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Judy Stropus is the Owner of JVS Enterprises Public Relations in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Author and scriptwriter Brock Yates once described Judy as a “racing personality” since her career in motorsports has covered a gamut of disciplines. She is a driver, racer, author, professional timer/scorer, and award winning public relations expert. She’s worked with top teams including Penske Racing, Brumos Racing, Bud Moore Racing, and Al Holbert’s Porsche IndyCar Team just to name a few. She has served as a judge at the finest concours events, competed in vintage races, rallies, and received numerous awards including the RRDC Bob Akin award. Judy competed in the notorious Cannonball Baker Sea-to-Shining Sea Memorial Trophy Dash in 1972 with actress Adrienne Barbeau playing her character loosely based on Judy in the movie, “Cannonball Run”. Judy was one of the original "Outlaws" from the Cannonball Run.

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