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John Kruse is the Co-Owner of World Wide Auctioneers. He grew up in the auction industry, refining his skills at some of the biggest auction companies in the country. As a buyer, seller, consultant, and auctioneer, he has been actively involved with vintage motorcars and collection management for his entire life, combining an exhaustive knowledge of the market with unyielding integrity and a hands-on commitment to delivering the best result. Expert and accessible, he is a passionate car enthusiast who is a familiar face at Concours, club events, and shows across the country.

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Rod Egan is the Co-Owner of World Wide Auctioneers.  He has managed some of the largest auctions and collections in North America and held senior positions at a number of the world's leading auction houses. Having sold over $3 billion of assets over the past 25 years, both privately and at auction, he is among an elite group of auctioneers to have overseen major asset transfers at that level. Rod specializes in the valuation of fine automobiles and is always accessible to collectors, also overseeing Worldwide's private sales division. 

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Dr. Ken Yohn has been teaching in colleges and universities in Japan, France, Germany, Poland, and the United States for over 30 years. Ken is currently a professor and the chair of the department of history and politics at McPherson College in Kansas, and just completed his 21st year at that school. At McPherson, Ken teaching a course on the history of the automobile and the role of technology as an agent of social change. His current project for the college is a 6-part summer school webinar about how the automobile has transformed the world titled “Wheels of Change: How the Automobile Shaped our Lives.”   

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