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Charlie Vogelheim has 30 years of automotive industry experience including roles as VP at and J.D. Power and as executive editor at both Kelley Blue Book and Motor Trend Auto Group. He is the principal of Vogelheim Ventures through which he is involved in a variety of initiatives including Motor Trend Audio, TPC Management, DrivingSales, RyanTech, and Webcars China.

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James Caldwell lives in Menlo Park, California and is an automotive artist who’s been focusing on painting cars since 2007 although he’s painted since he was a young boy. A graduate from Rhode Island School of Design, he followed in his father Jim’s footsteps, a renowned landscape painter. James passion for automobiles runs deep and his goal is to capture the complex reflections and distortions of light and color in the intricate surfaces. He’s been on Jay Leno’s garage, his art hangs in private collections around the world, and I discovered James at Concorso Italiano in Monterey during Car Week where he’s their official artist creating magazine covers, posters, and calendars.

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Carlos Salaff is Founder and Creative Director of SALAFF where they design and make high-performance hand built cars. Working at Mazda Design Americas from 2003-2012, he was instrumental in the creation of several concept and production vehicles. His works have been recognized by the Louis Vuitton Classic, LA Design Challenge, and the Grand Prix Du Design awards.

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Cameron Evans is the President of Red Line Synthetic Oil, a division of Phillips 66. He grew up in a family with a passion for racing and his late father was Steve Evans, motorsports broadcasting legend. Cameron was the editor of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine and host of their television show. He’s managed NHRA Pro Teams and worked for years in television production at Diamond P Sports. He’s raced motorcycles, sports cars, Formula Mazda, and today races in the BimmerWorld/Red Line Oil ChumpCar, NASA, SCCA, BMW CCA, and others.Cameron Evans is the President of Red Line Synthetic Oil, a division of Phillips 66. He grew up in a family with a passion for racing and his late father was Steve Evans, motorsports broadcasting legend. Cameron was the editor of Popular Hot Rodding Magazine and host of their television show. He’s managed NHRA Pro Teams and worked for years in television production at Diamond P Sports. He’s raced motorcycles, sports cars, Formula Mazda, and today races in the BimmerWorld/Red Line Oil ChumpCar, NASA, SCCA, BMW CCA, and others.

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Twas the night before Christmas, and upon my garage bench,
Not a tool was a spinning, not even a wrench.
The cars were all parked in their stalls with great care,
In hope that St Nicholas soon would be there.


This car guy was nestled all snug in my bed,
While visions of sports cars raced through my head.
And my wife in her overalls and I in my driver’s cap,
Had just parked our booties for a long winter’s nap.


When out on the driveway there arose a valve clatter,
I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
Away to the garage I flew like James Hunt,
But I tripped on a floor jack and had quite a shunt.


The moon on the paint of my shiny car’s hood,
Had the luster of fresh paint on cars that are good.
When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,
But a train of cool sports cars with a driver so dear.


He was a spirited old racer, so lively and quick,
I knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than racers his cars they all came,
And he honked, and blipped throttles, and called them by name!


"Now Porsche! Now, Ferrari! Now, Ford and Chevrolet!
On, BMW! On, Bugatti! On Aston Martin from the UK!
Drive Jaguar! Drive McLaren! Drive Lamborghini and Audi too!
Shift Tesla! Shift Morgan! Shift Mercedes and boy how they flew!"


The smell of spent race fuel lingered thick in the air,
And the marks of burnt rubber on my driveway were there,
So on to the driveway the marques how they flew,
It was a sleigh pulled by cars, driven by St Nicholas too.


And then, all a revving, I heard in the garage
The distinct double clutch of a red Viper Dodge.
As I poked in my head, he was turning around,
And in to my garage did St Nicholas pull up with a bound.


He was dressed like a racer, from his head to his foot,
And his race suit was tarnished with oil and black diesel soot.
A bundle of car parts he had flung on his back,
And he looked like a mechanic opening up his tool sack.


His eyes-how they twinkled! His dimples how quaint!
His cheeks were like chrome and his nose like metallic paint!
His droll little mouth was drawn up like a bow,
And the beard of his chin was as white as a headlight’s glow.


The exhaust from his tail pipes drifted through the night’s air
And he shut down the engines with a quick blip and a care.
His smiling face looked out, of his Bell helmet all round,
He shook when he laughed, like a V12 making sound!


He was chubby and plump, a right jolly old racer
And I laughed when I saw him, like a barn find car chaser.
A wink of his eyes were like the sparkle of chrome stars,
And I knew that this old jolly fellow really loved cars.


He spoke not a word, and delivered his treats,
He filled the glove boxes, the trunks and bucket seats.
And laying his wrench aside of his nose,
And giving a nod, in to his car he arose!


The cars they all fired up with a glorious roar,
And away they all drove right out my garage door.
How he yelled with excitement, as he drove out of sight,
"Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good-night!"

Thank you to Clement Clarke Moore for your Christmas inspiration.

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James Colborn is originally from the United Kingdom who resides in the United States. He’s a racer who after spending four years of high performance driving event (HPDE) days, his good friend, and fellow Cars Yeah guest Don Kitch, owner of ProFormance Racing School in Seattle Washington, handed James the keys to a BMW E30 PRO3 race car and said “Take a few laps.” James was hooked. Since then he’s raced all over the US. The past two years he’s developed the new SPEC E46 class on both the East and West coasts. He’s competed at the professional level in the Continental Tire Series, in the ST class with team BimmerWorld and Compass 360.

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David Schaeffer is the Executive Director at World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon. His role is to oversee the museum’s mission of education and entertainment through the celebration and preservation of American motorsports. Before joining the museum David worked for the Children’s Cancer Association as the Chief Development Officer and he’s also worked in the headquarters for the American Cancer Society, Make-A-Wish Foundation, and the Muscular Dystrophy Association.

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Chris Gennone is the Managing Partner and Co-Owner of The Stables in Scottsdale, Arizona. The Stables is a premium storage facility where they help their customers sell, acquire, collect, and care for fine automobiles. Chris was a professional driver in the IMSA endurance racing series where he was also a chief driving instructor. From there he built the automotive consulting company CDI and raced in vintage racing events in many different race cars. Chris has been collecting, selling, and restoring classic cars and motorcycles for over 30 years.

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Shin Yoshikawa is a world-renowned cutaway artist, fabricator, photographer, and a concert pianist. His drawings are exacting details of the interior of automobiles down to every nut and bolt. He’s appeared on Jay Leno’s garage and his art hangs in shops, home, garage, and galleries around the world, including mine. In his automobile workshop titled Studio Time Capsule Shin is a master fabricator. For over 40 years he’s been involved in numerous automotive builds including concept cars, Toyota 2000 GTs, Panhards, Toyota FJs and more. Shin is a man of many talents including his skills at the keyboard as a concert pianist.

