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Kevin Pranger is the Director of Motorsports at Katech. Kevin started at Katech when he was only 15 years old and has been there ever since, a rare dedication for someone in the racing world. Katech was founded in 1977 and they provide their customers with innovative products and cutting edge technologies in the area of engine design, prototyping, testing, R&D, manufacturing, and vehicle modifications. During his years in school he worked as an apprentice engine builder and after years of training under Katech’s veteran builders he was offered the opportunity to manager one of General Motors engine programs and it was Chevrolet’s SCCA Trans Am class. That was 1991. There he developed the 310 CID V-8 with which they won the Championship. He’s managed GM’s road race programs and went on to develop an engine for what was the beginning to the most successful road racing programs in GM’s history. He was promoted to Director of Motorsports at Katech.

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