Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Bob Marlow is a veteran motorsports writer and speedway public address announcer from New Jersey. Bob’s been to more than 100 speedways in the US and Canada covering everything from the local short tracks to Formula 1 and IndyCar.  Most recently Bob was at Phoenix Raceway, where he was on the microphone for the Vintage Desert Classic vintage IndyCar event that was part of the Verizon Indycar Series’ weekend. And he just completed a 15-year run as the lead announcer for the “Gambler’s Classic” midwinter indoor racing events in Atlantic City.  Now retired from announcing, today Bob is the Motorsports Editor for, a web site with the ambitious tagline of “Every Car Event, Everywhere.” Bob is also a classic car enthusiast, and can be seen roaming the aisles at Hershey every October. 

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