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Rachael Clegg is an artist who designs and creates unique motorsports themed nude calendars with a focus on racing, both the Isle of Man TT race and the famous Nurburgring race track. Her quirky, bold, artistic, and revealing calendars and prints have been featured in the German national daily newspaper Die Welt. Her Milestones calendar has become a cult piece and is a visual celebration of the renowned TT motorcycle event. Her Nurburgring calendar’s back-stories are detailed and historic and the images are witty, silly, and evocative. Her other art, Sound Stories, are paintings with a nod to motorcycle racing history. Rachael captures motorcycle sound waves translating them to paint on a canvas.

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Eric Shea owns PMB Performance in Sandy, Utah and started his business with a single pair of Porsche 914 brake calipers. His company rebuilds and restores brake calipers to their original state, using the same methods as when they were factory built. Intimately familiar with the correct plating techniques, his process brings parts back to their original condition. Eric restores parts for his customers and supplies exceptional resellers and restoration experts including: Stoddard, Ferrari parts for T. Rutlands, that Porsche guy Magnus Walker, Tony Samojen, and Max Sluiter with calipers for their customers and cars. The motto at PMB Performance is: "We don't rebuild... we restore".

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Mark Lewis spent 14 years as the Public Relations Representative and Special Events Coordinator at the Daytona International Speedway. Today he is an educator at a private school in Daytona Beach Florida and an automotive fine artist. His favorite subjects to paint are race cars and racing scenes. His art represents sports car racing at the highest professional level from Formula 1, Moto GP, historic racing cars and endurance racing where his unique style represents speed, color, light, and motion.

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Sal Fish is the retired CEO and President of SCORE International, the leading sanctioning body in the sport of desert racing. The SCORE race series includes the Baja 1000, Baja 500, San Felipe 250, Primm 300, Laughlin Desert Challenge and Las Vegas Terrible's Cup. He first raced in Mexico in 1970 and then started his entrepreneurial career in desert racing in 1973 when he was recruited by the late Mickey Thompson founder of SCORE International. Fish brought innovation to SCORE, organizing class rules, implementing safety procedures, and transforming the Baja 1000 into one of the most recognized motorsports events in the world.

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Patrick Long has been a Porsche factory driver since 2003. He is a three-time ALMS GT driver’s champion, class winner of the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the Rolex 24 At Daytona, the 12 Hours of Sebring and Petit Le Mans. He is the only North American employed as a factory racing driver by Porsche and a class winner at the 2013 SCORE Baja 1000. In 2015, he raced with Patrick Dempsey in the FIA World Endurance Championship (WEC) and he drove with Team Falken Tire for selected events in the Tudor United Sportscar Championship. With California roots and a European racing pedigree, he is one of the top sportscar drivers of his generation.

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Hurley Haywood’s racing career goes all the way back to 1969 when he raced with Peter Gregg at Watkins Glen. They won that first race together that started a path in racing that’s unmatched. He built his career behind the wheel of a #59 Brumos Porsche, racing for the Jacksonville, Florida-based team that’s lasted over 40 years. The number of major race wins and championships he accumulated in his career makes him the most successful endurance racing driver in history. That record still stands today. Hurley has won IMSA Championships, The Daytona 24 Hours, Sebring 12 Hours, and the 24 Hours of Le Mans, the list goes on, and on. Awards include the Motorsports Hall of Fame, Florida Sports Hall of Fame, and many others.

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Ron Huegli is the Curator at World of Speed Museum in Wilsonville, Oregon. At World of Speed Museum, he and his team are dedicated to education and entertainment through the celebration and preservation of motorsports. As curator at World of Speed, Ron is responsible for the entirety of World of Speed’s motorsports collection. He acquires, cares for, develops, displays, and interprets the museum’s exhibits. He also works with a talented team on archiving, marketing, fundraising, volunteering, and educational programs. He’s raced nitro dragsters and Top Fuel racing and he drives the Tiki Warrior funny car.

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Nathan Riddle is the owner and host of the off-road adventure show, KrawlZone, which aims to take the adrenaline of extreme rock crawling and pump it into the vein of the off-road community. Nathan also has an acting background, works as a video game animator, is a professor at the University of Utah and is currently developing several additional off road shows as well as his first feature film. At a young age he learned to be a grease monkey and gained a love for classic cars from his father.

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Mike deJonge is the owner of Restoration Design, in Ontario Canada. The company designs and manufactures high-quality replacement sheet metal for vintage Porsche automobiles. There he and his team make replacement parts for Porsches including the 911, the 356, and the 914 models. They recreate hundreds of original parts for use when restoring older Porsche cars that range from body panels to gas tanks, door lock posts, and full hoods. In addition to new sheet metal parts they also sell original panels and mechanical parts for older Porsches with hundreds of parts in their growing inventory.

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Simone Schedoni is the President of Cuoio Schedoni Leather in Modena, Italy. He is the fourth generation of a family with a legacy as rich as the fine leather products they have produced for over 130 years. The Schedoni leather company began in 1880 when Celso Schedoni opened a small workshop in Formigine, Italy to make fine leather footwear. Fast forward to the mid 70s when the company was making fine luggage for Ferrari owners that lead to a relationship with Ferrari F1and a relationship that’s continued over 35 years. Today their leather goods can be found in marques including: Ferrari, Bentley, Lamborghini, Rolls-Royce, Pagini, Audi, Alfa Romeo, Maserati and more. 

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Alan Taylor is the owner of Alan Taylor Company located in Escondido, California. They are a full serviced automotive restoration business specializing in European and American models from the prewar era through the 1960s. Alan and his team are known for their work on Alfas, Aston Martins, Avions Voisin, Bugatti, Delage, Delahaye, and many other great marques. Their reputation for creating award winning automotive masterpieces with a focus on details and perfection is known worldwide. You’ve seen his work on concours lawns from Pebble Beach to Amelia Island. With over 50 years in the business, Alan has seen most every marque ever made roll through his shop. His motto: The impossible we do immediately. Miracles take a little longer.

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David Fetherston is the president of Fetherston Publishing in Sebastopol, California. He has evolved from journalist and photographer, to automotive history specialist to prolific author and publisher. David has over 40 book titles to his credit including his 1999 Automotive Book of the Year for American Woodys. His creations include, Heroes of Hot Rodding, Chrysler Concept Cars 1940-1970, Bonneville - A Century of Speed, and Fetherston's Treasure Box of Classic Woodys. Whether it's on paper, web-based or hands-on with a race team, David has contributed to automotive history and culture in a diligent effort to keep the facts straight.

