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Max Girardo is the founder of Girardo & Co where he and his talented team offer the most up-to-date and accurate market knowledge relating to the sourcing, selling and valuation of classic cars. Working one-on-one with a growing list of loyal clients, they help automotive enthusiasts and collectors source and sell vehicles, always matching the right car with the right enthusiast. As a market leader, Girardo & Co offers a unique insight into the collector car industry and into an array of resources that enables them to build trust with new clients whilst also extending our long-term relationships with ambitious collectors.

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Charles Freeborn is an automotive enthusiast who loves to work with his hands and discover how things work including a lot of wrenching on his automobiles. He is a master woodworker who builds fine furniture, guitars, and a number of automotive inspired wooden boxes. Charles is a Board member and Driving Instructor to the Cascade Sports Cars Club and HOD. He drives a 1974 911S Targa and a 914 Race Car in which he plans to compete at ICSCC and Vintage race groups.

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