Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Bill Hahn began specializing in collectible automotive restoration in 1978 and has never looked back. In 2001 Bill teamed up with Wes Woodward to form Hahn and Woodward Auto Restoration LLC. This firm later became Hahn-Vorbach & Associates LLC when Wes stepped down and Paul Vorbach became a full partner. Located in Harmony, Pennsylvania the shop performs ground up restorations on a variety of vehicles including Mercedes-Benz, Ferraris and Jaguars as well as American made classics. In 2016, Bill and his business partner, Paul Vorbach, co-founded HV3Dworks LLC., a high tech start-up that is bringing 3D Scanning and Printing technology to the automotive restoration and customization industry. Bill is one of the founders of the Wexford Starlite Car Cruise. One of the largest weekly cruises on the East Coast.

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