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Jeremy Grenier lives in Charles Town, West Virginia and spends a lot of his time in his shop at Summit Point Raceway. He started racing in 1998 at the age of 23. He’s worked with an amateur Trans Am team and then a Grand Am AFT team. He’s been at Ski Motorsports since 2003 where he drives, builds, engineers, and redesigns all kinds of race cars from Formula Vee, Formula Ford, Formula Mazda, and a variety of customer cars. He’s received numerous racing awards including the 2014 Mark Donahue award from the Road Racers Drivers Club.

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Alexander Bermudez is a photographer with a passion for automobiles. He studied graphic design in England and photography at the Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California. He’s been on assignments with Werks II Motorsports documenting their IMSA GT3 Challenge and ALMS campaigns and he’s spent lots of time shooting at many of the great road courses in America. He’s an avid racer in Porsche Owners Club events and won the coveted Rookie of the Year Award in their Cup series driving a Porsche Boxster. You’ll find him documented at Petrolicious in his Porsche 964 based hot rod 911 known at The Growler, where he also contributes to their road trip series.

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Yahn Janou is a fine artist who lives in Paris, France. He graduated in 1992 from Art Center College of Design with a degree in automobile design. Since 1993 he paints exclusively racing cars and racing scenes aiming to capture the excitement of the pits, qualifying and to convey the exuberance of teams and the intensity of the connection between man and machine. His paintings portray power, speed, technology, elegance, and the unique. He exhibits throughout Europe and the United states and has created posters for racing venues including The 24 Hours of Le mans as well as works for major automobile manufacturers.

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Toto Lassally is the CEO of Speedcom Communications, established in 1996, with offices in Florida and Spain. They are one of the worlds most recognized names in communications equipment for the motorsports industry. They provide racers and teams with state of the art products and accessories. In 2005 Speedcom became the official communications equipment supplier to Grand Am and today they also supply the Creventic International 24 Hours series. Toto is an active racer and holds many victories including the 24 Hours of Dubai and Barcelona and multiple podium finishes around the world. His latest venture with veteran racer Juan Carlos Leroux, is Roux Helmets with their innovative proprietary designs for comfort and safety.

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David Snyder is a fine artist who started drawing cars, airplanes, and trains at the age of six. He graduated from the Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati, Ohio and had a successful career in advertising as a designer, art director, and illustrator. His drawings and paintings portray memories of growing up with cars from the 50s through the American muscle car era. He’s known for his fine details of the periods he paints down to the signage, oil cans, and garage bays. He has self-published over 120 limited edition prints and his work has earned him numerous awards and hangs in prestigious private and corporate collections.

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Michael Stahlschmidt is the founder and current lead partner at Sideline Sports Photography. His work as a sports photographer has him traveling over 300 days per year, through over 15 countries and 35 plus states. Michael has covered racing series including Formula One, DTM, IMSA, WEC and Pirelli World Challenge. Sideline Sports Photography’s semi truck based mobile production and display vehicles debuted in 2001 and created the niche of onsite production, display and sales of imagery. He shoots for major corporations including Audi, Mazda, Momo, Spyder, Sonic Tools, and others, in addition to supplying Automobile, Motor Trend and Road & Track magazines.   Michael has worked as an official White House Press photographer and he is also the Official Photographer for the US Nationals and Olympic Soccer Teams Players Association, having photographed the last nine World Cups and past five Olympic games. In 2016, Michael will cover the entire IMSA calendar, as well as the 2016 Rio Olympic games.

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Tim Howe is the inventor and owner of Tire Wedgee. It’s an innovative solution to a nagging challenge for anyone who has ever washed their vehicle. Form follows function in the simplicity of his design of a product that stops your water hose from getting stuck under a tire while you are cleaning your vehicle. Tim designed this new product and is bringing it to market to help car lovers like you and me by making the washing and detailing experience much more fun.

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Winston Goodfellow is an award-winning automotive writer and photographer. Over the past twenty years his words and photos have been seen in more than 60 publications on several continents, and he has authored 14 books and private commission monographs. His last book, the critically acclaimed Ferrari Hypercars, was voted 2014's "Book of the Year" at the 24th annual International Automotive Media Competition. Winston has been a Chief Class Judge or Class Judge at many of the world's top concours including Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Concorso d'Eleganza at Villa d'Este in Italy. He has also advised numerous automotive collectors on the purchase or selling of their cars, and provided guidance on their collections.

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Egidio Reali is the Founder of MR Collection Models, located in Gerenzano, Italy near Lake Como. He started the company in 1988 at the age of 22. They produce exquisite hand built model cars in 1:43 and 1:18 scales. Their models are prized by collectors around the world and they have participated in the launch of new models by Lamborghini and Ferrari. Their brand has become a cult name among model car fans and they hold license agreement with the most prestigious automotive manufacturer around the world. His models are made facing the same ciritcal issues that major automotive groups face, just at a different scale.

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Baer Connard is the owner of ACE Performance a Massachusetts based Ariel Atom dealer and European car performance and service facility. Advanced Concepts Engineering, known as ACE Performance began as a vision to push the envelope in design and maintenance of unique, performance-oriented cars. They help owners of race cars, tuner cars, and daily drivers perform better, go faster, and be safer. In 2016 ACE Performance will join forces with Thompson Motor Speedway to run a North East Spec Race Atom series combining his passion and business selling and servicing the unique Ariel Atom car on the race track.

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Marty Fiolka is the President of The Rennsport Group PR and Marketing agency that he founded in 1995. His clients include Nissan, Infinite, Exxon, and Mitsubishi, to name just a few. He is the authoritative off-road racing historian, industry spokesperson, and author. He was inducted in to the Off-Road Motorsports Hall of Fame in 2014. Marty’s a seasoned off-road racer and has competed in many desert and short-course events, including 15 Baja 1000s. Marty just completed a new documentary film titled Baja Social Club and he just published a 532 page history book on McMillin Racing entitled Big Blue M the McMillin Racing Story.

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Rhonda Cahill works with her husband Scott at Expedition Overland, an adventure travel show that is sponsored by Toyota and General Tire. She competes and navigates with teammate Rachelle Croft in the Rallye Aiche des Gazelles in Morocco. Her racing team, Xelles Racing, competes in the longest, most difficult, all female off-road rally in the world. She races to bring awareness to sexual abuse with a mission to inspire women around the world with one simple message:  "You Are Loved." 

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Rachelle Croft, above at left, works with her husband Clay at Expedition Overland where she competes and drives in the Rallye Aïche des Gazelles in Morocco. Her racing team, Xelles Racing, competes in the longest, most difficult, all female off-road rally in the world. She and her teammate, Rhonda Cahill, partnered with Voice Today in 2014 to bring awareness and a voice to sexual abuse. In 2015, they again took to their mission to inspire women around the world with one simple message: You are loved.”

