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Toni Avery got in on the ground floor at the Porsche Experience Center in Los Angeles as the only full-time female driving coach where she not only obtained world-class training in driving and right-seat coaching but also became a Porsche Certified Driving Instructor able to handle any vehicle in their lineup. After two-and-a-half years at Porsche, Toni now wears many hats in the industry including Director of Communications at HG Trackside in addition to other automotive companies assisting in marketing and social media and is also an automotive consultant for various companies. She continues to coach on a part-time basis at the Porsche Experience Center, and also sits right seat with teen drivers for BRAKES, a teen defensive driving program that travels the country aimed at helping teens become better, safer drivers. BRAKES is founded by past two-time Cars Yeah guest Doug Herbert. Toni also holds an SCCA full competition race license. Her website and social media channels are titled where she focuses on sharing her passion for automobiles and photography with others.

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