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Ed Isky Iskenderian is a treasured legend in the world of American hot rodding. To tell the life story of Ed “Isky” Iskenderian is to tell the history of hot rodding in America. Born in 1921 to first-generation Armenian immigrants, Isky got heavily into hot rodding early in his life. He was in to car clubs before World War II and became known as a cam grinder, making cams for himself and other hot rodders. He grew his business and became the leading authority in less than 10 years. A gifted machinist, an innovator, a leader in the aftermarket performance industry, and with a natural knack for promotions his company, Isky Racing Cams in Culver City, California became known worldwide. He’s made cams for all the greats and many a famous racer including Steve McQueen, Paul Newman, and James Garner.

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