Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Randy Leffingwell is a journalist, author, and photographer. He worked two years for the Kansas City Star, then nine years for the Chicago Sun-Times, and followed that with a year at AutoWeek before moving to Los Angeles and joining the TIMES, where he worked for 11 years. Since 1990, Randy has written and photographed a number of books including American Muscle, Porsche 911: Fifty Years, Mustang: 40 Years, Art of the Corvette and Corvette Seven Generations, as well as Porsche Unexpected, Porsche Turbo and in Porsche: 70 Years. Most of his projects are transportation-oriented, corporate, product histories focusing as much on the individuals who did the work as well as the vehicles they created. These range from John Deere Tractors to Hot Wheels to the Harley-Davidson Heritage Collection. Since 1995, he has been a full-time book author and magazine contributor. While those of us who love cars know Randy’s work well, he’s also ventured into photographing and writing about barns, lighthouses, California missions, horses, and the wine country.

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