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Stefan Schleissing owns GTS Classics in Austin Texas. At GT Classics he and his team make the finest in seating for classic cars. His family history around cars is extensive as is his rich history in racing and rallying. Stefan has restored, raced, and rallied classics cars including the Porsche 356, 914-6, 911, Lotus, Devin, TVR’s , Sunbeam Tigers, and Mini Coopers. GTS Classics has an extensive model range of classic car seats for touring or racing cars and they will customize your seat to suite your requirements for your classic car, hot rod, Restomod, racecar or rally car. His latest project, besides new seat models, is his 908 kit car. It will be a road going street legal brother to Steve McQueen’s iconic 908 race car.

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Bruce Thomson feels compelled to paint. He attended the Ontario College of Art, graduating from the Industrial Design Program where his favorite subjects were automotive. It was at this time that Bruce saw a painting of an F1 car in a store window and thought; “I could do better than that”. And he did. Thus began his obsession with the visual archiving of automobilia through sketching, illustration, and painting. Not satisfied with this, Bruce attended the Royal College of Art Vehicle Design Program in London, England where he sketched, conceived, drew and learned from some of the most talented and creative people in the design field. On graduation, he worked for Ford of Europe in Köln Germany, before returning to Canada to work as a Professor in the Industrial design Department at Humber College in Toronto where he teaches, amongst other things, automotive design.

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