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J. Daniel Jones is the author of the novel CarAlity… A Tribute In New Orleans. Dan spent 8 years as a producer, director, and host at a television station in San Diego, California where he lives. He received 7 EMMY nominations and 3 EMMY awards. Once he left the TV station he spent the next 8 years as a writer, producer working on large budget videos for clients including Intel, Siemens, and Motorola. Finally he was able to use his talents and passion for automobiles to work on automotive programs on ESPN2 and The Outdoor Channel. He covered events including the Carrera La Panamericana, Hot Rod Power Tour, Drag Week, and more. His book CarAlity is his first book and it is a novel about the television and special events industry that take place in a collector car auction. Dan’s story telling talents make this 600+ page book a must read for all automotive enthusiasts. I call it the “War and Peace” of car books.

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