Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Diane Parker joined the Historic Vehicle Association (HVA) in 2013 as the Director of Operations. She is the lead strategist for the organization and produces the HVA’s annual exhibition on the National Mall. As a congenital optimist and connected leader, Diane approaches life with positivity and authentic purpose in order to cultivate relationships, promote mutual growth, and encourage personal development. Diane has spent the majority of her career in operations management, something she truly enjoys. Thanks to two loving (and tolerant) older brothers, she became a car girl at a very young age. Her role with the HVA couples her love of vehicles and her talent in leading operations. Ask anyone who knows her, and they will tell you that she lives and breathes her dream job!

I had the opportunity to spend some time with Diane at the LeMay America’s Car Museum last month at the unveiling of the Bullitt Mustang. That’s right, Steve McQueen’s old ride.

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