Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Michael DiPleco is an automotive photographer who attended his first motorsports event in 1971 at Watkins Glenn. Francois Cevert won his first GP race that day by passing Jackie Stewart in the closing laps. Since then Michael has been capturing moments with his camera in all areas but after 30 years as a professional photographer chose to focus on motorsports exclusively. He’s chased the American LeMans Series and IndyCar and has settled nicely in to the world do fine motorcars, and vintage racing. He travels to cover events for automotive publications and auctions houses and you can regularly see his photographs in print and on the web in: Sports Car Digest, Vintage Race Car/Vintage Road Car, Vintage Motor Sport, Racer Classic Cars, Octane, BestCAR, and Goodwood Road Racing are a few of the places you can enjoy Michael’s work.

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