Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Geoff Bolam is an automotive artist who comes from a long line of artists, going back 5 generations with a distant relation to the great William Morris. An early fascination with cars and machines was nurtured by his father Denis, a Marine Engineer, who taught him how to work on cars. Trained as a graphic designer. he was a freelance illustrator and lettering artist who became a creative director and design consultant in central London for nearly 20 years. Geoff started painting for pleasure in 2005 and made the transition to full-time painting in 2014. His unique style is painting oils onto aluminum panels using various surface treatments including etching, polishing, and wire brush techniques. His work has been featured in numerous automotive magazines and for the last 3 years, his art has been selected for the RAC’s ‘Art of Motoring’ exhibition, which showcases the ‘finest artists working in the genre’.

I had the pleasure of meeting Geoff and enjoying his art at Automobilia Monterey this past summer. 

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