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Marshall Buck is the Founder of Creative Miniature Associates, known as CMA Models where he creates and builds some of the world’s finest model cars. His client list is a virtual who’s who of “movers and shakers” in the collectible automotive world. Marshall builds the finest, highly detailed, custom built to order models, one-off models, his own line of limited edition models, represents other top level craftsmen, artists, brokers, and sells some of the rarest one-of-a-kind scratch-built models from around the world. In his latest venture, Marshall is helping launch a new publication titled AutoMobilia: The Collector’s Resource, an all-new publication for lovers of automotive collectibles. He will be the editor of this new publication and website that will surely be an instant resource for all enthusiasts who love to collect anything that is tied to the automotive world.

If you’re in Monterey, Carmel, and Pebble Beach during car week, stop by the Automobilia Monterey booth located in the Embassy Suites  Seaside on Tuesday and Wednesday.

One lucky Cars Yeah subscriber will win a year’s subscription to AutoMobilia. To be eligible, go to the CarsYeah website and click on the Free Book button.

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Samuel Chuffart is the Vice President and Global Design Director for Icona Design Group in Torino, Italy. He was also one of the company’s founding members in 2010. In eight short years, Icona’s client list now reads like the Who’s Who of global and Chinese automakers. The company had a turnover of 18 million Euro in 2017. Samuel manages a team of 74 designers across three continents and dozens of projects simultaneously. Icona has created iconic and successful designs including the revered Fuselage, the Maxus SUB D90 concept, the Nucleus, and the Vulcano Titanium, the world’s first titanium supercar. Samuel is a graduate of Art Center College of Design in California and he’s worked at Nissan’s European design studio. He was also a Senior Designer at Jaguar Land Rover and Chief Designer at Stile Bertone in Turin, Italy. 

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Tom McDowell is the President of Concorso Italiano, an annual event that takes place on the Saturday before the Pebble Beach Concours. This annual tradition is celebrating its 35th anniversary and is a key part of the iconic Monterey Automobile Week. You’ll enjoy between 800 and 1,000 vehicles of Italian origin, on the beautiful rolling green lawns of Black Horse Golf Course in Monterey, California.The atmosphere combines cars, people, conversation, style, design, food, music, and art, all with an element of Italian style. I’ve attended Concorso Italiano since it’s inaugural event and it’s a must-do during Car Week, always exciting, always different, and always inspiring.

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Luca Venturi was the Director of Marketing and Communications and Brand Manager at PAGANI Automobili in Italy. PAGANI is an Italian manufacturer of extreme sports cars and carbon fiber components. Founded in 1992 by Horacio Pagani near Modena, Italy, the company creates some of the most incredible automobiles found today. Luca helped to focus on the company's international experience by providing a picture of PAGANI’s brand development known for passion, art, science, sensibility, charisma, and people. He helped build a global following of the PAGANI brand through fan experience and online assets and he oversaw the design and construction of the new PAGANI Museum and ideated the new Motor Valley Association that brings together local automotive manufacturers to promote tourism in the region. Today, Luca is working on many different projects as a consultant, writing books, supporting car manufacturers, and collaborating on a new project in California. 

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Paolo Garella is the Founder at Manifattura Automobili Torino, known as MAT. There he and his talented team have worked on numerous projects including cars for Scuderia Cameron Glickenhause and their racing program at the Nürburgring, they developed and manufactured Apollo Intensa Emozione prototypes and the restoration program of the Ferrari Modula by Pininfarina. His career includes time as a testing engineer at Goodyear International Technical Center and with PTI-Albatech in the Alba Group C Motor Racing division. He worked at Pininfarina for years on many projects including managing the Prototype Engineering and Manufacturing Department, the Jaguar X-Type Estate Project, and the Pininfarina Special Projects division. During his guidance, the company completed major one-off projects including the Ferrari P4/5 for James Glickenhaus, a past guest here on Cars Yeah, and the Ferrari 612 Kappa for Peter Kalikow and notable other prominent collectors.

