Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

William Edgar owns Edgar Motorsport and he has been an automotive photographer, journalist, and author since 1968. Born the son of a 1930s outboard hydroplane pilot and legendary sports car racing team owner, John Edgar, William was on-the-ground in time to witness the Fabulous Fifties’ golden age of sports car races that included Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Torrey Pines, Golden Gate Park, and the GP track his father’s financing built, Riverside International Raceway. William has made historical films and worked in live action television documentaries with racers including Mario Andretti, Sam Posey, David Hobbs, and many others. He earned the Dean Batchelor Award for his book American Sports Car Racing in the 1950’s, co-authored by Michael T. Lynch, a past Cars Yeah guest, and Ron Parravano. No doubt you’ve read his prize-winning stories and seen his photographs featured in hundreds of magazines around the world.

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