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Roberto Guerrero is a professional race car driver who started racing at the age of twelve when he captured two Colombian National Championships in the country where he was born. His father, Roberto Guerrero Sr., competed in the 1948 Olympic Games in cycling representing Argentina. Roberto raced Formula Fords, Formula 3, and raced for the German Maurer-BMW Team in European Formula 2. He joined the Morris Nunn Formula 1 Team and raced for two years in the Formula 1 World Championship. In 1984, he started racing Indy Cars and in 1992, he won the Pole Position for the Indianapolis 500 setting the one and four-lap records of 232.618 mph. He’s raced off-road, the Baja 1000, and NASCAR, and today he’s a pro driver, lead driver, product specialist, broadcaster, and instructor in numerous automotive venues and marques. I was fortunate to catch up with Roberto at the Monterey Historic Races this past summer where he was representing Jaguar.

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