Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Mark Smith is the Founder of Smyth Performance, his third automotive company since starting Factory Five Racing back in 1992. Factory Five Racing became the largest component car company in the world. Before selling the company to his brother Dave his signature “aluminum under glass” Cobra and Daytona Coupe race car designs sold over 10,000 unites. In 2007 he teamed with Jay Rogers to create Local Motors that has a worldwide network of vehicle micro-factories where they produce vehicles as outrageous as the “Tansformers” featured Rally Fighter and the world’s first 3D printed cars. Mark continued to build wild machines ranging from a 1500 hp 50 foot bio-diesel speedboat, to a drag bike, and today at Smyth Performance builds the Jetta/Golf 4, a mini pick-up conversion based on the VW Jetta.

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