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Cesare Gasparri Zezza is an automotive enthusiast who is a descendant of the prominent entrepreneurial Florio family in Italy. Known for their businesses in fishing, banking, winemaking, and more, it was the family founder, Vincenzo Florio Sr., who in 1906 created the iconic Targa Florio, one of the oldest car races in the world covering 277 miles in Italy. Cesare worked as a journalist in television and later as the President of the Lazio Region and went on to become the Prime Minister of Health. He has always been passionate about anything with an engine; cars, motorcycles, boats, airplanes, helicopters, and racing. He is, of course, a fan of Italian marques including Lamborghini, Maserati, Horacio Pagani and Serio Marchionne. When he’s not in an Italian car you’ll find Cesare in a Mercedes AMG GT or aboard a boat in the Mediterranean Sea. 

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Chris Bock is the Chief Judge and a member of the Selection Committee for the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. He’s served as Chief Judge since 2013 and he attended his first Pebble Beach Concours back in 1963 at the age of 18. Over the decades, he’s served as a Class Judge and numerous other roles helping make the Concours a success. Chris has been an entrant on five occasions – often showing Packards, a marque to which he is devoted. He has also served as President and National Head Judge of the Classic Car Club of America and as editor of The Cormorant for The Packard Club. This year, Chris put together a display of Eisenhower Era Dream Cars for Pebble Beach. Chris is a retired real estate broker and a foster parent.

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Mark Lieberman is the President of Nostalgic Motoring Ltd. in Auburn Hills, Michigan, where he and his team deal in classic and collectible automobiles. Mark has several patents to his credit and in 1991, he purchased the first of 5 Tucker automobiles that he has owned. Mark is actively involved in restoration, preservation, and manufacturing parts for Tucker automobiles. He continues to serve the AACA Museum on their board of directors, the Tucker Automobile Club of America as their Technical Advisor, Historian, and Director of the Archives. This year, Mark will serve as a judge for the Tucker Class at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. This is the first time a Tucker will be on the lawn at Pebble Beach and in fact, there will be 12 Tuckers on display in addition to the Tucker test chassis.

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Elad Shraga was born in Israel and has been fascinated with all things mechanical since he was a child. While his career is in finance, his passion is cars and he began collecting at the age of 17, starting with motorcycles and then cars. His true love is light, small package Italian cars and in particular, the OSCA. He is bringing to the Pebble Beach Concours two of his OSCAs; a 1949 OSCA MT4 Siluro (Cigar), the second OSCA ever made, and the only Cigar body left in the world. The other is a 1952 MT4, a unique inside-grill headlight model with extensive West coast racing history. Both of these cars are featured on this year's Pebble Beach Retro-Auto poster this year. Elad is a fan of touring, including the Mille Miglia, Colorado Grand, the Leggenda di Bassano and of course, the Holyland 1000. With his partner, Amir Almagor, they were instrumental in putting on the Holyland 1000 Rally, and it is their way to give back to the hobby in a unique and diverse setting, which included 80 cars from 12 countries.

Cars Yeah guest and Chairman of the Pebble Beach Concours, Sandra Button, and her husband Martin, recently participated in the Holyland 1000 and drove one of Elad’s OSCAs on their incredible journey.

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Thomas Plucinsky is the Head of BMW Group Product Communications for BMW of North America. Tom has been with BMW for 29 years in both Canada and the USA, spending time in product strategy, parts and service, and the motorcycle division prior to his current role. Tom leads a team that is responsible for product and technology communications with the media for BMW, MINI, BMW Motorrad, as well as Motorsport and Classic. He is the BMW North America historian and is responsible for the BMW USA Classic Collection which includes a range of vehicles that represent the 40 plus year history of BMW in North America. He is an avid automotive enthusiast who has been honing his driving skills in cars and motorcycles since he was old enough to drive and he is the only BMW North America employee checked out to drive all the classic race cars in the collection.

I was fortunate to meet Tom at the opening of the LeMay – America’s Car Museum, Heroes of Bavaria exhibit where he brought some of BMW Classic’s race cars to the museum, which are now on display through May 2019.

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