Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Jason Zaideman is the Founder and President of Operation Combat Bikesaver. He is a United States Army Veteran and Combat Engineer who served Prior to 9/11. Jason started his program in a shed in his back yard as a way to help veterans and first responders. The first bike project in that shed was a green KZ750. At Operation Combat Bikesaver they build bikes with heroes, for heroes, breathing life back in to tarnished motorcycles while honing the skills and minds of Veterans and First Responders from the deafening grasp of PTSD, PBI, and Depression. Participants fabricate, paint, weld, build, and resurrect bikes that were once damaged and forgotten in to something new and truly unique. Jason's father was a US Marine in Vietnam and he was the famed Rat Fink artist Randy Zaideman. His father taught Jason and his siblings how to express themselves creatively at a very early age and now Jason is passing those talents forward.

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