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Ky ‘Rocketman’ Michaelson battled the government, gravity, a profound learning disability, and dyslexia, to become the first civilian to launch a rocket into space. His adventures are the subject of a documentary titled ‘Rocketman: A Documentary,’ currently in production. Inspired by his love of racing, he was an inventor and designer as a kid bulding a diving bell, a bicycle with wings, and a hot dog cooker dubbed  “Ky’s Little Cremator”. He built race rocket-powered snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats, wheelchairs, roller skates, and jet packs. He stunned crowds at Bonneville in his rocket race cars. Ky set 72 state, national, and international records, and worked on over 200 films and TV shows with stuntmen and women. He and his Civilian Space Exploration Team were the first to launch a rocket that reached space.

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