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Leslie Keno is the Co-CEO of the Keno Brothers Fine Automobile Auctions. Rolling Sculpture, The New York City Auction is their inaugural event that takes place on November 19 at Skylight Clarkson Square in New York City. Leslie and his brother Leigh are internationally recognized experts in their field. You’ll recognize them from their years on the TV show Antiques Road Show. These identical twins are bringing their expertise from decades of work in the arts and antiques world to the collector automobile world. Leslie spent over 30 years at Sotheby’s and has judged at events including Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance plus he speaks at classic car symposiums across the country advising collectors and institutions. Leslie has restored, raced, and collected historic cars throughout his life and served on numerous boards and committees.

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Leigh Keno is the Co-CEO of the Keno Brothers Fine Automobile Auctions. Rolling Sculpture, The New York City Auction is their inaugural event that takes place on November 19 at Skylight Clarkson Square in New York City. Leigh and his brother Leslie are internationally recognized experts in their field. You’ll recognize them from their years on the TV show Antiques Road Show. These identical twins are bringing their expertise from decades of work in the arts and antiques world to the collector automobile world. They judge at events including Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and speak at classic car symposiums across the country advising collectors and institutions. Leigh has restored, raced, and collected historic cars throughout his life and served on numerous boards along with authoring books and articles.

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Bradley Farrell is the Chief Operating Officer and Technology Director for the Keno Brothers Fine Automobile Auctions, Rolling Sculpture The New York City Auction. The inaugural event takes place on November 19 at Skylight Clarkson Square in New York City. His background is in the digital marketing and technology and he’s created a proprietary multi-media experience unlike any other for the Keno Brothers Auction. This event will offer bidders a live, on-line bidding opportunity that is unique to auctions. Bradley has been a car collector for years and especially enjoys the hunt for barn finds. You may have enjoyed his Jaguar on display at The Quail last summer.

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Wayne Dempsey is the President of Pelican Parts located in Harbor City, California. Wayne started the company in 1997 with a goal to provide affordable European parts and accessories to enthusiasts worldwide. Wayne is a veteran Porsche enthusiast but his companies merchandise isn’t limited to Porsche. He offers parts and accessories for BMW, Mercedes, Audi, VW, Saab, Volvo, Mini and more. His on-line forum is well known in the automotive world as a knowledgeable place for answers to your automotive questions. Wayne’s goal is to provide parts to weekend warriors who strive to keep their cars looking and running well.

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Arie Luyendyk, Jr. is a race car driver who has an Indianapolis 500 start to his credit and has competed in four seasons of Indy Lights. He was named the most popular driver for four consecutive years and has competed in sports car racing, driving a Daytona Prototype in the 24 Hours of Daytona and the GT2 class in the 12 Hours of Sebring. He’s competed in of-road racing in Stadium Super Trucks and he owns and operates his own team in the TORC Series driving a PRO 2 class, sponsored by Hostile Wheels, having recently grabbing a Bronze at X Games in the off-road truck discipline. His father is two-time Indianapolis 500 winner Arie Luyendyk who has also been a guest here on Cars Yeah.

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Aaron Warkentin is the Curator at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Automobile Museum located in Auburn, Indiana. There he and his team care for over 120 automobiles and related artifacts. The building itself is a piece of history as it was the headquarters of the Auburn Automobile Company from 1930 to 1936. Aaron’s previous careers include the National Atomic Testing Museum in Las Vegas and the Evergreen Aviation and Space Museum in McMinnville, Oregon. His passion for all things mechanical and how their technologies affected social history culminate in his work at the Auburn Cord Duesenberg Museum.

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Nicole Meguiar Northcote is the Founder and Organizer of the Crossroads Car Show. Her goal has been to create car shows that truly unite all genres of the car hobby. She hosts events in Los Angeles, Riverside, and Orange County. After 18 years of handling the marketing at her family’s business, Meguiar’s she ventured out on her own quest. Her passion is raising money for Teen Challenge International where she raises money to help with drug and alcohol recovery programs. She is the daughter of that Car Crazy guy Barry Meguiar who is a past guest on Cars Yeah.

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Chris Considine is the CEO of CXC Simulations, a Los Angeles based company he founded in 2007 that builds full emersion automotive and flight simulators. Chris is a racer gone racing instructor to computer and graphic engineering expert. His simulators are sold all over the world to individuals and corporations. CXC is a high-tech engineering firm that as has revolutionized the design and manufacture of advanced personal racing simulation equipment. Professional racers including Stefan Johansson, Patrick Long, Justin Wilson, and Graham Rahal are just a few who use and praise his machines. Chris is the son of noted automotive journalist Tim Considine who’s also been a guest here on Cars Yeah.

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Larry Crane, who lives in Thousand Oaks, California, is the car guys car guy. He’s a fine artist whose artistry has been the design of automotive posters and publications. From the programs for Riverside Raceway in the Sixties, to editing and designing Ferrari magazines, his work at Auto Afficionado, a major redesign of Motor Trend in the Seventies to his founding, editing, and designing Vintage Racer magazine, and his days with David E. Davis Jr. at Automobile magazine, he’s had a creative hand in hundreds of projects. He is also a visiting professor of automotive design history at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California. Larry Crane is the quintessential Car Guy.

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Dave O’Connell is the Chief Designer at Katzkin Automotive Leather. He is a Los Angeles native and a graduate of Art Center College in Pasadena. His career includes working for Automobiles Peugeot and at the Centre Style Citroen in Velizy, just outside of Paris. He designed the Citroen AZ exterior and the initial concepts of their SM. He worked at Mitsubishi Motors Research and Design where he was the Chief Designer on the Eclipse, the 3000 GT, and their Montero Sport. David has served on the Art Center faculty since 2001 and their Mentor program. He’s a concours judge, enjoys surfing, and restoring and riding vintage motorcycles.

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Yves Morizot is the President of Stand 21, founded over 45 years ago in Dijon, France. Stand 21 is the world leader in head to toe, made-to-measure racing gear. Following the most stringent safety and medical standards, with over 150 employees, Stand 21 products are conceived, engineered, designed, and entirely hand crafted within their our own facilities. With a passion for safety Yves created Racing Goes Safer, Stand 21’s Safety Foundation, a non-profit organization with a primary purpose of promoting enhanced motorsport safety.

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Arie Luyendyk is known as The Flying Dutchman. He started racing in the early 70s winning the Super Vee championship in Europe and in the United States. He’s won endurance races at the 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring and he’s driven in the International Race of Champions. With 17 starts, he’s a two-time winner of the Indianapolis 500 taking the checkered flag in 1990 and 1997 where his average speed of 185.981 miles per hour set a new record that stood for 23 years. In 2014 Arie was inducted in to the Motorsports Hall of Fame of America.


