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Luca Venturi was the Director of Marketing and Communications and Brand Manager at PAGANI Automobili in Italy. PAGANI is an Italian manufacturer of extreme sports cars and carbon fiber components. Founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani near Modena, Italy, the company creates some of the most incredible automobiles found today. Luca helped to focus on the company's international experience by providing a picture of PAGANI‚Äôs brand development known for passion, art, science, sensibility, charisma, and people. He helped build a global following of the PAGANI brand through fan experience and online assets and he oversaw the design and construction of the new PAGANI Museum and ideated the new Motor Valley Association that brings together local automotive manufacturers to promote tourism in the region. Today, Luca is working on many different projects as a consultant, writing books, supporting car manufacturers, and collaborating on a new project in California. 

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