Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Murray Smith is the Festival Chairman at the Lime Rock Park Historic Festival that takes place at the historic Lime Rock Park race track in Lakeville, Connecticut during Labor Day weekend. Now in its 35th year, it’s five days of events including a concours, parade, a gathering of the marques, an auction, and vintage racing. This year famed British driver Richard Attwood is the Honored guest for the Historic Festival. Murray was born in Scotland and ran a successful career in advertising helping clients from around the world. His enthusiasm with cars has been life long. He is a member of the BRDC and the RRDC and has raced and rallied in both modern and historic cars around the world. He’s owned numerous historic automobiles including: Porsche RSK, RS60, F2, 917, Maserati 250F Birdcage and 300S and today he drives Morgans, Porsches, and a pre 1930 Austin Seven.

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