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John Kruse is the Co-Owner of World Wide Auctioneers. He grew up in the auction industry, refining his skills at some of the biggest auction companies in the country. As a buyer, seller, consultant, and auctioneer, he has been actively involved with vintage motorcars and collection management for his entire life, combining an exhaustive knowledge of the market with unyielding integrity and a hands-on commitment to delivering the best result. Expert and accessible, he is a passionate car enthusiast who is a familiar face at Concours, club events, and shows across the country.

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Rod Egan is the Co-Owner of World Wide Auctioneers.  He has managed some of the largest auctions and collections in North America and held senior positions at a number of the world's leading auction houses. Having sold over $3 billion of assets over the past 25 years, both privately and at auction, he is among an elite group of auctioneers to have overseen major asset transfers at that level. Rod specializes in the valuation of fine automobiles and is always accessible to collectors, also overseeing Worldwide's private sales division. 

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Dr. Ken Yohn has been teaching in colleges and universities in Japan, France, Germany, Poland, and the United States for over 30 years. Ken is currently a professor and the chair of the department of history and politics at McPherson College in Kansas, and just completed his 21st year at that school. At McPherson, Ken teaching a course on the history of the automobile and the role of technology as an agent of social change. His current project for the college is a 6-part summer school webinar about how the automobile has transformed the world titled “Wheels of Change: How the Automobile Shaped our Lives.”   

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Rob Ferriol is a racer who owns and runs Team Hardpoint in Fayetteville, North Carolina. He is a team owner and driver in the IMSA Micheline Pilot Challenge series driving the #31 Team Hardpoint Audi R8 LMS GT4. His brand encompasses both his race team and a startup that helps other funded, gentleman divers, to extract more value from their racing passion through branding and activation of Hardpoint Outfitters. 

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Hugh Barter is a racer with a very clear goal. To win the Formula 1 Championship. He was born in Japan and lives in Melbourne, Australia where he has raced since the age of 7 in Australia as a Cadet and can’t wait for race weekends when he can compete. Hugh runs in the KA Class in karting, Junior Max, Ka4 and KA3. He has multiple wins and podium finishes and his talent, enthusiasm, persistence, and discipline has set his course as a racer. Did I forget to mention, Hugh’s only 14 years old?

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Kelley Earnhardt Miller is part owner and general manager of JR Motorsports and is considered one of the most prominent businesswomen in NASCAR today. She oversees the company’s race team, management team, and business ventures for her brother, Dale Earnhardt Jr. The daughter of seven-time NASCAR champion Dale Earnhardt, Kelley has a new book Drive.

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Jason Wenig is the Founder and Owner of The Creative Workshop, one of the top restorers of classic cars and builders of coach-built specials. His business is known for and regularly entrusted with rare, exotic, and prototype vehicles. He and his team have built several bespoke cars and completely re-bodied cars as well. His company has garnered multiple awards and been featured in print, radio, and television and he is the member of numerous automotive associations, clubs, and groups. 

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Wendy Cappola is the President of She Racing, a company created to help more women get involved and be successful in the automotive sport. She provides a platform for female motorsports drivers and enthusiasts to promote and support females in the sport of high performance driving where women racers can collectively have a voice and start changing the industry. 

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Carl Bomstead is a Contributing Editor to Sports Car Market and their automobilia specialist. He has judged at numerous events including Amelia Island, Keels and Wheels, Boca Raton, and Audrain. He has been a judge at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance for the past 24 years. Carl is also a Classic Car Club of America Master Judge and served on the CCCA National Board for five years. 

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Jean Pierre Kathoefer, or JP as his friends call him, is the Founder of Johnnypuetz Productions. He’s a thirty-something German, living in New York City, who has an obsession with motorcycles and film making. His latest creation is a short documentary titled The Distinguished Gentleman that was selected by several Film Festivals and is now available on Amazon.  He and fellow Cars Yeah guest Lou Barletta recently collaborated to produce the music video Ghost Ride and JP also produced the short film Big Apple Outlaw with Magnus Walker.

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Lou Barletta is a filmmaker whose been a Porsche car enthusiast since the early 80's. Film has inspired his love for cars.  Movies including the Graduate with Al Pacino inspired him to purchase a 1986 Red Alfa Romeo Spider Graduate as his very first car. He created Ghost Ride with Big Apple Outlaws creator, J.P., which is a soon to be released music video style passion project showcasing Lou’s 1979 Porsche 911 SC. 

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Spencer Pumpelly is an American race car driver currently racing with The Racers Group known as TRG. He also runs in the Michelin Pilot Challenge Series in a GS Audi R8 driving with Rob Ferriol for Hardpoint Motorsports as well as contesting the NAEC in IMSA Weathertech in a Grasser Magnus Lamborghini in GTD. He’s competed at the top levels of sports car for over two decades.

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Brian Bossone is the producer of All Out live, a live show that takes parts of his involvement on the TV shows Pinks All Out and Pass Time and has allowed him to create the first interactive Live drag racing TV show. His show is going into their third season and it currently airs on MAVTV, Rev’n TV, and Amazon. 

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Elizabeth Puckett is the Editor-in-Chief for, an online publication that caters to the collector and enthusiast crowd with a focus on American Muscle cars.  She transitioned to online publications focusing on news and features as an editor. Her father was a big influence on her path toward automotive obsession as he drove top fuel funny cars. She has drag races herself and done some road racing as well.

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John Draneas is a true car guy.  He collects, he races, and he cleans them and tries a little maintenance every now and then. His law practice focuses on business and tax planning, primarily for closely-held businesses and their owners with an emphasis in all areas of income taxation, estate planning, tax controversies, and he represents car collectors as an important part of his practice. Automotive enthusiasts will recognize John from his writing in Sports Car Market magazine’s Legal Files where he has contributed for over 10 years. 

