Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Caractacus Pott was a failed widower and eccentric inventor whose ideas were ahead of his time. He was down on his luck and unable to afford a family car. His efforts to invent a candy he called "Toot Sweets" that can be played like a flute, end in disaster. His children, who are often truant from school, uncovered a crashed Grand Prix racer in the local junk yard and convinced their father to buy her and restore the car. In a truly bizarre accident he meet the daughter of a local factory owner and begins a journey unlike any other. Using an old boat hull he restores the car to her former fame and glory and takes the family for the ride of their life. They travel to Vulgaria and meet up with the Baron and Baroness Bomburst where the car is stolen, his children are kidnapped, and, well the rest as they say, is an amazing adventure.

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