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John Leverett is the Director of Product Planning and Engineering at Panoz road cars, the Panoz race cars and contract engineering projects. This includes the GT-RA, GT-WC, and GTS race cars. He supervises the team of fabricators and mechanics responsible for prototyping and production implementation of new and existing products. At Panoz they provide a wide range of design, engineering, manufacturing, and transportation technologies solutions committed to delivering fuel efficient, emissions-reducing technologies that benefit racing and everyday drivers and commuters. In 2013 John led design and development of the 25th Anniversary Edition Esperante Spyder and the Spyder GT. His current project is the fastback version of the Esperante called the Avezzano that debuted at Petit LeMans. Don Panoz, Chairman of the company is a past guest here on Cars Yeah. John's coming up on his 23rd year anniversary at Panoz.

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