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Arne Toman is a Christian, Husband, Father, Entrepreneur, and an Automotive Scofflaw. Arne is the co-founder and former VP of AMS Performance. He is currently starting new ventures in the automotive space and beyond. Arne built and drives the World’s Fastest Hearse and now holds the coveted Cannonball Run record with a time of just 27 hours 25 minutes covering 2,825 miles from NY to LA, a record he set with past Cars Yeah guest Doug Tabbutt. Arne also holds the Competitive Cannonball Event Record at 31 hours 45 minutes set during the 2904 in 2017. A movie car and oddball vehicle aficionado, he is a regular guest on the popular VINWIKI Car Stories on YouTube channel and writes a blog titled Arne’s Antics. You can follow Arne’s Antics on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. 

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