Cars Yeah with Mark Greene

Tim Morris is the owner of German Master Tech in Bend Oregon. They provide automotive maintenance, service and a performance center in addition to full restorations, motorsports services and pre-purchase inspections. Their shop is filled with marques including Porsche, BMW, Mercedes Benz, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley Me, Austin Healey, Volkswagen, Audi along with Japanese and US brands as well. Their motto, “From the race track to the outback and everything in-between is fitting for the high quality work and service Tim and his team provides.

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Peter Bourassa is the president of MMR, Motorsports Marketing  MMR is an on line services directory of information and entertainment for enthusiasts of European cars and motorcycles.  Along with their extensive list of automotive related resources MMR offers a weekly newsletter filled with all thing automotive including My Word: by the famous Denise McCluggage.  Peter is the publisher and a die hard car guy.

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