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Lou Carvell owns Lou & Co., a small New York based branding and design company. He studied at the School of Visual Arts and got in the advertising business and for years was an Executive Creative Director at some of New York’s leading ad agencies. He worked on campaigns for blue-chip companies including Smith Barney, Nestle, Rolls Royce and many others. He’s a passionate and life-long car collector and today he’s focusing his creativity and drive to express his love affair with the automobile in a dramatically graphic series aptly named Reincarnation.

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Victor Carrillo co-founded the ID Agency in Los Angeles, California in 2004 where he is the President. The ID Agency builds and promotes authentic brand connections with consumers in the automotive sector and beyond. They combine their extensive experience in digital, PR, photography, and video production to craft their client’s unique brand. They support major players in business including: MOMO, Pirelli, Kawasaki, Brembo, Carbon Revolution, CTEK, and Formula Drift. Their focus is growing broader audiences and greater awareness for their clients.

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Chris Stocker is an entrepreneur with over 35 years of successful sales, channel development, marketing, PR, and advertising. He’s an avid photographer and love shooting cars, primarily Porsches. He’s a Porsche Club of American member and an R Gruppe member and has recently launched a new Porsche focused product the Cup A Holder. He saw a problem with older Porsche cars lacking a cup holder so he designed and manufactures a proprietary product to solve the problem.

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Joe Pepitone owns Pepitone Creative Services and Joe Pep Automotive Portraits. He is graphic designer and illustrator with a passion for automobiles. For over 20 years he has created comic books and graphic novels including Archie Comics but his real love is drawing classic cars. His automotive illustrations are bold, bright, colorful and whimsical. He’ll create one of his fun illustrations for you of your special vehicle that will be a lifelong keepsake that’ll bring a smile to your face.


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Steve Contarino and his wife Kim are the owners of Checker Motor Cars in Haverhill, Massachusetts. In addition to buying and selling collectible automobiles of all marques his passion lies with the classic the Checker Automobile. They are a worldwide supplier of parts and restorers of the iconic Checker Automobile. Steve is a member of the Society of Automotive Historians, the Rolls Royce Owners Club, Checker Cars Club of America, and the Tucker Owners Club of America.

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Alan Peltier is the President at HRE Performance Wheels in Vista, California. He joined the team in 1999 coming from Northrop Grumman where he worked as an engineer specializing in the structural analysis of aircraft. He’s a die-hard car guy whose role at HRE allows him to develop and define a dynamic company culture while providing the finest wheels for the most discerning automotive enthusiast. HRE Performance Wheels are known for their quality, strength, light weight, and styling on the track or the street.

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Sam Linville is a photographer who lives in San Jose, California where he shoots all kinds of subject however automobiles are close to his heart. He’s driven racecars at both Laguna Seca and Sears Point and loves to ride motorcycles, but most of the time you find him behind the lens shooting at car shows and racing venues. Sam’s also a fan of the outdoors and enjoys capturing nature while enjoying his time surrounded by beauty.

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Andy Greene owns Andy Green Sports & Vintage Race Cars in Savannah, Georgia. There he and his talented team focus on pre 1972 European sports cars and race cars, American muscle cars, and classics. Their mission is service for enthusiasts, by enthusiasts. Andy has worked on and around vintage classics for over 40 years with a special affinity for rare Ferraris. He’s a vintage racer who’s raced Formula Fords, sports racers, and Royale Race Cars.

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Sean Cridland owns Visions of where he is an automotive photographer and journalist located in James Spring, New Mexico. He’s been an active member and participant in the Porsche Club of America as a writer and auto crosser. His articles have appeared in Porsche Panorama, Excellence, 356 Registry and the website and the Road Scholars web-magazine. Sean is a member of The Motor Press Guild, The International Motor Press Association, and the American Society of Media Photographers.

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Michael Robinson is the CEO and Design Director at ED Design in Turin, Italy. He was born in Whittier, California and has lived in Italy since 1979. ED Design is a design and engineering company creating the automotive and transportation industry. Previously Michael was the Design Director at Bertone, Fiat, and Lancia. He’s worked as a designer with Ford and Volvo, Opel, Ghia, and he’s contributed to numerous other automotive marques. In addition to the automotive sector Michael designed the new high-speed train for Europe and numerous other non-automotive design projects. He won the coveted Grover Bell Innovations Award in 2014 for his full electric, twin, tilt rotor VTOL flying wing.

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Michael Robinson is the CEO and Design Director at ED Design in Turin, Italy. He was born in Whittier, California and has lived in Italy since 1979. ED Design is a design and engineering company creating the automotive and transportation industry. Previously Michael was the Design Director at Bertone, Fiat, and Lancia. He’s worked as a designer with Ford and Volvo, Opel, Ghia, and he’s contributed to numerous other automotive marques. In addition to the automotive sector Michael designed the new high-speed train for Europe and numerous other non-automotive design projects. He won the coveted Grover Bell Innovations Award in 2014 for his full electric, twin, tilt rotor VTOL flying wing.

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Kelly Telfer is an artist in who paints all kinds of subjects but his passion is with automobiles, motorcycles, and racing. He lives and paints in San Jose, California and his artwork can be found in galleries, magazines, private homes, and corporate collections around the world. He is currently featured in a one-man show at Canepa Motorsports Museum. You’ll also find his art on Guglielmo wine labels and he’s created fine art, design, and marketing work for international and national motorsports organizations.

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Born in Venezuela and living in Miami, Florida, Henrique Cisneros is the Principal at MOMO Italy, the iconic automotive and motorsports accessories company. Above everything he’s an automotive enthusiast who’s mission is to rebuild the MOMO brand placing it back in the legendary position it once occupied. He races in the Porsche GT3 Cup race series and claimed the Championship title in 2010 and 2011. In 2013 he finished third in the competitive GTC class of the American Le Mans Series and in 2015 he finished second in the GTA class of the Pirelli World Challenge driving a Ferrari 458 Italia GT3 race car.

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Marco Visconti is the principal at Marco Visconti Architects in Turin, Italy. There he has wrapped his passion for the automobile in to many of the projects he designs. Some of his achievements including the industrial complex at Fiat Melfi, computer centers for railways, showrooms for cars in Berlin, Paris, and London. He designed the halls mechanics, painting, and restaurant for Ferrari in Maranello and conference room of the automobile museum in Turin. His focus is on a sensitivity to global environmental conditions, sustainable standards and low impact materials and building quality.

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Bob Colaizzi is an automotive artist whose career path was based on Yogi Berra’s quote, “When you get to the fork in the road, take it!” In 1967, after going down several paths, he started a PR firm with two other Chrysler guys where they focused on annual reports. That fork in the road lasted 45 years. Today, in his retirement, Bob’s back at doing what he loves, creating automotive art. His drawings and paintings of automobiles are wonderful and include cars from every marque and time.

