on to work in the car retail business at buying/leasing broker Cartelligent. More recently Howard shifted his focus to vintage cars at the enthusiast website and marketplace Bring a Trailer where he was brought on to launch Bring a Trailer Auctions, which is turning out to be one of the best online venues for buying and selling mostly vintage cars. Howard is an active racer, competing in the Spec Miata series with NASA and SCCA at tracks around California. He is a supporter of the vintage racing community, campaigning the likes of prewar Chryslers, postwar Fiats, Alfas and even a Mercury Comet in events around California.

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Tom Hale spent two years at General Motors, another at Chrysler, and 17 years at American Motors as a Styling Designer. He then set out to pursue his passion in art and today has sold over three thousand original paintings to clients all over the world. He has received numerous awards including the Gold Medal of Honor from the American Watercolor Society. He’s produced 59 commissioned event posters and his work can be found at the most prestigious concours events and galleries. He is a member of the Automotive Fine Arts Society and the American Watercolor Society.

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Colleen Boyle has been the President of T3RG Motorcycle Schools since 2003. T3RG is recognized by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation for innovations in delivery of the their MSF curriculum. Colleen’s program provides a positive learning experience and encourages the goal of being a lifelong learner while having fun while safely riding a motorcycle. She serves as a board member on the Motorcycle Operator Safety Program (MOST) and has participated in two National Highway Transportation Safety Association (NHTSA) assessment reviews and is a member of Colorado state’s State Motorcycle Safety Administrator conferences.

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Alan Wilson is an internationally recognized race facilities designer and development consultant who has designed and built 33 racetracks and consulted or designed almost 150 others. He was a national level competitor in car and motorcycle racing. He is one of the few managers to have operated major international events for World Championship Formula One, Superbike, Indycars, NASCAR, IMSA GTP, SCCA and many others. He’s earned numerous awards world-wide. His most recent tracks built include the Thermal Club in Palm Springs, Inje Speedium in Korea, and SpeedPark Ningbo in China.

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TJ Grewal, or just Teej to his friends, is a wandering photographer and illustrator with work published in various publications. Self described, TJ has an unhealthy obsession with cars and design. A career as a tech executive has afforded his automotive and design obsession, helping him move from a kid with lots of matchbox cars to a “grown up” with an eclectic set of cars to drive.

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Pete Cowic is the owner and operator of Ohio Metal Shaping located in Troy, Ohio. There he specialized in metal shaping, fabricating, and the restoration of classic and vintage automobiles. Pete is a graduate of Wyotec technical school and after spending 8 years working in restoration shops that restored concours level automobiles, Pete opened his own business.

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Myron Vernis has one of the most eccentric car collections in the world. At Jalopnik he’s known as Junkman and at his garage in Ohio he’s simply an automotive enthusiast with a taste for the unique, the odd, and the rare. He ran the Glenmore Gathering of Significant Automobiles for 18 years in Canton Ohio. He claims to have a bad case of automotive ADD. Just a few of his cars include: the XR-1, an Olson Eagle, the one off Hoffman X-8, an Aileron Spyder, a Paxton, and the Ghia 450SS. Myron has over 75 cars and he’s always looking for that next unique ride that few have seen or heard of. 

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Tim Considine is a photographer, producer, racer, author, consultant, and two-term President of the Motor Press Guild, the largest automotive press association in the U.S. He anchored the first live worldwide cybercast of the Indianapolis 500 and pioneered streaming audio internet reports from the 24 Hours of Le Mans. He’s received the coveted Motor Press Guild Dean Batchelor Award and his epic, three-volume book Twice Around the Clock; The Yanks at Le Mans is in the works. He is a contributing editor of Road & Track and numerous other automotive publications. You will remember Tim from his appearance in Spin & Marty on Walt Disney’s original Mickey Mouse Club and in the TV series My Three Sons.

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Mike Phillips is the Director of Training at Autogeek. He is a car care professional who has been detailing and caring for vehicles since the 70s. At Autogeek, the on-line source for car care products, Mike trains their staff, hosts Autogeek’s detailing how-to videos. He provides the detailing tips segments on the My Classic Car TV show with Dennis Gage. He’s appeared on Two Guys Garage, Motorhead Garage and the What’s In The Garage TV show. With over 250 articles to his credit Mike is the expert in automotive surface care.

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Bob Green is a Master Instructor at Skip Barber Racing School and the Director of Survive the For over 22 years Bob has taught students the skills needed for high performance driving, racing, and emergency highway procedures. Survive the Drive is an educational community service, automotive violence-prevention program focused on high school age novice drivers. The goal is to teach them skills using a research-based approach to proper behavior behind the wheel and crash prevention.

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Eddie Alterman is the Editor-In-Chief at Car And Driver magazine, the largest monthly automotive title in the country. He took over the wheel in 2009 and has overseen a lauded redesign and bolstering of the brand’s digital and social media efforts. In 2013 Eddie was named to Complex Magazine’s list of “The 50 Most Influential people in the Auto Industry.” Eddie is currently based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Dwight Knowlton is the founder of It's where you can find his book The Little Red Racing Car. It’s an award winning father and son picture book story about a 1955 Maserati 300S. It's steeped in automotive heritage and features Sir Stirling Moss. Now Dwight has a new book, The Greatest Race. It’s a story about the record-breaking win by Sir Stirling Moss at the 1955 Mille Miglia. Dwight’s teamed up with Sir Stirling to bring you this spectacular story about a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR and his daring, high speed determination to not only win the race but set a new speed record. Dwight’s motto is Carpe Viam! Seize the Road and enjoy the journey.

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