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Ted Wilkinson opened Wilkinson’s Automobilia in Vancouver British Columbia back in 1988. After 26 years operating his storefront and on-line business with his wife Lorraine, they closed the retail store to focus solely on their online business, eAutomobilia offers automotive treasures, literature, collectibles, models, books, shop manuals, posters, artwork, clothing and much more to enthusiasts around the world. Ted’s goal is to offer the broadest selection of automobilia anywhere. Ted’s a rally driver and mechanic and has competed in local pro rallies in his 250 horse powered 1980 Toyota Corolla.

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Lance Stander has been in the automotive industry for over 37 years. He opened Hillbank Motor Corp located in Costa Mesa California in 1999 after years in South Africa where he worked with his father. Hillbank specializes in building the Superformance Cobra, Shelby Daytonas, and GT40 cars. In 2005 Lance purchased Superformance and he is the world wide distributor for all Superformance built cars. He is also the builder and distributor for Shelby’s Continuation Sixties Cobras. His is the only company licensed by Shelby to build the Cobra MKIII. Above is Lance with his son and the late Carroll Shelby.

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Doug Garrison is an automotive artist whose passion for motorsport and especially the Indianapolis 500 has influenced his dynamic paintings. He grew up in Indianapolis and for years he owned his own design firm specializing in corporate identity and branding. Today Doug spends his time painting and capturing the dynamic speed and color of racing. His style captures the savage passion of the sport and he takes it to a unique perspective and dynamic. Even the way he creates his pieces are built around speed and innovation.

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Tina Van Curen is the owner of Autobooks-Aerobooks in Burbank, California. Autobooks was established in 1951 and is known world-wide as a resource and meeting place for collectors, racers, and enthusiasts of all types. Tina grew up in Southern California in a family of car guys. While at UC Riverside getting a BA and an MA in Economics she discovered Riverside International Raceway and sports car racing. During her tenure in the 1990’s as President of the Alfa Romeo Owners Club in Southern California she took the plunge into vintage racing, joined VARA and ran an Alfa Spider. In addition to running the bookstore she has organized the Best of France and Italy show in LA, and the Queen’s English British show as well.

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Charles Sanville is a Master Certified Volkswagen Technician who spends his days turning wrenches on modern Volkswagens. He has created The Humble Mechanic website that is geared toward helping to build relationships between technicians and their customers. In his videos, Charles takes viewers behind the scenes at a dealership service department and takes an in-depth look at how common parts fail, as well as current happenings and trends in the Volkswagen world. Show topics range from understanding vehicle warranties, buying tools, advice for both new and seasoned technicians, and tips for customers to help them have a great service experience.


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Gordon Maltby has been the editor of Porsche 356 Registry magazine for 23 years and his publishing company has several titles on classic Porsches in print. His writing and photos have been published in a number of venues that are both print and digital. He joined Motorbooks International as their art director in 1984. He went his own independent way a few years later and after writing the book Porsche 356 and RS Spyders in 1990, he began to focus his attention on the Porsche 356 model. Gordon lives with his wife in Minnesota where he is currently in the ninth year of a 12-month restoration of his 1973 911.

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John Lohavichan is the Founder and President of Gleamfire in Belmont, Massachusetts. He’s developed a new and innovative car washing system that eliminates the need for the traditional bucket and water. His new product design enables the enthusiasts to safely clean their vehicles with less water both inside and outside of the garage. He’s an MBA from Vanderbilt University and has 20 years of experience as a Product Manager building software products for startups and financial services firms. Gleamfire is John’s first entrepreneurial step in to new product development in the automotive industry.

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Joe Marshall is a designer and fabricator with a background in aerospace engineering. As co-owner of Mule Expedition Outfitters, an expedition vehicle outfitter and customizing shop in Issaquah Washington, Joe and his team provide products and services geared toward extended back country travel. Joe draws from a 15 year career in aerospace and a passion for the outdoors. Even the name of the company was derived from the US Army acronym M.U.L.E. which stands for Multifunctional, Utility, Logistic Equipment. Joe and his wife Dana are creating a community of adventures that share a passion and respect for the environment, cultures, and the traveling lifestyle.

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Steve Kittrell is a freelance automotive writer, conducts automotive valuations, and the National Account Executive at Sports Cars Market magazine. He comes from a family of automotive enthusiast and his passion for the rare and blue chip Italian marques grew when he operated T. Rutlands West Ferrari Parts in Monterey, California before moving to Sports Car Market. Steve is recent contributor to The Prancing Horse Magazine and run by Peter Vack a past Cars Yeah guest. He is a judge at Ferraris for the Ferrari Club of America and he is the emcee at the San Luis Obispo Concours.

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David Swig is a Specialist in Bonhams Collectors' Motorcars Department. His work includes consigning and researching vintage cars and maintaining an active presence in the historic motoring scene. He is a lifelong automobile enthusiast and a regular participant in historic car activities including circuit racing, road tours, and Concours events. His father, the late California motoring pioneer Martin Swig, introduced David to his own unique version of California car culture; David consequently grew up immersed in the vintage car hobby. He and his brother, Howard, organize the internationally renowned California Mille 1000-mile historic sports car tour each April. A San Francisco native, Swig can often be found racing his 1957 Monsterati Special.

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Dom Miliano is the editor for Motorsports Marketing Resources, MMR. He is a contributor to several other automotive magazines including: Robb Report, Vintage Motorsport, Cavallino, Victory lane, Autoweek, Prancing Horse, Panorama and many others where he writes about cars, conducts road tests and provides photography. Dom also writes and contributes to numerous concours and racing event programs.

