Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

John Draneas is a true car guy.  He collects, he races, and he cleans them and tries a little maintenance every now and then. His law practice focuses on business and tax planning, primarily for closely-held businesses and their owners with an emphasis in all areas of income taxation, estate planning, tax controversies, and he represents car collectors as an important part of his practice. Automotive enthusiasts will recognize John from his writing in Sports Car Market magazine‚Äôs Legal Files where he has contributed for over 10 years. 

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Elizabeth Puckett is the Editor-in-Chief for, an online publication that caters to the collector and enthusiast crowd with a focus on American Muscle cars.  She transitioned to online publications focusing on news and features as an editor. Her father was a big influence on her path toward automotive obsession as he drove top fuel funny cars. She has drag races herself and done some road racing as well.

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