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Steve Ahlgrim has been buying and selling collectible automobiles for nearly 40 years. Along the way, he put his experience to good use judging several Concours a year. While his expertise is the Ferrari marque, his assignments have ranged from brass era Buicks to the most modern exotics. Steve is a board member of the IAC/PFA, a Ferrari judging council. He also has helped in the planning of several shows and serves as the Chief Judge of the Celebration Florida Exotic Car Festival.  Motorcar Gallery is a company he works with today.


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George Patrick is a lifelong automotive enthusiast, whose company Automotive Performance Group (APG) is a custom vehicle manufacturer with years of expertise and experience. The APG flagship vehicle is the Ranger PRORUNNER conversion package that brings real off-road performance and styling to the Ford Ranger with a combination of aesthetic and performance upgrades. A true carbon fiber wide body made of 100% aerospace grade carbon fiber adds 10-inches of width to the truck and allows for fitment of up to 35-inch tires and up to 12.5-inches of suspension travel. 

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