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Tim Arfons is the Founder of Akron Turbine Group where they design and build track driers. Their units are unique in that they are easy to operate, self contained, and fit in the back of a pickup truck. Tim grew up in an automotive family and his father Art is a legendary three-time land speed record holder. Tim started racing in a front engine dragster powered by a General Electric T-58 turbine engine. He and his father then built the unique U.S.S. Enterprise tractor to compete in tractor pulling contests and went on to win numerous events. He went on to participate in the United States Hot Rod Association Monster Truck events and then built the Green Monster funny car. Later came a series of exhibition vehicles including the Kamikaze quad runner, The Jet Jumper, Jet Barstool, and American Thunder Jet Jeep. Tim's raced, been a stuntman, jumped over all sorts of things as an exhibition performer, he's a guy who has done it all.

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