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Rob Krider is a National Champion racing driver competing in the National Auto Sport Association (NASA) Honda Challenge Series. Rob has raced numerous forms of motorsports including drag racing, autocross, hill climbs, rally cross and even demolition derby. He’s also a champion endurance racing driver. He is a contributing editor for SpeedNews magazine and writes the Toolshed Engineer column that provides tips for club racers. When not on the track Rob is a California Highway Patrol officer.

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Peter Macalpine joined Girardo & Co where he and his talented team offer the most up-to-date and accurate market knowledge relating to the sourcing, selling and valuation of classic cars. Working one-on-one with a growing list of loyal clients, they help automotive enthusiasts and collectors source and sell vehicles, always matching the right car with the right enthusiast. Peter works towards uncovering the unknown history of individual cars and to build history files that help paint the full picture of a car for its new owner.

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John Esposito is the Founder of Espo Restoration, a company that has been caring for Porsches since 2009. Motivated by his dedication to perfection and the desire to provide people with cars they can drive and be proud of owning he and his Team cover a wide variety of services. Under their 32,000 square foot facility they feature a frame room complete with a Porsche Certified Celette Bench, body work, fabrication, repair, paint work in a stand-alone paint booth, mechanical work, and everything from service to full restorations. 

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Sean Pour is the Co-Founder of SellMax, a nationwide car buying service. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science from San Diego State University and earned his degree while running the company. Sean got his start in entrepreneurship at the age of 14 during the 2008 economic crisis however that didn’t deter him and he hasn’t looked back since. It hasn't always been easy, but he has certainly learned a lot throughout his journey.

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Don Taylor is the Director of the Stand 21 Safety Foundation, which educates racers on keeping themselves safer, He also serves as the UK Motorsport Industry Association’s Development Director for US West Coast and Southeast Regions. Don also continues to be a consultant in the racing industry. 

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Jon Shirley is long time and enthusiastic classic car collector. He was an active vintage racer for 20 years, has driven in rallies around the world, and has won a multitude of concours awards in both the USA and Europe including Best of Show at Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. Jon worked with Tandy Corporation for 25 years and left to join Microsoft Corporation in 1983 where he became President, Chief Operating Officer and a director. He retired from Microsoft in 1990 and from their board of directors in 2008. Jon is also an avid fine art collector and philanthropist in the art world.

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Brett Sloan owns and operates Sloan Motors, a place where he lives his lifelong passion for Porsche. It is a company that his late father, Richard, founded and developed one of the most recognized Porsche specialty dealers in the world selling approximately 5,000 Porsches over the span of almost four decades. Brett learned from his father how to manage and operate a premier specialty dealership and the intricacies of the marque – their strengths and weaknesses, construction methods, rarity and effective marketing approaches. Sloan Motors to help unite enthusiasts and collectors with the highest quality Porsches available.

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Elana Scherr didn’t grow up in a car family, but she has made up for lost time. She was a staff editor at HOT ROD Magazine, Editor in Chief of Roadkill Magazine, and currently reviews new cars for Edmunds and Car and Driver while also covering classics and car culture for American Car Collector, Sports Car Market, and other enthusiast titles. Elana and her husband Tom share their collection on the Challengeher YouTube channel. 

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Niels van Roij runs an award-winning automotive design studio. He and his team provide automotive design and research projects for a variety of automotive customers.  Niels and his team work on coach built, fully handmade, high-end vehicles. Niels also writes articles for trade press and publishes on strategic automotive design and is recognized as an inspiring and motivating speaker. 

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Henry Atwell May is the author of the book First Black Autos, a story of passion, perseverance, and achievement. It is a non-fiction story that some of the most knowledgeable automotive enthusiasts know nothing about. The story is about the Charles Richard “C.R.” Patterson & Sons Company, an African-American Automobile manufacturer. Patterson-Greenfield buggies, Motor Cars, Buses and Trucks were manufactured from early 1900s to 1937. 

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McKeel Hagerty is the CEO and driving force behind Hagerty, the world’s largest membership, insurance and media organization for enthusiast vehicle owners. He is an in-demand speaker on leadership and business success, and a trusted automotive voice for major print and broadcast media. McKeel is the former Board Chairman for YPO, a global leadership community of 28,000 chief executives around the world who are driven by the belief that the world needs better leaders and that business can be a force for good.


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Ryan Carignan is the Business Manager for the Porsche Club of America (PCA) Racing Program. In his role he is responsible for the relationships with all of their corporate partners, as well as the logistical requirements of the series. He works directly with the Club Race Chair, West Dillard, to manage the operations of Club Racing including their championships within the series, and their Clubsport Series sponsored by Pirelli. They have over 1,800 licensed racers and run 25 to 30 races annually in North America. Ryan also writes for the PCA magazine Panorama. Ryan is a retired Air Force Lieutenant Colonel with four Air Medals, multiple decorations, and he flew six combat deployments in the B-1 shortly after the attacks of September 11, 2001.

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Dan Karr is Founder and CEO of ValChoice. After being struck by a car while riding his bicycle, Dan, a former Silicon Valley executive, was hit with nearly $100,000 in medical bills that neither his auto nor health insurance companies would pay. The experience left Dan determined to change the way consumers buy their auto insurance so that no one else would have to go through the same ordeal. That’s when Dan founded Valchoice, an online service that provides consumers, agents and advisors with information on which home and auto insurance companies offer the best value in price, protection, claims handling, and services.

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