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John Bothwell is the Director at Pur Sang in Parana, Argentina where he and his talented team manufacture historic sports cars. Pur Sang builds over 20 cars a year in over 25 different models including Alfa Romeo and Mercedes with most popular being the Bugatti Type 35 B racecar. Those cars won over 1,000 races back in their day. Pur Sang was founded decades ago by Leonidas Jorge Anadón. He is a master restorer with a fascination for Bugatti. He copied a real Type 35 while restoring one and began making authentic reproductions. Pur Sang replicates all of the original manufacturing methods from the 20s and 30s to exacting, hand craftsmanship and their automobiles are truly works of art. You’ve most likely seen John on Jay Leno’s Garage and Jay owns several Pur Sang built cars.

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