Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Ingrid Steffensen discovered a passion for high-performance driving and a desire to write her first non-academic book about how a professor and dance mom found her inner speed demon at the racetrack. Fast Girl: Don’t Brake until You See the Face of God and Other Good Advice from the Racetrack is a funny, fast-paced, romp through the noise and stink of the male-dominated sport of amateur sports car racing. She went on to become an instructor with the BMW Club and when she’s not teaching men how to drive like Juan Manuel Fangio she can be found writing for a wide variety of publication including the New York Time, Popular Mechanics and others. Ingrid is a woman who stepped outside her comfort zone, shrugged off the shackles of suburban conformity, and changed her entire perspective on life through the unlikeliest of means: racecar driving.

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