Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Peter Gleeson is an automotive enthusiast whose passion for cars began when he was a child growing up in South London and trips to Brands Hatch to see the races. From his meager beginnings Peter learned hard work, and over working, would get him where he wanted to be. After years of success in business, Peter has put together a unique and eclectic collection of automobiles that he shares through concours events and clubs. He has an incredible array of BMW Motorsport race cars, including the Peter Greg, Frank Stella Art Car, and the memorabilia that fits the era plus a wide variety of other marques and some bikes as well. I found Peter on the Lawn this year at Pebble Beach with his magnificent 1928 Isotta Fraschini Tipo 8A S. For Peter it’s about the art, the story, the history, and the people behind the cars.

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