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Paolo Garella is the Founder at Manifattura Automobili Torino, known as MAT. There he and his talented team have worked on numerous projects including cars for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhause and their racing program at the Nürburgring, they developed and manufactured Apollo Intensa Emozione prototypes and the restoration program of the Ferrari Modula by Pininfarina. His career includes time as a testing engineer at Goodyear International Technical Center and with PTI-Albatech in the Alba Group C Motor Racing division. He worked at Pininfarina for years on many projects including managing the Prototype Engineering and Manufacturing Department, the Jaguar X-Type Estate Project, and the Pininfarina Special Projects division. During his guidance, the company completed major one-off projects including the Ferrari P4/5 for James Glickenhaus, a past guest here on Cars Yeah, and the Ferrari 612 Kappa for Peter Kalikow and notable other prominent collectors.

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