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Pilar LeMay is the Operations Manager for LeMay Clean, a new car care company she and her husband, Eric LeMay recently launched. Pilar is an east coast native, growing up in Clifton, New Jersey who graduated from Emerson College in Boston. She met Eric at Emerson and they have been married for 21 years. Early in her career she focused on television communications and writing. She then spent 15 years volunteering at libraries and one of her current roles is managing the LeMay Family Collection’s library at their Marymount car museum in Washington State. You’ll recognize the LeMay name as it relates to the late Harold LeMay who once had the largest car collection in the world. Eric LeMay has been a past guest on Cars Yeah. Part of today’s talk on Cars Yeah will focus on being the spouse of a car fanatic, especially one whose name is LeMay.

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