Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Mark Worman is the self-made Mopar success story. From humble beginnings in Springfield, Oregon, he has managed to tirelessly carve out space for himself, not only as a respected authority, in the Mopar restoration and documentation scene, but also with a successful television show Graveyard Carz, first on Velocity and now Motortrend Network. Always a Mopar guy from the beginning, Mark, like most of us, is chasing that perfect car that he had when he was young. Painting, bodywork, assembly, there is no part of the process that Mark can't speak on, sometimes rattling off so many numbers and specs that it makes even a true fan dizzy! At the end of the day, Mark just wants to put more cars on the road by restoring more of these beautiful Mopars. After all, Mark is the Mopar Mortician. It's not called Graveyard Carz for nothing!

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