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Guy Kaplinsky is the CEO and Co-Founder of ASKA Drive & Fly by NFT, where they bridge the gap between aviation and automotive through the pioneering development of the first viable consumer eVTOL road and air vehicle. That’s right, a flying car.

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Terry Earwood has been the Chief Instructor for Skip Barber racing for over 35 years. He was a Champion factory Hemi Super Stock drag racer and has raced in numerous events, taught state patrol driving classes, the list goes on and on.

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Michael Whitesel inherited ,from his great grandfather, a rare 1919 Cunningham, a car that was on the lawn at Pebble Beach in 2000. His newly launched website titled documents this vehicle as he returns the car to road worthy condition and plans an epic journey.

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Steven Harris is an architect in New York and Professor of Architecture at Yale. 16 of Steven’s Porsches are currently on display at the Saratoga Automobile Museum through the summer in Saratoga Springs New York.

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Don Kutschall is lead driving instructor at Skip Barber Racing School for all racing and driving programs. From 1990 to the present he has been an instructor with the Skip Barber Racing School and continue to do private coaching in various series including the Ferrari Challenge.  

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Jeff Snyder is the Founder of Jeff’s Resurrections where he and his team bring back to life the world’s finest cars. Located in central Texas he started his restoration business in 1990 and their projects range across an extraordinarily diverse spectrum of classics, exotics, and antique vehicles.

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Bruce Pascal has a collection of over 4,000 Hot Wheels cars including many rare prototypes.  Bruce has the holy grail of Hot Wheels, the rare Pink Beach-Bomb #1 prototype. Only two exist and his is the best example. 

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Jenna Zhang is the founder and creative director of Olympus Watch Co., a luxury Swiss watch brand that up-cycles salvaged supercars into one-of-a-kind timepieces. Her design philosophy is inspired by her time living abroad in London and Milan. 

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Neal Giordano is the Founder and Editor of the North Carolina Hot Wheels website,, which is one of the oldest Hot Wheels websites on the internet. He launched it in 1996 as his passion for collecting Hot Wheels and 1:1 scale cars was rampant.

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Joe Ottati is a Co-Founder of VALT AutoClub where he’s in charge of event and rally planning. It is an automotive lifestyle and event business based in Northern California that he started with two friends in early 2020, one of which is past Cars Yeah guest Robert Eppley.

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Roberto Olivo is the COO of the startup Automobili Estrema, coordinating their new all electric Fulmenia hypercar. He has over 40 years of experience in the global automotive industry. He was one of the founders, managers, and racing driver of BRC Racing Team.

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Sean Cridland is an automotive journalist, photographer, and author with over 100 articles in print. Today he’s back on Cars Yeah to talk about his new three book series titled Brumos: An America Racing Icon.

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Peter Cline is the Executive Director and Founder of Vet Motor Sports. Their mission is to place qualifying participants within a wide range of motorsports-related activities from amateur events up to professional race teams.

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Cameron is the founder of Unlo Motor Club, a shared-vehicle startup, delivering access to enthusiast-curated vehicles, including Porsche, BMW, to powerboats for a monthly subscription fee. Unlo also hosts automotive events where enthusiasts can enjoy a variety of experiences.

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Robert Eppley is the Co-Founder, Event Partnerships and Operations Manager, and self-described Energizer Bunny at VALT Auto Club. It is an automotive lifestyle and event business based in Northern California.

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Ian Karr talks about his new YouTube channel where he shares his passion for restoring cars including a Porsche 914. He is the founder of IKA Collective, a creative and content-driven production agency currently in its 35th year. IKA’s credits encompass television series, promos, commercials and original digital content.

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Alexander Klatt is the Chief Creative Officer at Automobili Estrema, a new player in the High-end electric vehicle arena. He is an automotive designer whose expertise lies in understanding the wholistic creation process of a new vehicle, from exploration to conception to 3D modeling and surfacing for tooling. 

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Will Lockwood is an engineer, restorer, fabricator, and builder who is part of the team at Kindigit Design where they build incredible custom rides.

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Gianfranco “Franco” Pizzuto is the Chief Executive Officer of Automobili Estrema. Estrema is a new player in the High-end electric vehicle arena and they are manufacturing in a low volume zero emission hypercar and supercar called the Fulminea. 

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Rick Kopp has owned and raced everything from motocross at age eight to drag racing in door cars. He continued drag racing at the sportsman level in the Top Dragster and Nostalgia Nitro Funny car classes and has been competing for nearly 30 years.

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Jeff Alon is the Owner and Operator of the New York Transmission Group and a producer and online talent for the Autolab Radio Show. With over 40 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket service industry, Jeff is the show’s in-house transmission and driveline expert. 

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Allen Bentley is an artist who for the past two decades dedicated his art to creating ballroom dancers on canvas and paper, but now he has switched gears into vintage automobiles. Allen has found what he calls “the through-line”… Motion and now his car series titled, "Momentum", Allen marries that interest and his love for driving into a beautiful compendium of speed and exhilaration. 

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