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Richard Mitchell is the owner of Old Iron Works where they specialize in the restoration of vehicles from vintage and classics to the 1970s. Richard is known as The Stutz Guy and he is an avid collector of Stutz automobiles having one of the largest collections in the world of these iconic vehicles. He and his team do body work, mechanical repairs, upholstery, and detailing and their facility in Montgomery Texas is open the public for tours. Richard is a supporter and sponsor of concours events throughout the United States and he is a major supporter of the Keels and Wheels Concours d’Elegance. Since 1996 Keels & Wheels has become the largest classic automobile and vintage wooden boat show in the United States. You’ll enjoy an average of 200 classic cars and 100 of the most beautiful wooden boats from around the country and no doubt you’ll see a Stutz or two as well. The director, Bob Fuller is a past guest here at Cars Yeah.

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