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Don Newlove is a designer and builder working alongside Mike Scott. He built his first Top Fuel Bike in Canada and started racing Top Fuel Bikes with Clyde Rawlings in 1988. Don raced with Clyde as his Crew Chief helping Clyde to score 7.84 seconds at 170 mph on a Shovelhead back in 1987. Don built his first Harley Drag Bike in 1988 and throughout his career has built numerous winning bikes including show bikes. Don and Mike joined forces in 2004 and within a year set their first CMDRA Record at Mission Raceway in the 1/8 miles at 194.55 mph and they have made numerous 6 second passes at over 200 + mph. In 2018 they earned the CMDRA Wrench of the Year Award. 2020 proves to be another winning season for the Newlove brothers. Their other brother Rod Newlove has been a past guest here on Cars Yeah.

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