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Amanda Gutierrez is the Vice-President for Automotive Restoration at McPherson College, offering the only accredited bachelor’s degree in historic automotive restoration in the United States. Amanda leads the team in strategic planning, fundraising, promotion, academics, and career services. Her work takes her around the country engaging with car collectors, restoration specialists, and industry leaders. In 2012, Amanda led the effort to create a strategic plan for the program, engaging automotive experts, alumni, faculty, and administration. The result was a vision to compete at Pebble Beach with a car restored by students. Amanda is a neophyte car enthusiast whose highlights so far include racing a 1963 Corvette in a regional “Run What you Brung” drag race, accepting the 2015 International Historic Motoring Award's Industry Supporter of the Year in London on behalf of the college, and driving the 1953 Hughes-Kircher Special in the Colorado Grand this year.

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