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Uwe Makrutzki is the manager of factory restorations at Porsche Classic in Stuttgart, Germany. He has 36 years of experience with Porsche, including 17 years as a technician in a Porsche Center, 13 years as a sales manager at a Porsche Center and he’s been a manager of the Porsche Classic since 2014. At the Porsche Classic Center, they repair and perform factory restorations on classic Porsche automobiles using genuine Porsche parts. They have an enormously talented team of craftsmen who meticulously care of classic Porsches, ensuring their heritage and parts match those used in the original builds. Over 70% of Porsche vehicles ever built are still on the road today. Uwe and his team makes sure it stays that way using only quality made in Germany parts, with access to over 52,000 parts from over 1000 classic suppliers.


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