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Christopher Holewski is as passionate about cars as he is about design. After purchasing a 1975 BMW 2002, he had no money to repair or restore the car. This challenge would soon lead to the formation of Manual Designs, Christopher's company where he creates hand-made artwork of classic cars using a stencil & spray paint technique that he learned during his college years studying Graphic Design. Christopher's work has been featured in various publications including Top Gear magazine and Chris has done artwork for automotive companies including Jonathan Ward's ICON and Bavarian Autosport.

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Chris Benny is the owner of Prova Motorsports in Seattle Washington. There he and his talented team work on special interest and European sports cars. Their goal is to improve his customer’s experience on the road and track. Chris has over 15 years of experience in road racing, chassis setup and alignment, racing, and instructing with ProFormance Racing School at Pacific Raceway. He races with ICSCC Conference in an Alfa Romeo and coaches other Alfa owners on how to drive better on the street and track.

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Renee Crist is the Collections Manager at the LeMay - America’s Car Museum located in Tacoma, Washington. There she is responsible for over 300 historic automobiles that span over 100 years of automotive history. Renee is a member of the Advisory Board for the Pacific Northwest Concours d’Elegance and is a member of the Classic Car Club of America, the Cadillac LaSalle Club of America and numerous other local and regional automotive clubs. She is also a member of the National Association of Automotive Museums and Registrars Committee Western Region (RCWR), the Society of Automotive Historians, and the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA).

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Merrill Powell was a fiberglass pioneer at Victress Manufacturing in the 1950s. The company was founded by Doc Boyce-Smith in1952 when the first Victress S1A sports car rolled on to the streets of Southern California. In 1953 Merrill joined the company and until Victress Manufacturing was sold in 1961 they accomplished more than any of their competition at that time. One of their cars became the world’s fastest sports car at Bonneville. Past Cars Yeah guest Geoff Hacker of Forgotten Fiberglass introduced me to Merrill and I’m honored to share his time designing and building the Victress with you. There will be a 1953 Victress S1A Roadster on the Mecum auction block this October in Chicago.

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Peter Volny is the Founder of the Concours in the Hills that will celebrate it’s third year on Saturday, February 13, 2016 in Fountain Hills Arizona. In 2015 the event drew 444 cars and 10,000 spectators and raised well over $60,000 for the Boys and Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale. Peter’s career included growing one of Canada’s most successful advertising agencies, Griffin Bacal Volny, who’s clients include many major players in the automotive field. He’s been an editorial advisor and regular columnist for several magazines and today along with running the Concours in the Hills event Peter plays with his collector cars and works on his tan, successfully, and his golf game, unsuccessfully!

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Tom Long is the CEO of Acme Trading company, an agent of Amalgam, Fine Model Cars. Every Amalgam model is made entirely by hand from over 2,000 parts. The process of developing each model and creating the master patterns take at least 3,000 man-hours. Each part is extremely accurate to the real car and in total the time taken to machine, cast, hand fettle, paint, polish, and assemble each model is in excess of 350 hours of highly skilled work. Each model is custom built for it’s new owner to his or her exacting specifications.

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Matteo Panini is the President of iXOOST in Modena Italy where he was born. He studied economics at the University and his secondary schooling was in Maranello at the Ferrari Institute. At IXOOST he designs and builds unique automotive exhaust systems that are audio docks and stereo speakers using real F1 exhausts as acoustic chambers. His works of art are customized for his customers and are far more than a simple audio dock. They connect the engine sounds of an F1 racecar with music and art. The parts come from the same suppliers that build for F1. Each piece is completely unique and customized for his customers, all hand made in Italy.

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Steve Dorsey has been a professional auctioneer for over twenty years. He got his start in 1988 with Pacific Northwest-based Silver Auctions in the collector car auction business. As a licensed real estate broker, working with two of the largest real estate auctioneering firms in the business - and the Kennedy-Wilson Group. At SR Dorsey Auctioneering he and his auctioneering crew are the premier auctioneering team on Portland's fundraising circuit and they have helped to raise tens of millions of dollars throughout the state of Oregon. His work takes him throughout the Pacific Northwest, California, and Las Vegas; as far as New York and even Canada.

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Steward Codling has been working in the automotive and motorsports field for over 17 years as a journalist and broadcaster. He is the Executive Editor of Autosport andF1 Racing magazines. Some of his past roles were working at Motor Sport, Evo, Octane, and Redline magazines as well. He handled PR for the first year of the Lamborghini Super Trofeo race series and he drove the pace car at Spa-Francorchamps! His current project includes the book Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years where he teamed up with fellow Cars Yeah guest and photographer James Mann and Zak Miller at Motorbooks.

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James Mann is a professional photographer but first he’s a dyed-in-the-wool car and motorcycle nut. He lives in Dorset, in the United Kingdom, and travels around the world photographing people, landscapes, and his favorite subjects, cars and motorcycles. His images have appeared in over 50 books, hundreds of magazines and his latest works is a marvelous book titled Lamborghini Supercars 50 Years. James has participated in classic saloon car racing and classic rallies and enjoys time in his shop with his Austin Healey 3000 and a 1965 Triumph T100SC motorcycle.

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Keith Collins is a Los Angeles-based artist and designer who has been creating handmade tapestries for over five decades. His works include interior rugs for residences and businesses, custom car mats, and original wall hangings and paintings. His creations include a selection of wall tapestries consisting of more than 100 colors of mixed media. Through a labor intensive-process, and sewn with vintage sewing machines, Keith’s tapestries are incredible paintings created in fabric. His art hangs in private homes, garages, shops, and collections around the world. Prized for their uncompromising craftsmanship and photographic like quality, you have to see his work in person to believe what he creates.

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Lyn St. James has raced cars for over 40 years. She was the 1992 Indy 500 Rookie of the Year, has victories at the 24 Hours of Daytona, 12 Hours of Sebring, Watkins Glen, Elkhart Lake and set closed course speed records of over 225 mph. She’s an author, a motivational speaker, and was named by Sports Illustrated for Women, One of the Top 100 Women Athletes of the Century. She founded the Women in the Winner’s Circle Foundation and her legacy is one of inspiration, encouragement, perseverance, and commitment to excellence. Lyn is most certainly a lady who has changed the world, not only for women but anyone who strives to succeed.

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Charles Baer is the the Founder and President at CAVOQ where the mantra is Drive Everything. It’s a place where automotive enthusiasts have access to the most discerning driving experiences possible. His career history included 9 years at Honda Motors in their R&D accessory division and then he spent time at Paccar in their Kenworth design studio. He earned his masters degree at the Foster School of Business and is taking his years of experience and passion for automobiles in to the startup world where at CAVOQ he will provide memberships that offer short term leases to members who want to experience different marques so they can “Drive Everything”.

