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Peter Vincent is an artist, author, and photographer who’s been working with the landscape at the Bonneville Salt Flats for over 20 years, and 40 years of Photographic Art, combining it with the Sub-Culture of Land Speed Racing and the Pop-Culture of the American Hot Rod. He’s a regular on the salt every August for “Speed Week” and never misses this gathering, ever. He’s published numerous books on the automobile and his work has been displayed in museums across the country including many permanent collections. His fourth book, The Bonneville Salt Flats, 20 Years of Photography was released in the fall of 2013. Peter’s fifth book, The Rolling Bones is now available. His images have been published in many magazine including The Rodder’s Journal, Hop Up, Hot Rod and American Rodder. His iconic 7 Coupes photograph, taken in 2002, appeared on the cover of Hop Up magazine. One of Peter’s photographs hangs in my home.

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