Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Rich Duisberg lives in the United Kingdom and he is an occasional writer and presenter who once earned a living helping companies to put new cars together properly. He is the Editor at the website, Motorpunk, an eclectic mix of road trips, budget motorsport, intercontinental banger rallies, appreciation of modern classics, and above all, a genuine passion for the ‘best of British’. Rich’s writing has been published in numerous magazines including Classic & Sportscar, Practical Performance Car, Banzai, Evo, GT Porsche, and more. He has often appeared on CBS’s XCAR and Carfection channels enthusing about historic motoring twaddle. His latest book, Confessions From Quality Control, is a light hearted traipse through various car factories around the world, and is described by SniffPetrol as “hilarious”. Among the clutter in his garage is an Alfa Romeo GTV, MK1 MX-5, a BMW barge and a vintage Royal Enfield pushbike. Five-time Le Mans winner Derek Bell was once quoted about Rich when asked to ride in Morgan 3 Wheeler, “I’m not getting in a car with him!”

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