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John Borchelt is the founder and president of MAcarbon Inc. MAcarbon specializes in the manufacturing of carbon fiber interior components for high-end and exotic automobiles. MAcarbon has the most extensive carbon product line for Ferrari, Porsche, McLaren, and Lamborghini. They are headquartered in the San Francisco Bay area with their production workshops in Canada and Belgium. Their website is an example of cutting edge design with configurators that allow customers to visualize their vehicle designs while choosing how to customize their special vehicles.

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Arvind Jain is the Co-founder and President of SHIFTMobilitySHIFTMobility's innovative All-In-One platform for the auto industry underpins all of its technologies and is unique in its ability to vertically integrate manufacturers, distributors, and repair centers through any mobile device – revolutionizing the way businesses collaborate and grow. Gone are the days of separate systems for each business need. SHIFTMobility brings it all together by combining the benefits of connectivity over a common platform with mobile optimization. For manufacturers, this means insight into worldwide parts failures and the ability to quickly act on them. Distributors, on the other hand, can reduce return rates by ensuring that parts are region-tailored and orders accurate with in-depth visibility into real time demand and services performed. And of course repair centers, who can now manage their business and grow easier than every before.

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Ralph Gilles was appointed Head of Design at Fiat Chrysler Automotive, Global in April 2015. He is also a member of the Group Executive Council with FCA. Since joining Chrysler as a designer in 1992, Ralph has held numerous positions in design and business administration. He has served as the Senior Vice President, Product Design and CEO of Motorsports for FCA North America and for the SRT and Dodge brands. He’s extremely active outside of the Company as well, serving as the executive sponsor for the Chrysler African American Network and more. He spends time at the track go-karting, drives in ralliess, drove in the Car and Driver One Lap, and he is a concours judge at Pebble Beach and other events and has received numerous academic and industry awards.

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Bill Amos has built up a wonderful collection of cars throughout his career as a physician. It doesn't hurt living on Amelia Island, Florida where in March the area becomes the center of car universe. His philosophy on collecting cars is simple. Don’t buy them as an investment. Buy cars to enjoy and drive them. Bill has some great advisors when it comes to buying cars: Ray Shaffer, Ramsey Potts, and friends Hurley Haywood, Dan Davis, Magnus Walker, and the Ingram Family to name just a few. While he leans toward the Porsche marque you’ll find a few Ferraris and a British car in his collection.

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Richard Elsliger is an automotive fiction author in Chicago, Illinois who writes at every available opportunity. He grew up in the east end of Toronto, an area known as a hotbed of muscle cars throughout the 60s, 70s, and 80s. He remembers his father’s ’32 Ford hotrod that was stored in the backyard as key element in his childhood. Richard’s automotive passion manifests itself in his fictional horror stories about cars and the characters who drive them include the titles Road Closed, Transfusion, and Drag Lake. You’ll find his stories, in their ebook format, on Amazon’s kindle website. Richard also has his own line of automotive inspired clothing, Tread Heart.

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Sandy Cotterman found the motorsports party rather late in life. Under the Jaguar marque she became a passionate enthusiast and is a JCNA certified judge for prestigious concours events up and down the east coast. Her credentialed media pass has landed her at the top concours events researching the cars of the world’s finest automotive museums. She’s been in the pits at the 24 Hours of Le Mans, Monaco’s F1, Daytona, and Sebring to name just a few. She’s attended high performance driving courses and recently participated in her first TSD rally, the Monte Shelton NW Classic. Sandy also rights for MMR (Motorsports Marketing Resources) under the bi-line Sandy on Assignment.

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John Clinard joined the Ford Motor Company in 1972. That’s the same year he married his wife Linda and they attended a racing driver’s school on their honeymoon. His 38-year career with Ford spanned positions in Marketing, Public Affairs, Motorsport, and Product Planning. After retiring in 2011 he immediately returned to consult for Ford in automotive public relations. He’s competed in vintage and SCCA racing, he’s been published, and he consults for museums as well. John’s the recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Awards from the Motor Press Guild and Packard International, and the Lee Iacocca Award.

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Ken Gross is an award winning automotive journalist and has contributed to almost every car magazine you’ve ever enjoyed reading. He was the Executive Director of the Petersen Automotive Museum and has served as Guest Curator for numerous other prestigious museums around the country. Along with exhibition catalogs, Ken’s written fifteen automotive books and has been a Chief Class Judge for 25 years at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and he also serves on their Selection Committee. He’s judged numerous other concours events across the country from Amelia Island to Rodeo Drive.

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Michael Austin is the Editor-in-Chief of His first automobile was a Dukes of Hazard General Lee pedal car. Mike's career in journalism started as a gopher at Automobile Magazine, followed by a brief internship at CAR in London. He was on staff during mph Magazine's short time on earth and more recently was part of the team at Car and Driver and Popular Mechanics magazines.

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Bradley Price Bradley Price is an industrial designer and a certified vintage car nut. He settled in New York to pursue a design career encompassing consumer electronics, appliances, furniture, and branding. There he founded the blog Automobiliac, writing about and photographing classic cars alongside his day job. In 2011 Bradley founded Autodromo as a way to marry his background in design with his lifelong passion for vintage cars. Since the launch of Autodromo, Bradley has expanded his product line with a range of automotive-inspired watches, wearable accessories such as gloves and sunglasses to enhance the motoring experience. Bradley's watches have been widely published in the automotive press, and have achieved something of a cult following among the vintage car community.

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Greg Long is the author of the automotive novel Found: The Lives of Interesting Cars and How They Were Discovered. This is Greg's first venture in to writing and he's hit a home run. He's always been interested in innovative cars like the Citroen. He spent twenty years in the tech world and  now works at Amazon Publishing where he teaches others how to self-publish just like he has. This book has a wonderful twist and is unlike other books with similar titles. You're gonna love Found.


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Ron Adams is the Editor-in-Chief at Via Corsa in Scottsdale, Arizona. Since 2009 Via Corsa has published three award winning sports car travel guidebooks. He explores the world and visits all those places automotive enthusiast dream about, bringing destinations to the reader through stories and photographs both in print and digital formats. Ron provides a unique opportunity to explore local events, regional destinations, and exotic locations around the world all wrapped in an automotive theme. Via Corsa is The Car Traveler’s Magazine for people, places and events.

