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Tony Callas is the owner and CEO of Callas Rennsport in Torrance, California. He is also the Technical Director for The Porsche Club of America. Callas Rennsport, in addition to service work, restores classic collector cars including vintage Porsche 911s, 914s, and 356s, and is one of two premier shops in the country that service Porsche 959s. Tony grew up in his father’s shop, Rennsport Porsche Works in Texas and was servicing Porsches at 10 years old, rebuilt his first engine at 16, and at 18 went to the Porsche Factory School and started working in racing. He’s worked for Roock Racing, Seikel Motorsport, Champion Racing, Rohr Motorsport, Reiser-Callas Rennsport, Peterson White-Lightning, and earned wins at the 24 Hours of Daytona and Le Mans, where Tony was Mechanic of the Year for Porsche. 

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