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Johnny O’Connell is a three time World Challenge GT Driver Champion. He races the number 3 Cadillac Racing ATS-VR Coupe. With back-to-back-to-back GT driver’s championships in 2012, 2013, and 2014 he was instrumental in Cadillac winning consecutive manufacturer titles. He is recognized as one of North America’s most talented and versatile racing drivers and he started his career in formula cars in 1987. He’s raced Indy Cars, numerous endurance races, and he won his class at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in his first outing plus he’s the first American driver to win four times at Le Mans. He’s a three-time ALMS GT1 Champion and he holds a black-belt in Karate.

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Moses Ludel launched 4WD Mechanix Magazine online in 2010 with a focus on high definition technical how-to video, of-road performance, powersport and motorized, outdoor lifestyles. He is the author of the best-selling Jeep Owner’s Bible and six additional Bentley Publishers titles. His career as a writer, photojournalist, and videographer has spanned over three decades. He’s written more than 3,400 feature length magazine and newspaper articles, technical columns, and more than 20,000 published photo credits in books, magazines, and newspapers. He has written for almost all of the best-known magazines in the U.S., the U.K., and Japan.

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Frank Patek is the Executive Director of the BMW Car Club of America, the largest single marque car club in the world. The Club publishes a monthly magazine, Roundel, and a weekly e publication Roundel Weekly. They explore everything the BMW lifestyle offers including:  High Performance Driving Events, Car Control Clinics, Autocrosses, Concours, Show and Shines, social events, leadership development and Club Racing. Their project Street Survival is the creation of the BMW Car Club of America Foundation and is the club’s teen safe driving program. I am a long standing and proud member of the Club.

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Gary Wales, the Prince of Wales, is a collector, builder, dreamer, and automotive expert. He’s been involved with the Rolls Royce and Bentley Club for many years participating in tours, concours events, and more. Gary is well known for taking old derelict vehicles and building period customs, recreations of magnificent stature. He’s restored concours winning cars including Pebble Beach award winners. Lately he’s built the magnificent Le Besteoni, effectionately known as Rusty II, the 7th in a series of custom built coachworks using American built vehicles. He’s one of the most unique and kindest people I’ve known and he is very well respected in the automotive world by collectors and builders alike.

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Larry Webster is the Editor-in-Chief of Road & Track, overseeing the development of the brand across print, web, broadcast, and tablet platforms. Prior to this assignment, Larry was the Automotive Editor for Popular Mechanics and was the Technical Director for Car and Driver, where he served as the magazine’s chief test driver and instructor. He has a mechanical engineering degree from Lehigh University and is the graduate of several Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) programs.

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Paul Duchene has been an automotive journalist for 40 years. In that time he has owned about 250 cars, and drove an Isetta three-wheeler daily as a reporter in London in the 1960s. He’s raced motorcycles and ran the 1,000 mile Moto-Giro d’Italian on a 1957 Ducati and he ran the 5,000 mile Alcan Winter Rally six times. He has written for the Chicago Tribune, New York Times, Car and Driver, Autoweek, and Roundel, and was the Automotive Editor at The Oregonian and the Portland Tribune, and Executive Editor at Sports Car Market Magazine. These days, Paul writes classic car auction catalogs for RM and Gooding, for the soon-to-be-opened World of Speed Museum and for Hagerty’s European website. You can hear Paul at the Laguna Seca and Portland historic races as an announcer.

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Mark Lizewskie is the Executive Director of the Antique Automobile Club of America Museum, the AACA in Hershey, Pennsylvania. He was previously the curator, restorer, and historian for the JWR Automobile Museum, Mark is also a veteran of the concours circuit having exhibited vehicles and judging at numerous venues across the country. He’s the founding member of The Elegance at Hershey Concours and serves on the board of directors and at the National Association of Automobile Museums (NAAM) and the Rolls-Royce Foundation. Mark’s also been an ASE Certified Master Technician for over 25 years.

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Kevin Clemens is an award winning writer and magazine editor. He’s been a staff member at Automobile and European Car magazines and has written columns for numerous other publications and major automotive companies. Kevin has written eight books and he has received the Ken Purdy Award for Excellence in Automotive Journalism. In 2006 he started the independent publishing company, Demontreville Press in Lake Elmo, Minnesota that specializes in the publication of automotive fiction and the republishing of out of print automotive titles. In 2011 he set a National Land Speed Record at Bonneville on an electric motorcycle that he built in his home garage. He returned to the Salt Flats and set more records in an electric sidecar motorcycle.

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Michael Alan Ross is an automotive photographer who has taken his passion and love for car design and carved out a career photographing the cars and people that define the industry. His work is featured in a wide range of advertising and editorial in the U.S. and Europe. Michael’s love of car design includes encylclopedic knowledge of engineering details and an appreciation for the evolution of a component and sentimentality for the classics. He is a licensed photographer for Porsche and can be found at events around the world or with collectors and designers who touch the hobby. He collaborated with author Tom Cotter and Ken Gross to shoot for their book Rocking Garages and he has a new book coming out that he’s creating with Tom Cotter titled Barnfind Roadtrip.

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Satch Carlson is a raconteur, a humorist, and a veteran correspondent of what he calls the international Motorsports Journalism Bidness. He spent years as a columnist and feature writer at AutoWeek magazine and many other publications before taking the helm of Roundel Magazine, the official publication of the 70,000+ member BMW Car Club of America. He also contributes monthly columns to Hemmings Sports & Exotic Cars magazine. He is an active participant in driving events and tours and he’s at home on the track as much as the open road. He loves his Z4M roadster so much that he was once heard to say, “When I die, just put handles on the roadster – and dig a deep hole.

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