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David Hord is the Co-Founder of Classic Car Adventures in Squamish, British Columbia in 2008. He hosts three-day budget-oriented driving events for classic car enthusiasts with a focus on the joy of driving. Classic Car Adventures hosts a number of driving events in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, Colorado, and Ontario Canada. Whether it is a rally, tour, media event, or corporate team building challenge David runs his events with the precision and attention to detail that you would expect from a well-tuned machine.

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Ed Gilbertson has been active in the car hobby for over 40 years. He is the Chief Judge Emeritus for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and continues to serve as a senior member of the Pebble Beach Selection Committee. He is also the Chief Judge Emeritus for the Palm Beach Cavallino Classic and the Ferrari Club of America. In addition, he was Chief Judge for the Legend of the Motorcycle International Concours and multiple shows across the country. Ed is Founder and Chairman Emeritus of the Internationals Advisory Council for the Preservation of the Ferrari Automobile and contributing Editor for Cavallino magazine and other publications plus he’s co-authored a book on the Ferrari 250 GT Spyder California.

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Rubén Verdés is the past President of the Rolls-Royce Owner’s Club, RROC. He is also on the Board of Directors of the Rolls-Royce Foundation, an organization that exists to promote preservation and historical pursuits, as well as managing a museum exhibiting Rolls-Royce and Bentley automobiles in Pennsylvania. He is a writer and contributes to various enthusiast and lifestyle publications and is heavily involved with various annual automotive events that sponsor charities. When he’s not playing with Rolls Royces Rubén is an entrepreneur with an international banking background, an automotive historian, a writer and a believer in the power of charitable endeavors.

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Bob Cuneo is the Founder and Chief Engineer of Chassis Dynamics. Focusing on suspension design and prototyping development. For over 30 years the company has designed and built oval track, road race, drag race, snowmobile and motorcycle race vehicles. Division win highlights include NASCAR, SCCA, NHRA, NEMA, and IMSA. Their cars have earned hundreds of wins, broken track records, and accumulated championships. They also designed and built bobsleds for the U.S. Olympic Team.

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Ptolemy Elrington lives in the UK in Brighton. He has worked as an artist and sculptor since 2002. He works with recycled materials incorporating a regenerative eco aware theme to his unique and creative art. His website Hubcap Creatures feature sculptures built utilizing hubcaps from automobiles. His creations take on a life of their own and represent sea creatures and animals. Ptolemy’s art has been commissioned by numerous corporations and private collectors alike and you’ll find his art in exhibitions in galleries throughout Europe.

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Andy Pilgrim is the Founder of Electronic Computer Services based in Florida. ECS is an IT consulting company he’s owned since 1989. In 2008 he started The Traffic Safety Education to help educate new drivers, parents, and teachers about driving safety. Andy has also been a professional racecar driver since 1984. He currently drives through GM Racing for Team Cadillac ATS-R. He’s earned 63 wins in 10 different series and has 5 professional Championship Wins. He finished 116 consecutive IMSA races. The #92 Mobil 1 Corvette that he races in 1991 is on permanent exhibit in the Smithsonian Museum in Washington D.C. as the only example of an American-built GT sports car and his name’s on the roof!

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Justin Lapriore runs LetsMakeMedia, a modern digital video production company showcasing the art of craft through short films. LetsMakeMedia forges short documentary style films with an easily recognizable style, capturing automobiles, music, food and drink, as well as the artists/craftsmen and women who create and maintain these arts. But it is the automobile which is closest to Justin’s heart, and his fascination undoubtedly started as a toddler with post-bath hair drying rides in his father’s 289 Shelby Cobra.

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Colin McLemore is the Founder at Mac’s Tie Downs in Sandpoint, Idaho. He started his company in 1993 realizing a need for high quality and safe tie-down systems for trailer sand truck beds. His patented VersaTie Tracks and Connectors have become the standard in the industry used by the best trailer builders in the country. Mac’s TieDowns sell a complete line of track, connectors, deck and specialty hardware and straps on their website. - See more at:

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Peter Zawadzki is the Founder and CEO of Classics and Exotics. Operating in Massachusetts he brings a new and unique “sharing economy” in to the car enthusiast’s garage. Classic and exotic car enthusiasts can now offset their car ownership costs by renting their cars to pre-screened, highly qualified renters. Whether a person is looking for a 1956 Chevrolet Bel Air for a night out on the town or a 1979 Ferrari 308 for a drive down the coast, Classics&Exotics connects owners with renters and is free to join with no costly membership fees. Peter’s ultimate goal is to introduce a new generation of enthusiasts into the joy of classic and exotic car ownership.

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John Wessels lives in South Africa and has been building model cars for decades. In 2004 it was his automotive passion that lead him to start designing and creating automotive sculptures. He founded AutCourture after showing his retro-deco designs at Techno Classics Essen in 2005. John established relations with two contacts, one in Holland and the other in England where his metal and painted metal sculptures are represented and sold to discerning collectors from around the world.

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Jesse Iwuji, a Naval Academy graduate, is a surface warfare officer with two deployments under his belt. Assigned to the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California he spends his weekends at racetracks competing with the NASCAR Whelen All-American Series team. When Jesse’s not on the track you’ll find him driving his Corvette on the wonderful roads around Laguna Seca. Jesse recently received approval to drive in the NASCAR K&N Pro Series.

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Casey M. Annis is the Publisher and Editor at Parabolica Publishing where they produce Vintage Racecar/Vintage Roadcar magazine, the Petersen Museum’s Finish Line and Petersen Quarterly, Alfa Owner, and The Oily Rag magazines. He founded Parabolica Publishing in 1997 after a career in biology, anatomy and neurobiology. Along with this passion for automobiles Casey is a long distance open-ocean paddleboard racer who’s competed in the 32-mile Catalina to Manhattan Beach race and the 32-mile Molokai to Oahu race.

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John Kleven started his first business at the age of 12 and is entrepreneurship hasn’t slowed. In 2005 John and long time friend Benjamin Nussbaum opened Metropolitan Detail in Lynwood, Washington. There they care for their customers vehicles and provide them with loaners, a service few detailer’s provide. In addition to detailing vehicles Metropolitan Detail applies XPEL paint protection, dent removal and paint correction, window tinting, and more. They also offer a boutique where customers can purchase products at their facility or on their website.

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Dan Quarnstrom is the author of Joyride Flatout, his new book about hot rods and dream machines. He is a veteran 3D and visual development designer based in Los Angeles, who spent more than 15 years as a creative director, art director, and designer at the award-winning Rhythm & Hues Studios. Over the course of his career, he has worked on several animated films, designed the iconic Coca-Cola polar bears during the '90s, and seen his designs featured in Rolling Stone. Dan teaches at Art Center College of Design, The Laguna Academy, and the Art Institute. Whether it's a rock-and-roll poster, character design, fantasy environment, or 3-D animation, Dan loves to bring ideas to life.

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